1. S

    Formula that pulls from a specific row for each month & "locks" into that row for the month?

    Apologies if this looks/sounds messy... In the middle of my (probably unnecessarily complex/large) formula, I have this function: (OFFSET(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW(), COLUMN())),-ROW()+2,0)) As it stands, this will pull the value of the cell 2 rows from the top, in the same column as the current...
  2. N

    .Range(ArrayAdress) + 1 cell to right?

    I want to select the cell after the array address +1 to the right. (eg., array address is $B$2... I want to select C3). How? Here is my code selecting the array address. tcRprt.Range(tcArrayA(h + 2)).Select This one is an attempt to select the cell + 1 to the right. gives me error...
  3. J

    Help writing a hyperlink reference to another worksheet based on a number in a neighboring cell

    I'm using Excel 365 with Windows 10. I want to create links inside my excel file and am having a lot of trouble combining different formulas inside one cell to make a link. I have one workbook named "Trade Log" with two worksheets named "Trade Log" and "Screenshots." In the Trade Log worksheet...
  4. G

    Address spreadsheet to maps

    I have a list of addresses 100ish. Is there a way to vba from Excel to map out a route to follow in Google maps, Waze, Bing maps, it any other option.
  5. I

    Macro for VLOOKUP and Email

    I’m looking to createa workflow tool that helps our team identify when a document is ready forreview. I have a preparer column and reviewer column for each item forevery month the task is in (so up to 12 times). If a user enters an “x”in a cell, I wanted MS Excel to look to the cell to the...
  6. A

    Macro to Summarize Address Data

    Hello, I'm looking for help in creating a macro to summarize a member database by Address. This is to get our mailing address list from our member database. Any help on how I can accomplish this would be greatly appreciated! Example Data (Sheet 1): <tbody> First Name Last Name Address City...
  7. B

    VBA goto cell referenced in a cell

    I am using Excel 2013 In cell L11 I have this formula Address (K11,7) This returns the address in the cell as $G$45 but the row number will change each time I loop the macro In my code I want to go to that address and continue running the code. to do this, I am using this code Application.Goto...
  8. R

    automate save workbook as PDF and email to a fixed address.

    Has anyone written a script that would save the 4 sheets of a workbook as a 4 page PDF and then email that PDF to a specific address from my gmail address? Ideally I would like that PDF file to have today's date in the name.
  9. N

    If and then or similar

    I have a workbook that has 400+ business names with 20 to 30 products each, I really need to add business names to another column, Column a (business name) Column b(product name) Column c (hopefully business address) Am I stuck with copy and paste?
  10. L

    Power Query to Concatenate Rows Based on Condition

    Hi, I have column with Names, (unique) ID, and Address. The problem is some addresses have their street address in one row and the row below it is their city, state and zip. I would like to have their street address, city, state, and zip in concatenated in on line based on their ID. For...
  11. U

    Excel VBA code to extract all outlook global address emails and UserID

    Hi All, Im trying to get outlook global email address and userId in to my workbook What is the best way to achieve this Please can you help me Many many many thanks
  12. H

    extract first and last name from email adress

    I would like a formula to extraxt the first and last name from an email address and as well as for the first and last name to start with upper case for e.g email address this should appear as Patrick Davids using a formula your assistance in this regard is most...
  13. L

    Read data from closed sheets into new spreadsheet.

    I have over 900 individual invoices created by excel, all are stored in a directory d:\invoices and are named Inv10001.xlsx to inv100909.xlsx I have a new spreadsheet called Address Book with one sheet called Address list. I want a macro or a vba code to open each of the invoice files and copy...
  14. L

    selecting a cell which has email address (hyperlink)

    Hi I have lets say 5 cells. The first one has an email address in hyperlink format (blue underlined). How can I select these cells (highlight them). when I click on the first one it will open the email address. It wont allow me to select cell A1. So I went to A5 first, selected it then drag the...
  15. L

    split address using split in vba

    Hi I want to ask user to enter address for example 100 main street, and then my code will split the number and street name. I tried the following but got error message. I am thinking of array must be use or do you think there is easier way to do that thank you very much Sub myfirst() Dim...
  16. L

    string manipulation vba

    Hi I wrote a code to ask user to enter first and last name and then the code will msgbox fullname. Now I want to improve the code. I want to msgbox the first letter for the first name then last name. So later I can msgbox the email address. For example, if user enter John Smith I want to...
  17. J


    I want to build a hyperlink or a macro which when clicked on will open an new Outlook email with a copy of the file and the email address automatically populated. Is this possible? Ian
  18. L

    Concantenate problem

    Hi All , and thankyou in advance for looking at this problem. I am adding 2 cells together for an email address , first name , last name with a . inbetween , then the email address ;EG STEVE SMITH , it should read as However only on a few occasions there appears a space in...
  19. S

    VBA - store value after Excel closed and retrieve value when reopened

    Can anyone help with this please? I want to extract the MAC address (used for IP) then store this value after Excel is closed down. On reopening I'd like to check that the previously stored MAC address = the current MAC address. Ideally I'd like this to work in an Add-In xlam rather than an...
  20. S

    Cell address locating by text or value in a cell with address formula in a multiple columns data set

    cell address of a particular text or value, which is in 2nd or 3rd column, (or in any column) A B C D E 1 2 Rose 3 5132 4...

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