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Oct 16, 2011
Hi there,

I have a project which I am trying to complete using Userform's and VBA. I am a beginner to both so am currently reading up on various sites to learn.

First, just a general question - can anyone recommend a good course/video tutorial for VBA for absolute beginners?

Basic objective:

I have a workbook where I want the end user to add data to multiple worksheets using various userforms on a front page.
There are some constant fields across most worksheets which is the property address and a date field although the value date would be different for each sheet. Therefore, I want the user to be able to find/search a record so they only have to complete the extra fields which are relevant to the worksheet they want it to appear on.

Now on to the questions I have so far...

Date field - I'm using Excel 2007 but the user will be working on this in either 2010 or 2013. When I try and put MonthView on my userform I get the error 'Element Not Found'. After some research this is because I need to download something to my laptop but I don't have admin rights so wonder if there is a workaround?
I want them to choose a date from the pop up calendar and it enter into the text box.
Q1) Can I create one Calendar userform and this be associated across multiple userforms where the date transfers to the correct worksheet/cell reference?.
I.e. frmValuation needs a txtValuation Date (want to use frmCalendar). This date will appear on the Valuations sheet.
frmListing needs a txtListing Date (want to use same frmCalendar). This date is different to Valuation date and I need it to appear on the Listings sheet.
Q2) I know that date and time picker exists for the toolbar in excel 2013 - is there anyway I can use/get this is Excel 2007/10?
Q3) If not, I can use 'Calendar' but need to know how to get it to transfer the date to the active userform textbox when selected?

General questions- The first record should always appear on the Valuation sheet. Once the user retrieves the record in a 'find/search' command, they click to 'add to Listings' which would trigger the 'listings' userform so the extra information can be collected. However, I want the 'constant fields' to be pre-populated (read only) and all data to transfer to the listings form on last empty row.
This is the basis for the other sheets also.

Could I ask for advice on how best to approach this, use a multipage userform? the search command appear on each userform page but referencing the Valuations tab?

Any advice would be gratefully received and apologies in advance if I have not made myself clear.

Many thanks in advance

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