Hi I am working on trying to simplify a job diary for a friend but I cant find the right code to do what I need it to..
I can't upload a screen shot of the tables.. but one table(sheet) contains all the information such as names, address and job lists.
second sheet is where it would automatically pull in the names and address automatically from the first sheet, on the second sheet I would select all the jobs to be done from a multiple choice option. There is also to be a date picker (currently function is not available)

Also an drop down list with Yes and No on each row to that when a button is pressed only the rows with "YES" selected will be copied to a new sheet to be saved and printed.

I do not know how to word this right and I can't put in screen shots of my spread sheets to show you.. if there is an email I can sent you screen shots to so to make it easier to understand it would be helpful.. I really need help with this.. I am struggling really badly.