1. F

    Two Clicks Needed for ActiveX Controls

    I have several ActiveX controls on my worksheet (not a userform). For a while everything seemed to work just fine, however, recently (in the past few months) I've needed to push the controls twice (not a dbl-click, but 2 separate clicks) to get the control to function. In another thread there...
  2. M

    ActiveX Switching From One Sub to Another

    Hi I'm trying to use vba to filter different lists on the same spreadsheet - so for example I have a list of departments and the teams within, and the same thing for region and location. I'm using these to create dynamic ranges to populate active x combo boxes - so, select a department then the...
  3. E

    Mysterious ActiveX component error

    I'm working on a document search tool for internal use at my company. The tool consists of one main workbook which contains all of the code and the interface (a UserForm), and a database.xlsx which is hidden and only open in the background and contains information and search terms for each...
  4. S

    Dynamic linking of ActiveX text box to table VBA

    I've been busting my head on this for two days. I have an ActiveX text box and a data table. When I enter data into the text box I want it to edit the data in the table. However, I want the cell linking to be dynamic based on the customer selected in the dropdown box in $G$2. If I have Customer...
  5. M

    Message box popup using if statement after sending ActiveX control entries to a different worksheet

    I have a spreadsheet where the first sheet is a form using ActiveX controls (ComboBox, TextBox, and CommandButton). The ComboBox is a part number and the TextBox is a quantity. Once these are filled and the CommandButton is pressed, the information is sent to a master sheet with all entries...
  6. P

    How to define ActiveX TextBox's LinkedCell property with a formula?

    Hello, I'm trying to make a search function, what looks for the entered value in an array, and links a TextBox to the search results neighbour cell. I have the formulas needed to get the row, column or address of the cell that should be linked, but I can't select a linked cell as a...
  7. P

    Using named range as list for an ActiveX combo box.

    My Set Up I use Microsoft Office Standard 2013. I have a Table that self populates and formats itself dependant on value selected using an ActiveX Combo Box. I use a Named Range as the list for that ActiveX ComboBox. My issue - making any change...
  8. M

    Transfer activex textbox value to table on another sheet

    Hi, I have a sheet called "CLP", there are several activex textboxes in this sheet. I want to use VBA to transfer the values of each textbox into a specific named range on a table ("Data") that's on sheet "CLP Client Data" So for example on sheet "CLP" there is a textbox named "TBDate", i want...
  9. M

    Clear all activex objects

    Hi there, I was wanting to clear all of the activex objects on my sheet but am unsure how to do it. I tried the code below but it doesn't work. Currently i am using textboxes and comboboxes but thought it would be good to cover radiobuttons and checkboxes too just in case they're added later...
  10. T

    VBA Insert Row using ActiveX Radio Buttons

    Hello, I'm new to VBA. I'd want to insert a row under in two columns only using "yes"/"no" option buttons (as shown). When "yes" is selected a new row will be created. If "no" is selected then the created row will be deleted. Hoping for something simple enough that can be modified & used...
  11. D

    Changing the toggle button setting during another macro i.e., without physically clicking it

    Hi Folks, I have a Toggle button on one of my sheets called: LocationFormat. It works a treat. My question is: can I add VBA code to another macro in order to turn off or turn on the Toggle button, i.e. so it automatically changes state when I run another macro? Kind regards, Doug.
  12. J

    ActiveX Input Format as currency with 2dp

    Hi All, I have been trawling the web and Mr Excel for an answer, but everything I have tried doesn't work. I am creating a userform that users need to be able to add in monetary values. Below is how I have the textbox set up at the moment, but it's not doing what I want: Private Sub...
  13. C

    ActiveX ComboBox Default Value changeable

    Hi, I've been struggling with this problem for awhile. I've made a form out of ActiveX controls, vba codes etc. I am almost zero knowledge about vba. I've made a combo box, named cmbDate. ListFillRange of the combo box is Q11:Q13, where there are formulas in this cells: Q11...
  14. G

    Code changing color of text stored in ActiveX Text Box

    Hi, I am having an ActiveX Text Box control in my worksheet which is linked to a cell data. I want to change the color of the font of the text box based on certain condition. What is the VBA Code for this task? I am trying with the following but not working...
  15. A

    VBA - ActiveX button

    Hello.. Assuming i got 2 sheets and 2 ActiveX button. Sheet 1 with Button1 and Sheet 2 with Button2. Both button contain the same coding which is for adding row above the button. The question is, how to trigger clicking Button 2 automatically when i click Button 1.
  16. M

    How to suppress compile errors generated from ActiveX code being present on MAC

    I have a workbook with code referencing activex objects that isn't supposed to be ran on if the user is on Mac, however after the user gets out of the initial read only mode upon receiving the document, ActiveX objects are deleted. Trying to run certain macros will then result in compile errors...
  17. C

    How to reference an active ActiveX control?

    Hi everybody, I'm writing an 'on_click' event for one of my ActiveX labels. But how do I reference itself in the code? I need to derive the label's name when I click on it. Is there a way on how to do it? thanks...
  18. S

    [VBA] manually-select ActiveX commandbuttons & change font size

    I need to manually select certain ActiveX commandbuttons on a worksheet, and then change its font size. Below is my attempted code but returns error. Sub Testing() Dim o As Variant For Each o In Selection o.Font.Size = 20 Next End Sub Thanks a lot!
  19. K

    Fire change event for ActiveX combobox

    Hi all, I have an issue with an ActiveX combobox. In my workbook, an activeX combobox is created each time a cell is clicked. I would like to trigger an event so that when the value of the combobox change, it triggers an event that modify the adjacent one. My problem is that, as you know, the...
  20. M

    Possible to check if user is on a MAC using ActiveX or Scripting.Dictionaries ?

    I would like to know if creating these two objects while on a MAC would create an error that can be used to adjust the workbook accordingly. Thank you for your time.
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