1. Saher Naji

    VBA Code Issue on Mac Platform (working perfectly on Windows)

    Hi there, What could be causing the VBA code to malfunction on Mac? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim rng As Range, cell As Range Dim lastRow As Long, lastID As String Dim initialPrefix As String, newRowDetected As Boolean Dim existingIDs As Object...
  2. brendalpzm

    Fill a ListBox with values from different columns

    Let's say I have the following table Sheet name: Values A B C D 1 Folio Model Year Status 2 156 Forte 2022 Delivered 3 452526 Rio 2023 In repair 4 785 Stinger 2023 Delivered 5 475 Forte 2020 In progress An I want to fill an ActiveX List Box but only with the values from...
  3. S

    VBA Screenupdating for a certain range.

    Hi All, I have a VBA code at the moment that causes a certain column (I can't make it only do a range) to save the previously altered value of another column whenever it is updated. However I only want these updates visually to happen when a certain milestone occurs in real life, so I think the...
  4. R

    VBA MacOS ActiveX components

    I am currently having problems using ActiveX components in my VBA code on MacOS. Specifically with: Dim oXMLHTTP As Object Set oXMLHTTP = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP") oXMLHTTP.Open "POST", "URL.....", False 'Set Open Posts For Text MyBody = "{Content}" 'Request Body For Text...
  5. brendalpzm

    Calculate Age with vlookup to fill a text box

    I have these activeX controls fields: EmpNoBox = Employee Number (TextBox) AgeBox = Final result with age (TextBox) **These 2 are located in the "Registro" worksheet In a different worksheet called "Base_Externos" I have a data base with the employees information, employee number is located in...
  6. brendalpzm

    Option Buttons as Radio Buttons

    I'm using activeX controls, and I'm wondering if there's a way to use command buttons as option (radio) buttons and link the result to a cell, For example if I link thebuttons to the A1 cell, when I click on button 1 the result shows up in A1, and if I click on button 2 the result changes in A1...
  7. B

    ActiveX ListBox activation scrolls the worksheet

    Hi there. I'm doing VBA project, which incorporates ActiveX ListBox component. It's crucial for me to have a multiselect option with checkboxes. I use listbox change event to display information on selected items. However, I faced some strange behaviour of listbox when it scrolls the sheet if...
  8. brendalpzm

    Copy data from a range and paste it in the next available row in another sheet

    I have a range ("A31:AB31") in the "Input incidents" sheet, so I need to paste it (only values, no formulas) at the next available row in a data base ("Incidents_Accu"), the columns are also A:AB in the data base, the information should be accumulated in the data base by clicking on an ActiveX...
  9. brendalpzm

    Input mask in a text box for date

    I have a text box from activeX controls, let's name it DateBox. This text box is meant to be used for input a date, so I want it to show DD/MM/YYYY as example when it's not being filled, and when the user clicks on the field to fill it that it changes to __/___/____ and when they start typing...
  10. brendalpzm

    Apply an excel formula but in a VBA instead

    I have this issue, I'm creating a form that must have a specific folio according to previous entries. I'm creating the form with ActiveX fields, I tried to link a textbox value from a cell where I have a simple excel formula that gives me the folio depending on the prveiously entered data...
  11. brendalpzm

    How to change EMBED name of an ActiveX Combo Box?

    Hello everyone, I inserted several ActiveX combo boxes in a sheet, I figured out a way to reset those combo boxes with a macro button, the thing is that I thought I was only reseting one but instead I was reseting them all (which I don't want) I checked what was I doing wrong and in the code...
  12. brendalpzm

    Clear combo box when changing option button

    Hello~ I have form controls option buttons that are linked to an activex combo box, Depending on the option button the activex combo box changes its values. The issue is that when I select a value from the combo box and want to change the option button (this can happen when the user makes a...
  13. brendalpzm

    Change activeX combo box values depending on cell value

    Hello everyone~ I have a problem with a task that I'm not sure how to do it. I have an excel file where I make quotations and it brings a total quotation at the end. According to that quotation result I have an ActiveX combo box that should bring a specific range of values, for example...
  14. brendalpzm

    ActiveX Combo box, Values from dynamic range from another sheet

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to populate an activeX combo box with a dynamic range (this means we can add and remove values) that is located in a different sheet, Also that the combo box is capable of refreshing automatically whenever we add or remove values and ignore blanks. If you could...
  15. S

    ActiveX focus issues when Freeze pane is used

    Dear Colleagues, I am facing a weird problem and would like to know if you have faced similar problems 1. I am using Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2202 Build 16.0.14931.20652) 64-bit 2. I have a macro enabled sheet with VBA code. One of the sheet includes input fields via...
  16. F

    Two Clicks Needed for ActiveX Controls

    I have several ActiveX controls on my worksheet (not a userform). For a while everything seemed to work just fine, however, recently (in the past few months) I've needed to push the controls twice (not a dbl-click, but 2 separate clicks) to get the control to function. In another thread there...
  17. M

    ActiveX Switching From One Sub to Another

    Hi I'm trying to use vba to filter different lists on the same spreadsheet - so for example I have a list of departments and the teams within, and the same thing for region and location. I'm using these to create dynamic ranges to populate active x combo boxes - so, select a department then the...
  18. E

    Mysterious ActiveX component error

    I'm working on a document search tool for internal use at my company. The tool consists of one main workbook which contains all of the code and the interface (a UserForm), and a database.xlsx which is hidden and only open in the background and contains information and search terms for each...
  19. S

    Dynamic linking of ActiveX text box to table VBA

    I've been busting my head on this for two days. I have an ActiveX text box and a data table. When I enter data into the text box I want it to edit the data in the table. However, I want the cell linking to be dynamic based on the customer selected in the dropdown box in $G$2. If I have Customer...
  20. M

    Message box popup using if statement after sending ActiveX control entries to a different worksheet

    I have a spreadsheet where the first sheet is a form using ActiveX controls (ComboBox, TextBox, and CommandButton). The ComboBox is a part number and the TextBox is a quantity. Once these are filled and the CommandButton is pressed, the information is sent to a master sheet with all entries...

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