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Jun 19, 2012
I have a file that lists the months in columns and several vendors as rows. Each month I put in their sales figures, which then is used to calculate fees we charge them in a couple rows below. For each vendor, I have a separate worksheet that has an invoice template that pulls the fee over from the main worksheet. Each month I manually adjust each vendor's worksheet to refer to the fee in the next column over (because the following month's fee is in the next column) Is there anyway to do this easily? (not every worksheet invoice is uniform - the cell where the fee is put in is not always the same cell #)

Thank you!

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Jan 6, 2012
Assuming that you have the month that the invoice is for listed somewhere on the vendor worksheet, you should be able to use the HLOOKUP function to look up the value. It basically would look for the month in row 1 of the worksheet with the sales figures and you would tell it how many rows below the month the value is that you want on the other sheet. So once you have the formula in place all you would need to do is change the month or the date (depending on how the formula is written) on the template sheet and it should update the sales value accordingly.

Without wanting to judge your knowledge of Excel, I would like to mention that understanding VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP will greatly benefit anyone that works with Excel frequently, so if you are not familiar with these functions, I recommend looking into them...


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