1. L

    assign macro to Form Controls vs ActiveX control

    Hi I can insert a Form Control and then assign Macro to it (right click, assign macro). But that is not the case with ActiveX Control. There is no "assign macro" option when you click on ActiveX Control. What is the reason behind that? Thank you.
  2. L

    form controls vs ActiveX controls

    Hi What is the difference between Form Controls and Activex Control? Why we have both? Thank you very much.
  3. R

    ActiveX combo Box

    I have an activeX combo box on sheet 1 of my workbook and a list of names that this refers to on sheet 2. When I click on the name shown in the combo box I want it to copy the name in the link cell to the active cell on sheet 1. Can someone please help me to write the code for this to happen...
  4. D

    What is the best solution for the button macro menu? (Service change form sheet)

    Situation: I'd like to create a worksheet where it will be used by project managers to request their change of service of their clients. I have an idea of what I want to do. Make column 'A' a static menu and have macro buttons that, when pressed, will unhide columns to the right. Those columns...
  5. T

    ActiveX Combo Box Error - Excel 2016

    I've successfully created an ActiveX Combo Box and used ListFillRange to identify the correct range of text to appear in the drop down. The problem I'm running into is when I exit design mode and try to use the combo box, all the options show up in the drop down but no matter which one I...
  6. K

    Malfunctioning: Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control

    Greetings, I have a question for which I cannot find the answer to anywhere. I'm using the Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control in a form at the request of leadership who want to choose the date for the form. The info doesn't go anywhere, it just shows up on print outs. The problem: This...
  7. D

    Multiple Linked Cells in ActiveX Combo Box

    Hello All, I have successfully created a searchable drop down box using the ActiveX Combo Box tool. Under Properties there is a "linked cell" row. I am not able to identify more than one at a time. Does anybody have a solution for using multiple cells and/or a different approach to creating...
  8. S

    ActiveX drop down keeps expanding

    Dear all, I want to have an solution for next thing. I have activeX control drop down box and when I used it and it give results there is no problem. but when a select or edit an other cell and enter then the drop down menu expands??? See below my code, hopefully somebody can help. Private...
  9. J

    OLAP to Reference ListBox (Active X Control)

    I have =CUBEVALUE() functions referencing twenty Lists created with Data Validation (Bolded below). =CUBEVALUE("ThisWorkbookDataModel",$B$2,$B$3,$B$4,$B$5,$B$6,$B$7,$E$2,$E$3,$E$4,$E$5,$H$2,$H$3,$H$4,$K$2,$K$3,$K$4,$K$5,$N$2,$N$3,$H$7,$A$1,$A12,B$11) The limitation is that only one value per...
  10. L

    ActiveX ComboBox to populate a specific worksheet names

    Hi, I have a workbook that contains of many worksheets, and I have been looking for an VBA code to get all these worksheets in a drop-down menu to make it easier in navigating between these worksheets and in order to save some time when searching for a specific data that is related to a...
  11. M

    Transfering Text from and Activex Textbox in one sheet to another Activex Textbox in another sheet

    Hello I am looking to transfer text from an Activex Textbox in one sheet to another Activex Textbox in another sheet? Can anyone help? Many thanks
  12. ClimoC

    Alternative to ActiveX control in Sheet?

    Howdy So the project I'm doing has me at a crossroads. The PERFECT candidate for what I'm trying to achieve is a Frame control. It's isolated, scrollable... it's just that in a worksheet they're the devil. Simply trying to add one at runtime throws up odd exceptions and bugs ("Cannot enter...
  13. M

    Activex Optionbuttons not clearing

    Hi all, I have a sheet with numerous Activex optionbuttons. I have a reset macro which would put the value of each button to false, this used to work fine but I added a new optionbutton (no big deal I thought) but now the macro runs but doesn't change the value, the code is below and any help...
  14. S

    Excel slowing dramatically when copying worksheets (VBA)

    Hi there, I'm relatively new to VBA, although have been picking it up quickly in the past month or so. I have been working on a spreadsheet that completes several actions dependant on certain cell's values in the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet essentially is used to analyse a time sheet; colour...
  15. N

    Export MS Word Form Data to MS Excel

    Hello, I am trying to create a form in MS Word that a prospective member can fill out and return and the corresponding data fields can then be deposited in an MS Excel sheet. I am using a mix of ActiveX Controls (Text Box and Check Box) as my form fields. I have done some browsing for solutions...
  16. S

    Hide/Unhide sheets with a checkbox on a mac

    I'm looking for a way to use checkboxes to hide/unhide sheets. I've found code for PCs, but they all use ActiveX. I'm on a Mac and don't have access to ActiveX. Is there a way to accomplish this on a Mac? TIA
  17. G

    VBA Dropdown to Navigate between Hidden Sheet using Combo Box ActiveX Control

    Good Morning, I'm sorry if similar question had been asked for several times before, I would like to make dropdown list to navigate between hidden sheet using combo box ActiveX. The script for dropdown sheet list it self I already have it from here like this: Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()...
  18. E

    Filter Pivot Table with VBA

    I'm trying to filter a pivot table when the user selects an item from an ActiveX combo box. (I need to use the ActiveX combo box because after the user selects an item I want a combo box in another worksheet to populate based on the user's selection. I haven't found a way to do that using...
  19. N

    Is there a way to make a Slider in Excel without using the ActiveX control option

    I already attempted making one using activeX and had a glitch (issue is in another forum thread), im just wondering if there is another way to go about it.
  20. Z

    ActiveX Option Buttons Not Working Properly

    I'm trying to set up some basic ActiveX Option buttons ("radio buttons"). I gave them the same group name and linked them to the same cell. However, clicking any of them just makes the first one toggle between clicked and not clicked, and the linked cell just toggles back and forth between true...

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