access 2010

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    Conditional Formatting in Access Form

    Hi Everyone, I've got a DB that's setup to show a list of our all sub-contractors that we use. The main goal is to show details of each subbie and if they meet the approval criteria or not. This way our contracts team only place orders with approved subbies. The main field is the 'Approval'...
  2. D

    Countif function in Access

    I'm using Access 2010 and need to perform the equivalent of Countif in an Access database. I'm trying to count the number of times an ID appears in one table that match the ID number in a specific record in another table. For example the ID in Table 1 is 123. That same ID might be in the...
  3. T

    transferspreadsheet to excel template

    I am trying to streamline my charting requirements and need some advice. I want to export the queries I used for charts to excel and have that linked to power point. These reports are monthly and my manager would like to have these saved for historical review. So, I know I can export my queries...
  4. D

    VBA Code Problem (using office 2007 no problem but with Office 2010 does not work)

    I have a code error that was fine with Windows 7 office 32 bit, but with Windows 8.1 Office 64 bit.. it keep marking error at the set db = opendatabase command! how do i fix this problem. or how do i rewrite the code so it works! --------- Sub AddNewProduct() Dim dbsDuke As Database...
  5. G

    Limiting Query to Columns that do not match

    In my Access database, I have two tables, from different sources, that have similar data. Each table has a customer number, and a customer name. I'm trying to create a query that will show only names that don't match for a given customer number. So, in Table_1, I have 3704 Fred Flintstone...
  6. K

    excel 2010 VBA copying Access 2010 table headers issues

    I am trying to access a table that contains two words in the table name, my code works when there is only one name to the table. No matter what table naming convention it errors out. What am I doing wrong? here is my code: Sub OpenTable() Dim cn As Object Dim rs As Object Dim i...
  7. K

    VBA to paste next set of data under previous pasted data

    Below is the following code I am using to copy the headers from an access 2010 table and paste them on a specific tab and row of an excel 2010 spreadsheet. Currently when it goes to the next access 2010 table headers to paste, it is pasting them at the end of the first set of headers. I am...
  8. K

    VBA Macro to open multiple Access database tables from a list and and copy headers back into excel

    I am trying to modify the below code to loop thru a list of path location where databases are located: rDirList = Sheets("DRG").Range("I6:I99") and the paste the header table results on the row below. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to work? Code: Sub OpenTable() Dim cn As...
  9. T

    IIF statement and data tracking

    I have a database where the status of a part can change from being in, out, lost, etc. I would like to track when the part goes Lost. I created another field to do this with but when the status changes, the field I create changes. I would like for it to remain as it is no matter what the status...
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    Flag a line item even if it changes

    Good Morning. I have a table with list of parts that were checked out. In this list there are several status changes you can make, one of them being that the item was lost. I would like to be able to have a check box or other field populate when an item is put on the lost list and have the flag...
  11. K

    VBA macro to open Access database and copy top row of table including headers

    I am looking for some help in creating a VBA macro in excel 2010 that will open an access database table titled "RX", copy the first row of data including the headers and paste the row of data into row A5 in the excel workbook that is executing the macro. Title of Access Database: RXtest.mdb...
  12. S

    Create an UPDATE query in Excel that updates ACCESS table

    I have a simple Excel file with 3 columns of data. I would like to be able to allow a user to make changes to the file and have it update an Access database with the changes as well as the Excel file. I'd like to have a 'Submit' button that processes the changes to the Access database. I am...
  13. C

    I want to copy many excel files for a table in ms access using vba for excel

    Hi, I´m don't know how to use vba to copy many excel files in to a access data base. I got a lot of files, the sheets got the same standards but different names and located in the same path.
  14. J

    How to get fields of a make-table query in VBA?

    I'm writing VBA code to open objects and document them. When it gets to a make-table query I'd like to get the fields of the table it makes along with each one's source. But when I set a QueryDef object to the make-table query, then set a Fields object to QueryDefObject.Fields, the collection...
  15. T

    Union query data doubles

    I have a problem with a union query and counting. I have two queries that count different items from different stores. I want to see like items from each store and put the count of usage from each store into a single query. The problem is when I union these queries together, I have like items...
  16. D

    How to Avoid, repetition in one filed of Access Query...

    Hi All, I am kind of stuck on finalize a crucial report in MS Access..... and tried to Google it as well but didn’t find any useful solution.... I will try to explain it with an example... Lets Say i have a Table in Access with below data: Table 1: <tbody> Material Description Qty A...
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    Access 2010 - Using Macros to send an email from access to outlook

    Hi All, I have been asked to make my database send emails when a new record is added or a change is made to the 'mobex' I have managed to get it to record the information in another table but I cant get the email to send I also don't want it to alert the member of staff that an email is being...
  18. T

    Mulitple number look up

    Is there a way to look up multiple numbers in Access? I have a database and can input one number and have it return the information I need but is there a way to put in several numbers at once and pull the data? Thanks
  19. M

    Excel VBA - Import range of data from Excel to Access table

    I am creating a macro in Excel 2010 that selects a range of data (which changes each month) and copies that range into a table in Access 2010. I am getting the error message "Run-time Error 2498: An expression you entered is the wrong data type for one of the arguments." The macro stops at...
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    Export Access Form or Report to Powerpoint

    Is there a way to export a list of forms or reports using VBA to Power point? I currently can export a list of forms to PDF but would like to have the ability to put these over in power point. The forms contain graphs and when I copy the PDFs into power point it makes them fuzzy. Like a bad copy...

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