1. J

    Unique ID field based on other fields entered in a record

    Hi, Firstly, thanks for taking the time. I am extremely new to Access, so hopefully this makes some sense. I have a table with some address details and I want to generate a Unique ID (either in the ID field or a new field) which relates back to the initials entered into the "State" field...
  2. J

    Inventory System VBA

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can help me out here, I'm thinking of ways to make an inventory system for our machines in warehouse. To be specific, inventory system for our consumable parts for our plasma cutters like, nozzles, caps, etc.. Would it be easier to use excel VBA for this...
  3. I

    Microsoft Excel - REQUIRE MACROS

    Hello, Mr. Excel users! Excel w/ VBA are such a great duo when used in tandem. It seems one is able to lock out all use of Excel via VBA events and also use Auto_Open() to bypass the application.enableevents if it set to false. However, the one issue I am running into time and time again is that...
  4. I

    Exactly HOW secure is Microsoft Access?

    I am very curious in comparison between Access and Excel the security differences in each. Without the advent of quantum computing, I understand getting into a binary excel file that has a 255 character password is nearly impossible. However, in contrast, ACCDB is clearly not binary format - nor...
  5. D

    Combo Box To Populate Subform?

    I have a form which is used to add measurements taken from various instruments. Because some instruments have different parameters and even a different number of parameters, I figured a subform was the way to go. As the parameters are specific, it is important to ensure that these are entered...
  6. tjdrake

    Multi-User Access DB Table

    Hello Team, I've been struggling with this all week, and am running up against a deadline to make this work for my team. Here are the essentials: The MS 2021 Access DB sits on a SharePoint Server; The SharePoint permissions have been granted to Everyone; The code updates with a new record...
  7. S

    VB to Update Query(s) without opening up each query

    Hello. I am trying to automate the following. I need to update Query 1, 2, 3, and 4 with a dealership ID #. So instead of opening up each query and entering the dealership ID #, I was wondering if there is an easier way of automating this. I used to use [Forms]![Form1]![dealerno] but this is not...
  8. G

    VBA connect to Ms Access using ADODB.Recordset with non-alphanumeric table name

    I am trying to connect to Microsoft Access using ADODB.Recordset in VBA, but apparently it seems to only accept alphanumeric table name. Changing table name manually in Access is just additional work (and I need to teach it) for the macro user, so it would be great if it can work without doing...
  9. S

    Error when looping through Access queries "Too many client tasks"

    Hello friendly helpers, I have run into a problem when looping through Access queries via VBA. I have multiple levels that I am looping through; the first table (query) consists of unique project leaders, I then loop through these to find associated projects, after which i loop through the...
  10. R

    Late Binding: extract Access to Excel with formatting

    Hi all Situation: I'm extracting an Access query to Excel with VBA. In this excel, I let VBA do a few things like formatting the cells. I made the code work and the sheet looks good, but I'm not sure if it's all versions proove. For my code I have put a check in the references at 'Microsoft...
  11. T

    My Query Takes 10-15mins to Run!

    Hello, I've built this query on Access, there's about 13 tables linked. The total size of the db is only 2.3mb. The largest table has 14k rows and 70 columns (but not all of them are being used). So it's not huge and mostly runs pretty quickly when i run the query, but then when i add 3 more...
  12. T

    Some Formulas Make Access Quite Laggy

    Hello, I have Excel spreadsheets linked to my Access and I'm using DCount formulas in a query. When i run the query it takes like 5+min for the query to finish and Access is completely unresponsive during this time. Is this typical for Access? Is there a way to make this faster? Thank you.
  13. S

    MS ACCESS VBA CODE - open up an excel file, copy paste, save and copy file

    hello. I am trying to do the following. Within Access using VB to.... 1. open up an excel file 2. copy and paste special (the exact same data to the exact same tab) ... just removing the formulas 3. save the file with the same name (skipping / don't want the excel prompts to display....etc...
  14. H

    lowercase code query problems

    Hey guys, I have the following codes in a database but some of them have been inputted lowercase and not in uppercase, so wondering how do I make a query to display only rows where the codes are lowercase? Help with example code would be appreciated.
  15. T

    creating a report that uses multiple subreports and filters the data it shows

    I'm in need of a report that can show info from multiple unrelated tables, basically I need to combine all sales with the pickups and payments for a person I select and be able to print it all off, all my information is stored where it has a buyers name column I should be able to use, but I'm...
  16. T

    converting from excel to access and ran into an issue

    we are slowly converting from excel to access due to making it easier to update and add new bale types etc. I ran into an issue where I don't understand how to make it display the data I want how I would like it. I need the ability to print an invoice showing the sales pickups and payments made...
  17. M

    Button to force a new record to be inserted for all related tables

    Hi, I have a Add New Record form that enters metadata for specific sites. When the data has been entered and the 'open data' button is clicked this will open to a data entry form. This data entry form has the metadata for that site along with 4 pages and subforms (each linked to a different...
  18. O

    Empty table records in a form

    Hello. I have a complicated question to make so I ll try to make it as detailed as possilble. I am currently using a bunch of different excel files, each one for a different product. Each product has it's own excel that I take daily measurements. Each product may have 30 or 40 rows of data any...
  19. N

    vba - Excel to access

    Hii, i need help in using macro to compare values in a column of an access table against a value in the excel spreadsheet. If the value matches then macro will do something to that particular row of access data. E.g. For each row in access_Table_X If recordset.Fields(10).Value =...
  20. P

    Automatically Adding to a list when a folder is created?

    Good Morning, What I am looking to do might not even be possible, but I am hoping that it is, even if I have to try and figure out Access to make it work. I work for a construction company, and the way we add jobs to our server is: Job number - Job address - Job name example 1500 - 123...

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