1. J

    ActiveX Input Format as currency with 2dp

    Hi All, I have been trawling the web and Mr Excel for an answer, but everything I have tried doesn't work. I am creating a userform that users need to be able to add in monetary values. Below is how I have the textbox set up at the moment, but it's not doing what I want: Private Sub...
  2. C

    ActiveX ComboBox Default Value changeable

    Hi, I've been struggling with this problem for awhile. I've made a form out of ActiveX controls, vba codes etc. I am almost zero knowledge about vba. I've made a combo box, named cmbDate. ListFillRange of the combo box is Q11:Q13, where there are formulas in this cells: Q11...
  3. G

    Code changing color of text stored in ActiveX Text Box

    Hi, I am having an ActiveX Text Box control in my worksheet which is linked to a cell data. I want to change the color of the font of the text box based on certain condition. What is the VBA Code for this task? I am trying with the following but not working...
  4. A

    VBA - ActiveX button

    Hello.. Assuming i got 2 sheets and 2 ActiveX button. Sheet 1 with Button1 and Sheet 2 with Button2. Both button contain the same coding which is for adding row above the button. The question is, how to trigger clicking Button 2 automatically when i click Button 1.
  5. M

    How to suppress compile errors generated from ActiveX code being present on MAC

    I have a workbook with code referencing activex objects that isn't supposed to be ran on if the user is on Mac, however after the user gets out of the initial read only mode upon receiving the document, ActiveX objects are deleted. Trying to run certain macros will then result in compile errors...
  6. C

    How to reference an active ActiveX control?

    Hi everybody, I'm writing an 'on_click' event for one of my ActiveX labels. But how do I reference itself in the code? I need to derive the label's name when I click on it. Is there a way on how to do it? thanks...
  7. S

    [VBA] manually-select ActiveX commandbuttons & change font size

    I need to manually select certain ActiveX commandbuttons on a worksheet, and then change its font size. Below is my attempted code but returns error. Sub Testing() Dim o As Variant For Each o In Selection o.Font.Size = 20 Next End Sub Thanks a lot!
  8. K

    Fire change event for ActiveX combobox

    Hi all, I have an issue with an ActiveX combobox. In my workbook, an activeX combobox is created each time a cell is clicked. I would like to trigger an event so that when the value of the combobox change, it triggers an event that modify the adjacent one. My problem is that, as you know, the...
  9. M

    Possible to check if user is on a MAC using ActiveX or Scripting.Dictionaries ?

    I would like to know if creating these two objects while on a MAC would create an error that can be used to adjust the workbook accordingly. Thank you for your time.
  10. X

    excel add web page(with slicer)

    Hello Friends, I know that i can excel export the web page, But I'm wondering if i can add a slicer (list) and activeX (button) excel export the web page? Work on slicer (list) and activeX (button)? my excel export the web page, But did not work -- slicer (list) and activeX (button) in...
  11. E

    Excel from windows to MacOffice

    Hello guys, I have a few questions about excel on windows and on Mac. I have a file that has buttons in it, on windows they work fine but on MacOffice they wont work. I've read that ActiveX wont work so I have to use the form buttons. My question is. Activex buttons give me more options to...
  12. T

    Excel warnings

    Hopefully a quick question. In my sheet I was playing around with some activex controls for a certain function. When I realised what a headache all the warnings were on startup, especailly as this workbook needs to be distributed I quickly got rid of them all and reverted to standard...
  13. L

    NOOb Question. Excel game not working in 365

    Hello We have a very popular game we play at our workplace called bubble shooter. However after the company has updated to windows 10 and excel 365 the game no longer works. When I run the compatibility checker it says "Uninitiated activex controls can not be transferred to the selected file...
  14. S

    Dynamic Picture Viewer

    Hi, I have a list of image file names (minus the extensions) in column A and an Image ActiveX control embedded on Sheet1. Could you help me with a code that would access and display the images? For instance, when a cell in column A containing "Image1" is selected, Excel should access...
  15. M

    ActiveX ComboBox dynamic range for ListFillRange

    I have `ThisWorkbook.Sheets("MAIN")` and ActiveX `ComboBox11` on it. I also have table: A B 1 John 1 10000 2 John 2 20000 3 John 3 20000 4 John 4 10000 5 John...
  16. F

    ActiveX command Button

    Hello I am looking for a code that when the command button is clicked it will change "B1" Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() If "B1" = 1 then "B1" = 2 else If "B1" = 2 then "B1" = 1 I realize this is not a code it's just and example of what I'm looking for. Thank you
  17. F

    ActiveX command button

    I know how to add a picture to the button (manually). Is it possible to create a code that when the button is clicked it changes to a different picture then when clicked again it changes back?
  18. L

    ActiveX issue

    Hello guys, I want to write an excel macro that opens up sheets of word in directories per request and prints them out I already have a full path created for each file, so all i really need to do is: 1) Open the word document with specific name 2) Print out only page 2, this i can achieve...
  19. L

    ActiveX ComboBox Issues

    I have a ActiveX ComboBox and the box is showing one of the items the list of items. When i try select from the box it flash another box and does nothing. In design mode i can see and select items in the ComboBox object which then changes the ComboBox. Why can't I just select from the...
  20. B

    ActiveX Control button to hide and unhide coloums

    Hey, I am a novice when it comes to using ActiveX Control and VBA to build macros but I am having incredible difficulty getting something simple to work. I want to build a macro which hides and unhides 3 columns in my excel sheet however when I run the macro it unhides unwanted columns and...

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