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    Default Need 2 Formulas

    I do a Financial Spreadsheet for my boss. Lets say A1 is our revenue. B1 is staff cost. C1 is a percentage of cost to revenue. D1 is the difference of C1 to our Goal of 22.5%

    Is there a way C1 can turn Red if the Percentage exceeds our Goal of 22.5?
    Is there a way D1 can be Red if the difference is over our goal

    Example...C1 will be 22.00% (that stays black) D1 would be .5% (we are .5 ahead of target. It stays Black)
    But if C1 is 23.00% (we exceeded our goal and I'd like this to be Red) and the D1 would be -.5% (and I want that Red)

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    Default Re: Need 2 Formulas

    You can just use Conditional Formatting on cells C1 and D1:

    Conditional Formatting formula on cell C1:
    Conditional Formatting formula on cell D1:
    and choose your red formatting options.
    1. Use the built-in Help that comes with Excel/Access
    2. Use the Search functionality on this board
    3. A lot of VBA code can be acquired by using the Macro Recorder.

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