1. O

    Empty table records in a form

    Hello. I have a complicated question to make so I ll try to make it as detailed as possilble. I am currently using a bunch of different excel files, each one for a different product. Each product has it's own excel that I take daily measurements. Each product may have 30 or 40 rows of data any...
  2. N

    vba - Excel to access

    Hii, i need help in using macro to compare values in a column of an access table against a value in the excel spreadsheet. If the value matches then macro will do something to that particular row of access data. E.g. For each row in access_Table_X If recordset.Fields(10).Value =...
  3. P

    Automatically Adding to a list when a folder is created?

    Good Morning, What I am looking to do might not even be possible, but I am hoping that it is, even if I have to try and figure out Access to make it work. I work for a construction company, and the way we add jobs to our server is: Job number - Job address - Job name example 1500 - 123...
  4. B

    Access Vba to copy table from one database to another

    Hello all, I have a .dat file that opens up in an access 97 application. I would like to copy one table from the file and certain columns to a new access database. I was able to copy the whole table in excel however I am stuck on how to do this in access so that way I can skip excel all...
  5. C

    Access or Excel

    So I am not sure if this is better to do in Excel some way or Access. So I have a Excel file with Open orders. I update it every week. Right now I do it manually. Basically I have notes on some of the open orders of why they are still open etc. So when I pull the new open order report I need...
  6. B

    Need help with Query on linked tables

    Hello All, I am completely new to access and was trying to do this with Excel Power query and was successful however the data is so large that it is taking forever to run, so I decided to give access a go. Here is the situation, I have 10 locations I manage and each day I receive a csv file for...
  7. B

    Need help with PowerQuery CSV Files to Access

    Hello All, I currently manage 10 Locations and for each location I have 6 different CSV files that contain anything from sales to employee ect... I have cleaned up the data using power query with conditional formatting as not every column is used and some calculations are being done along with...
  8. M

    Query to return only the latest records record from linked table

    This has probably been posted but I have been looking for it confused for quite some time. I'm quite new to access - have written a few queries but am looking for a solution which doesn't seem to fit anything I have found as yet. I have a database with linked tables with 1 to many...
  9. F

    Change recorded macros absolute path to a file dialog prompt

    Hello I've recorded a Macro that imports some data from an Access database Query into a specific sheet in my Excel-file. I would like to change the path, so that it prompts me for the location of the .mdb file instead. Sub Makro1() ' ' Makro1 Makro ' ActiveWorkbook.Queries.Add...
  10. P

    Access 2019 Table of Future Dates

    Hello, I am hoping that someone can help me.... I have read some information about storing dates in an access table, but I am unsure about how to go about it. I am wanting to be able to lookup dates from a table based on a start date and a frequency (being weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.)...
  11. P

    How to Deselect a highlighted row (in query), pls

    Windows 10 v20H2 (19042.1083) MS Access 2019 I've recently upgraded to this version of Access, so I'm still finding my way around differences from previous version of Access. I'm sure there is a very simple and quick answer to this question but, currently, I'm stuck. I'm trying to do...
  12. S

    Use Date result from one query to filter another query

    Hi, I have very basic VBA knowledge so please go easy on me :) I have a query "qry_Data_Ref_Wk_Date" which returns a Min Date "ProcessDate". I would like to use "ProcessDate" to apply an After Date Filter to another query "qry_Data_Filtered" by whatever means works best and stops me having to...
  13. R

    Save Current Sheet as PDF and Link that PDF in Access

    Hello! I am new to this forum and somewhat new to Excel/Access VBA. Have been able to find solutions to most my problems in this forum already except for this one. I have an excel workbook used for doing quotes. It's more like a form than anything. I want to use Access to store the quote...
  14. R

    DateAdd variable with Text Field

    Hi All, New to the group so be gentle. I've tinkered with Access for quite a while but I've come across something that I just can't get right. I've got a database of assets that have been surveyed, the survey is imported into the database and the various assets need reassessing within a set...
  15. A

    WHEN to Split an Access Database

    I've split finished databases before and understand how and the benefits of doing so. I have a project right now where I'm sequentially adding departments to a database. Right now, the first one is finished and I'm ready to move to the second. The first department (that's already functional in...
  16. S

    UIAutomation, function or sub not definded

    In Access 2016, I try to follow this howto on ui automation: But I keep getting that "undefined" error on the function WalkEnabledElements. It is the first function call after DIM ... as... Where I get a different error if I do not set the dll reference, so that's not the problem... Any...
  17. N

    Date Input Expression Builder

    Hello, I am trying to create an expression that will control a users date input in reference to a pervious field. This is what I currently have: [Field 1]<=[Field 2]<=[Field 3]<=[Field 4]<=[Field 5] Field 1 has an expression/Validation rule of: <=Now() Essentially, I want the first field to...
  18. S

    Excel 365 - VB script - Template File Getting Too Large

    Hello. I currently have a working vb script in access. 1. Takes a template.. abc.xls 2. opens up the template 3. exports customer data into particular tabs within the template 4. saves and renames the template according to the customer name 5. script then picks the next customer and repeats...
  19. S

    How to Import or link CSV with more than 255 columns in ACCESS?

    Hello, I have a .csv with more than 255 columns (395 exactly), I only need 3 columns but I cannot manipulate the source file manually, that is, I cannot divide it in two. The columns are: 131, 208 and 282 I have tried to do it by wizard but Access won't let me do it because it has more than...
  20. O

    Questions about usage of SQL Server as Back end and MS Access as Front End

    Dear Friends, I am now so close to finish my Access database (2016) which include both Front end and back end. This will be used by around 200 users. I have 13 table and 13 forms. Current size of the access is 30 MB. I think it will be 1 GB after a year. So I have a plan to use SQL Server as...
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