1. S

    VBA rename many named ranges by address

    Hi, I copied a tab with a million named ranges and formulas. I’d like to rename all on the new name to be prefixed with a tab indicator while leaving the original named ranges unchanged. Currently the name manager has duplicate entries for each name, distinguished only by address. I found...
  2. G

    Substitute Formula Value in Cell Address

    The simplified situation is: a cell has the formula =SUM(A1:A100) I need to calculate the row number in the 2nd argument so as to get the last row populated. The formula =MATCH(LOOKUP(2,1/($A:$A<>""),$A:$A),$A:$A,0)+ROW($A:$A)-1 in a different cell works correctly. Say I have the...
  3. Z

    Split address based on Country and different factor

    Hello, I have list of 15000 names which I want to split in Column 1, Column 2, City, State, Zip, Country. The problem is they don't have any particular order. They are of different countries Some has Zip code, some don't Some has city, Some don't Some has university department (multiple), so...
  4. P

    Get the address of cell from a for each element

    I'm very new to using VBA. I keep receiving a run-time error when I try to get the address of the cell. Sub Supervisor() SuperRange = Range("D3:D4") For Each cell In SuperRange If cell Like "*.*" Then MsgBox cell.Address Else MsgBox "nope." End If Next End Sub
  5. R

    Count number of items before a blank on a moving range.

    Hello, Daily, I get a pre-generated report with text data in column A. There are blank cells in column A separating the data into categories. Each category has a title, one of them being "Delivery Date." I need to quickly count how many items are in the "Delivery Date" category, but the...
  6. J

    Concatenate with line break but only if text exists

    Hi, I am trying to combine shipping address information but some cells are blank e.g. some addresses have a company name, some don't which leaves an empty line. I am using the below formula. =A2 &CHAR(10)& B2 &CHAR(10)& C2 &CHAR(10)& D2 &CHAR(10)& E2 &CHAR(10)& F2 How can I make it so if a...
  7. P

    Google Sheets - Addresses on one line

    Hi all, I'm working from Google Sheets, trying to mail merge the address... I'm wondering if there is anyway to take JUST the Street Address from Column D and put it in Column E below. We got data that had the whole address sans commas. We already have matching data for F through H (City...
  8. U

    Swap values in the rows and column based on given value that are extracted from a parent child data sheet

    I have a Excel table in the form below that was extracted from a separate sheet: Level1 Level1-Level2 Level2 Level2-Level3 Level3 Level3-Level4 Level4 a b c d f i j b a d e g g k b e c h d i The Level1 is parent records, Level2 is child records, Level3 is grandchild...
  9. U

    Want to fill and swap values in the cells and column

    I have a excel table in the form below: Level1 Level1- Level2 Level2 Level2- Level3 Level3 Level3- Level4 Level4 a b c d f i j b a d e g g k b e c h d i The Level1 is parent records, Level2 is child records, Level3 is grandchild records and so on... Level1-Level2 is...
  10. E

    Sheet Name But Referencing Column Letter

    Hi, Overall I'm trying to use a filter function with data from a separate sheet. Problem is the data is not very consistent and the column headers move around. I can use the address and match to find my column letter in the other sheet but I want to be able to put it back in to an overall...
  11. A

    Find first and last row that includes specific text

    In the column named Example it should show the time different between every status change and when the when status is CLOSE I want to do a time different between status NEW and status CLOSE. Hope you guys have some great answer to this question. :) Best Regards Ahlis
  12. S

    Formula that pulls from a specific row for each month & "locks" into that row for the month?

    Apologies if this looks/sounds messy... In the middle of my (probably unnecessarily complex/large) formula, I have this function: (OFFSET(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW(), COLUMN())),-ROW()+2,0)) As it stands, this will pull the value of the cell 2 rows from the top, in the same column as the current...
  13. N

    .Range(ArrayAdress) + 1 cell to right?

    I want to select the cell after the array address +1 to the right. (eg., array address is $B$2... I want to select C3). How? Here is my code selecting the array address. tcRprt.Range(tcArrayA(h + 2)).Select This one is an attempt to select the cell + 1 to the right. gives me error...
  14. J

    Help writing a hyperlink reference to another worksheet based on a number in a neighboring cell

    I'm using Excel 365 with Windows 10. I want to create links inside my excel file and am having a lot of trouble combining different formulas inside one cell to make a link. I have one workbook named "Trade Log" with two worksheets named "Trade Log" and "Screenshots." In the Trade Log worksheet...
  15. G

    Address spreadsheet to maps

    I have a list of addresses 100ish. Is there a way to vba from Excel to map out a route to follow in Google maps, Waze, Bing maps, it any other option.
  16. I

    Macro for VLOOKUP and Email

    I’m looking to createa workflow tool that helps our team identify when a document is ready forreview. I have a preparer column and reviewer column for each item forevery month the task is in (so up to 12 times). If a user enters an “x”in a cell, I wanted MS Excel to look to the cell to the...
  17. A

    Macro to Summarize Address Data

    Hello, I'm looking for help in creating a macro to summarize a member database by Address. This is to get our mailing address list from our member database. Any help on how I can accomplish this would be greatly appreciated! Example Data (Sheet 1): <tbody> First Name Last Name Address City...
  18. B

    VBA goto cell referenced in a cell

    I am using Excel 2013 In cell L11 I have this formula Address (K11,7) This returns the address in the cell as $G$45 but the row number will change each time I loop the macro In my code I want to go to that address and continue running the code. to do this, I am using this code Application.Goto...
  19. R

    automate save workbook as PDF and email to a fixed address.

    Has anyone written a script that would save the 4 sheets of a workbook as a 4 page PDF and then email that PDF to a specific address from my gmail address? Ideally I would like that PDF file to have today's date in the name.
  20. N

    If and then or similar

    I have a workbook that has 400+ business names with 20 to 30 products each, I really need to add business names to another column, Column a (business name) Column b(product name) Column c (hopefully business address) Am I stuck with copy and paste?

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