VBA Auto Fill a Column with name based on cell value


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Sep 30, 2015
Firstly, i apologize if the title doesn't quite match my request i was unsure of how to word it or if in the wrong place or anything (1st post)

I use an excel sheet to assign work to 5 individuals and on certain days this involves me pasting someones name 100 times and so forth.

I was wondering if there is a VBA code which would paste an individuals name, Say "Mark" in Column G based on a number value in say cell A2.
So if i input "89" in cell A2 it would paste "Mark" in column "H" 89 times? I also need this code to work for 4 more names so say if i input "45" in A3 then it would paste "Joe" and so forth.

Thank You!


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Sep 4, 2009
Here you go, cheap and dirty. Put the code in the ThisWorkbook object or a Module if you want one:

Sub CopyName()
Dim myNum As Integer
'click in the cell you want to copy and run this code

'will open an inputbox to allow input
myNum = Application.InputBox(prompt:="Enter Total Number of Copies", Title:="Copy Current Cell Contents Down", Type:=1)

'if the cancel is pressed
If myNum = False Then Exit Sub

'copies the active cell

'pastes the active cell from the active cell down to the Active cell plus the number of copies you wanted
ActiveSheet.Paste Destination:=ActiveSheet.Range(Cells(ActiveCell.Row, ActiveCell.Column), Cells(ActiveCell.Row - 1 + myNum, ActiveCell.Column))
End Sub
Go to the Macros listing in Excel and select the CopyName from the list. Click options and give it a shortcut key like Ctrl+Shift+C.

Put in the name you want in a cell where you want to start a column and leave it selected. When you hit Ctrl+Shift+C a box will pop up and ask you how many total copies you want. When you click OK, it will copy them down the column that many rows.

You can get a lot fancier, of course. For example you can make a floating userform with a dropdown for the names and a textbox for the number, but this will be the easiest way.

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