Hello all

I think this maybe a big ask but here goes.

The code below looks at the values in the sheet called "Data" and using filters shows the filtered detail on the sheet called "Dashboard"

It is possible please to enter values in the Dashboard sheet that will write back to the Data sheet if that makes sense.

Sub CopyFltr()
    Dim Rws As Worksheet, Dws As Worksheet
    Dim Ary As Variant
    Dim LR As Long
    Application.EnableEvents = False
    Set Rws = Sheets("DashBoard")
    Set Dws = Sheets("Data")
    Ary = Array(Rws.Range("D6"), 2, Rws.Range("D7"), 3, Rws.Range("D8"), 18, Rws.Range("D9"), 19, Rws.Range("F6"), 5, Rws.Range("F7"), 12, Rws.Range("F8"), 13, Rws.Range("F9"), 17)
    If Dws.AutoFilterMode Then Dws.AutoFilterMode = False
    With Dws.Range("A1:V1")
      If Ary(0) <> "" Then .AutoFilter Ary(1), Ary(0)
      If Ary(2) <> "" Then .AutoFilter Ary(3), Ary(2)
      If Ary(4) <> "" Then .AutoFilter Ary(5), Ary(4)
      If Ary(6) <> "" Then .AutoFilter Ary(7), Ary(6)
      If Ary(8) <> "" Then .AutoFilter Ary(9), Ary(8)
      If Ary(10) <> "" Then .AutoFilter Ary(11), Ary(10)
      If Ary(12) <> "" Then .AutoFilter Ary(13), Ary(12)
      If Ary(14) <> "" Then .AutoFilter Ary(15), Ary(14)
      .Parent.AutoFilter.Range.Offset(1).Copy Rws.Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1)
    End With
    Dws.AutoFilterMode = False


    Application.EnableEvents = True
End Sub