1. M

    How to calculate months in fiscal year

    Hello fellow colleagues, I have a task to calculate the number of months in a financial year (Australia) for grant payments that start in one year and end in the next, or in a few years. E.g. a $49,790.40 grant, which payments begins on the 16/10/2018 and ends on the 30/06/2019. The time span...
  2. J


    Hello everyone! I am currently studying accounting as an undergrad, but I want to pursue a career doing AIS (Accounting Information System). What coding language do I need to learn before I get into the AIS field? Any advice on the matter would be appreciated!!
  3. S

    Calculating ending balances (sum with several conditions)

    The example with notes about problem is attached. Shortly: I want to automatically calculate ending balances from small general ledger I keep in excel. The formula should understand what account we are speaking of, what month is the transaction from and is the column debit or credit. I hope...
  4. W

    Using Indirect to reference another WORKBOOK

    Hello All, I have a large accounting file with parallel construction which I need to pull into each of my assets Profit and Loss Statments. Each asset has a separate PnL page, and in my accounting worksheet, I have each asset named seperately. I'd like to create a formula where I type in the...
  5. L

    adding $ before a number vs selecting currency/accounting format

    Hi Is there any difference/problem if I add $ before a number manually, I mean I type $ then the number after vs selecting Number formatting-->currency or Accounting? Thank you.
  6. R

    Count number of times a specific text appears in a string & range

    I hope someone can help with this problem I am failing to find a solution for. I wish to count the number of times a specific text value appears in a range. The text itself will often be part of a string which will contain other information. Below is an example of the issue I am...
  7. A

    sumif or sumproduct based on current month and year

    2 columns, one date format xx/xx/xxxx and the other accounting format I'm looking to sum the value of the accounting column based on the current month and year. Preferably without having to add additional columns. I was following a previously used SUMPRODUCT formula but it kept giving me...
  8. A

    Cell Formatting changes after cell entry

    I've run into a strange issue where, when typing a formula or numeric value into a cell, its formatting changes from Accounting to Text. This occurs after each entry and requires that I reformat the cell to the desired format everytime. The spreadsheet was originally derived from Quickbooks in...
  9. L

    Vlookup with multiple values and a limiter

    Hi guys, I am trying to use a vlookup up to calculate whether a capital gain or loss has been made or lost when selling shares. A major problem I have is; if shares are purchased in two separate lots and at different prices, when I sell a portion of the shares I need to calculate the capital...
  10. L

    Excel for book keeping and accounting

    Hi I am an intermediate user of excel but haven't done anything to do with accounting and book keeping with it yet. I have attached a spreadsheet with the type of data I'll be receiving in a csv file and a general journal. Im interested to see if there is a way to have the transactions imported...
  11. N

    Excel as database question

    I download an entire trial balance from our accounting software into excel. I then map out each account to create a balance sheet. Works like a charm... However, I need to re-download a month that was corrected in the accounting software. While I can manually delete the rows and paste the...
  12. D

    Recommendations? building a 3-way model with >240 tabs (possible size issue)

    Hey Guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. I am currently building a 3-way forecast model for a group of 27 Vendors who between them have 54 sites. Each site will require a P&L, BS and CF. I will be consolidating the sites to a Vendor level and then to an overall Group level. I will also be...
  13. I

    Circular Reference/Iterative Problem

    I am killing myself trying to solve a problem of pennies! Source 1 is a pricing sheet that has a total at the bottom. We frequently use goal seek to adjust margin to get a desired number. Accounting 2 is a sheet for accounting that takes numbers from Source 1 and regroups them. The numbers...
  14. M

    Pivot - Beginning, Activity, Ending

    Trying to design a pivot table (unfort can't use PQ) to design financial stmnts with columns for: beginning bal, then activity, then ending balance. I was able to create a column in the fact table showing only the beginning balances, but I can't seem to get this to work in the pivots. It...
  15. L

    currency vs accounting

    Hi I wanted to know the difference between currency and accounting number formatting. Excel easy website is saying this: "Note: the Currency format can display negative numbers with a minus sign, in red, with parentheses, or in red with parentheses. The Accounting format displays negative...
  16. L

    accounting vs currency number formatting

    Hi I was reading one of Mike Girvin's document and he said the following: ++ Accounting Number Format: Fixed dollar sign (left edge of cell). Negatives are in parenthesis. Zeros are dashes. Decimals always line up. Currency: Floating dollar sign. You choose how to show...
  17. E

    VBA Format cells(values) with correct accounting symbol

    Hi, I'm struggling with formatting values using VBA by using the standard accounting symbols. My plan is to take the information from a report that provides me with values and currency information in two separate columns. The currency is a three-letter code like USD, EUR, AUD etc. and I...
  18. J

    Data validation (%)

    Hi there, My question: How do I restrict the user from manually typing the "%" symbol in a cell?? Background: I'm trying to finish a basic user form (with drop-down lists) where: - if option 1 is chosen in cell A1, then cell A2 is formatted in Accounting format. - if option 2 is chosen in...
  19. C

    Accounting (Curreny) Formatting

    Hi there, I am confused because when using the Accounting number format with the € (Euro) currency, negative numbers appear with the "-" sign at the very left, before the € sign, as in this example, whereas when using the Accounting number format with the $ (Dollar) currency, negative numbers...
  20. M

    Recurring expenses and using Excel for full-on accounting ledger

    Hi guys, Starting to use Office 2019 to track profit and loss (please don't digress on using accounting software). Is there any template I can use to make it easier for me? E.g. to handle different currencies, taxes, and insertion of recurring fixed expenses? Thank you.

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