1. R

    DateAdd variable with Text Field

    Hi All, New to the group so be gentle. I've tinkered with Access for quite a while but I've come across something that I just can't get right. I've got a database of assets that have been surveyed, the survey is imported into the database and the various assets need reassessing within a set...
  2. A

    WHEN to Split an Access Database

    I've split finished databases before and understand how and the benefits of doing so. I have a project right now where I'm sequentially adding departments to a database. Right now, the first one is finished and I'm ready to move to the second. The first department (that's already functional in...
  3. S

    UIAutomation, function or sub not definded

    In Access 2016, I try to follow this howto on ui automation: But I keep getting that "undefined" error on the function WalkEnabledElements. It is the first function call after DIM ... as... Where I get a different error if I do not set the dll reference, so that's not the problem... Any...
  4. N

    Date Input Expression Builder

    Hello, I am trying to create an expression that will control a users date input in reference to a pervious field. This is what I currently have: [Field 1]<=[Field 2]<=[Field 3]<=[Field 4]<=[Field 5] Field 1 has an expression/Validation rule of: <=Now() Essentially, I want the first field to...
  5. S

    Excel 365 - VB script - Template File Getting Too Large

    Hello. I currently have a working vb script in access. 1. Takes a template.. abc.xls 2. opens up the template 3. exports customer data into particular tabs within the template 4. saves and renames the template according to the customer name 5. script then picks the next customer and repeats...
  6. S

    How to Import or link CSV with more than 255 columns in ACCESS?

    Hello, I have a .csv with more than 255 columns (395 exactly), I only need 3 columns but I cannot manipulate the source file manually, that is, I cannot divide it in two. The columns are: 131, 208 and 282 I have tried to do it by wizard but Access won't let me do it because it has more than...
  7. O

    Questions about usage of SQL Server as Back end and MS Access as Front End

    Dear Friends, I am now so close to finish my Access database (2016) which include both Front end and back end. This will be used by around 200 users. I have 13 table and 13 forms. Current size of the access is 30 MB. I think it will be 1 GB after a year. So I have a plan to use SQL Server as...
  8. F

    Convert SumIfs to Access

    Hello I've finally figured out how to a formula in Excel to give me SumIFS of all the data I need. Now however I need to convert this to Access if that is possible. Danish Excel formula for SumIf: =(SUM.HVISER(B:B;A:A;">="&A2;A:A;"<"&A2+1/24))/15 Basically my Column A in Excel would be...
  9. P

    VBA SQL Update with apostrophe in Text Field

    Using the code below, everything works well until one of the CompanyName values have an apostrophe in it. VBA generates an error. For Example: CompanyName = "John's Plumbing Supplies" How can I modify the code to be able to update the CompanyName Field in Access when the string has an...
  10. A

    20% Random Sample

    I need to create a sample of "work that needs to be graded". For each person, in each month, I want to pull a 20% random sample. "Person" "Month" "Number of Total Workloads" 1 5 10 1 6 5 2 5 20 2...
  11. D

    Selected row from table to query

    Hi all, I am trying to transfer a selected row from a table to the next empty row of a query in MS ACCESS. I wanted to know if this is possible and if so how to go about it. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you
  12. S

    Parse numeric substring, generate accounting key

    Hello, I'm a full time software developer, helping out a charity with their Access (.accdb) database in my spare time. There I need to work with an existing database that connects basic entities from one table with actions to perform on them in another table; everything is properly linked (1...
  13. B

    Select Query based on day of the week

    I have a query that every day pulls yesterday's data from an sql database and drops it into Access. SELECT Date, InvoiceNo, Customer FROM SalesDatabase WHERE Date=Yesterdaysdate What I need it to do though is when today's date is a Monday, I need it to gather the data for Friday, Saturday...
  14. E

    How is Access changing my Excel file?

    I create low-level automation solutions with Excel, these are usually small tools that accept user inputs, preform data calculations/manipulations, and generate outputs. I recently ran into a file-compatibility issue and need help. I am one small cog in a very large company and have no control...
  15. C

    Is Microsoft Access the right solution? if yes, what next? if no, what option?

    Greetings Folks, I'm trying to come up with a solution at work that will help a few departments. I do not have anyone to bounce ideas off of as I am the only "me" in the company and my knowledge is well intentioned, at best. I'm trying to take away from me manually going into a tool one...
  16. R

    Excel Drop Down from Access Table

    I am trying to get a table we keep updated in Access database to be the dropdown contents in an excel form. I wanted to use the Data Validation tool and select the drop down, but I cannot seem to figure out how to gain the data in my Access Table. My Access Data base is a network file used...
  17. A

    Insert data from Microsoft Access

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering how I would go about uploading a data chart from Access to Excel. Thanks
  18. bobsan42

    WithEvents Form AccessObject ... conundrum

    Hello all. My goal at the moment is: To open Form1 as background, make it translucent, then use the openArgs to pass a name to open Form2 on top of it. When Form2 is closed Form1 to close automatically. I achieved it easily with DoCmd.OpenForm but then I have to set WindowMode:=acDialog, which...
  19. C

    Access Report Using CrossTab Quary for people

    Tyring to build a report that shows Organization and position that people are in. For example: There is a table that shows all employees (admin) and them in the respective positions Sort ORder Org Big Boss Manager Worker 1 South Group me 1 South Group vacant 2 North Group Tom...
  20. N

    Selecting Excel drop down to cause Access query using drop downs value

    I currently have an Access DB and Excel workbook that are linked and updating tables and graphs properly when I refresh from Excel. What I would like to happen is user selection from a drop down on the Excel worksheet launches the update of the Excel document via linked Access queries. The...

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