1. R

    Attempting SUMIF across worksheets using INDIRECT and SUMPRODUCT

    Hi, I'm trying to SUM cell J4 across a range of worksheets but only SUM if a static date, K4, on the worksheets are equals too or less than today's date. This is my current attempt at getting this formula to work...
  2. J

    3D equation

    Hello all, I am tracking hours over the year with the weekly hours total placed in cell M3. In cell N3 I have this equation =AVERAGE('WEEK 1:MASTER'!M3) which is keeping a year to date average of hours. which is working great, except if I add a new person to the sheet to track the hours, the...
  3. T

    Latest Day (MAX across Multiple Sheets)

    I need to be able to find the most recent date value across multiple sheets based on a given input to look up. I've seen a few methods to do this, but I haven't had any luck adapting them to my project, which requires a LOT of flexibility in where this value might be. Here's what I've got so...
  4. K

    Plot with X,Y, and Z axes

    Essentially I'm trying to make a 3-d plot similar to this: http://soft.proindependent.com/doc/manual-en/pics/3d-gallery-mesh.png I have 3 columns of data, one column for each axis. I've been looking through some older posts and they have said there's no straightforward way to do this in excel...
  5. K

    Insert cells in 3-D ranges

    I have a workbook for tracking my billing. In the Totals sheet, I have 3-D ranges to total all the billing per day across each sheet (client). When I insert rows to a particular client's sheet for a given day (to accommodate multiple billing items), the 3-D range does not update to include...

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