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    Ssms vba function

    Hello -- i am learning vba currently having only created a few small applications in the past. I am creating a simple excel workbook that I would like to contain buttons that will open just open different SQL scripts using windows authentication. I am currently using SQL server 2008 and have...
  2. B

    Lock individual cells

    I want to protect individual cells in a sheet. I am working on a shift report for my place of business and want to lock certain cells so that the staff are not able to make changes to some cells but are required to enter data in other cells. Therefore I do not want to protect the whole sheet. I...
  3. L

    SUMIFS Formula note Auto Calculating

    Version: Office for Mac 2008 (12.2.4) Formula Cell CR12: =SUMIFS($N12:$CN12,$N$10:$CN$10,CR$10,$N$9:$CN$9,"x") Cell P12 Formula: =VLOOKUP(M12,'US Model Qty'!E:AD,23,0) When I change data in the "US Model" sheet, cell P12 is Auto Calculating as expected. However, cell CR12 is holding the old...
  4. T

    Auto Complete in Excel for Mac 2008

    I have a list of part numbers (over 1000 at the moment) in column A of sheet 1, Columns B,C,D and E all have relevant information about the part number, size, weight etc. On a separate sheet I have created a sort of 'order form' using a Vlookup function. I have also created a drop down screen...
  5. S

    XL 2008 Protection disabling filters??

    Is Mac Office 2010 out yet? Has Microsoft released a patch for Mac Office that will renable VBA yet? Office 2008 sucks!:banghead: Ok, with that off my chest, here is the problem. I have Date columns (Jan -> Dec) each of which is full of formulas. I need the user to be able to Filter the...
  6. S

    XL 2008 pivot table refresh

    I am running XL 2008 on a Mac and have created a pivot table that works well. However, without VBA (and I don't know how to write in Applescript), is there a way to put a REFRESH button on my spreadsheet?
  7. P

    Button without VBA

    Hi there, I am trying to create a multi platform, multi version compatible sheet. i.e. no VBA in Excel 2008 for Mac. So I need to do things with out VBA. I need to create a 'paste values' button contained in the sheet i.e. either a form button or a shape/image that triggdrs the function on...

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