1. B

    Simple Algebra calculation for variable

    Looking for a way to run this in excel. x*1.05*1.1+10 = 500 Any suggestion for this?
  2. J

    VLOOKUP Multiple value return in Single Cell with Repitiion

    Hello - I have a reference value that I'm looking to return the associated values into one cell but am not sure how to do that. For example, assume the reference value is MATH in worksheet 1 and in Worksheet 2 Math is associated with Geometry, Algebra, Statistics. I'd like to return both...
  3. S

    Creating multiple rows from single row

    I'm not sure how to even phrase this question. I want to take a table of data and create rows for each entry. What I have: <colgroup><col width="64" span="4" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Name Algebra Biology Literature Student 1 1 4 3 Student 2 3 2...
  4. E

    Do This Algebra in Excel?

    Hi, How could I use *just* formulas to solve for "X" in the following algebra equation in Excel? (58.9806-x)/(195.3-x) = .1 Thank you in advance for any assistance.
  5. M

    Algebra Help in Excel

    Hey, Very rusty on Algebra, but I'm trying to solve an equation, and need help re-ordering it to solve for X. Ib = I1*(D1/Dt)+X*(D2/DT) If it helps work with these values: Ib = 8.75 I1 = 5 I2 = X (Should be 10 when solved) D1 = 10 D2 = 30 Dt = 40
  6. M

    Use Excel to solve a complex algebraic equation?

    I am working on calculating money-weighted rate of return for my portfolio. I have to solve the following equation for r: $298,082 = ($250,000 * (1 + r)) + ($25,000 * (1 + r)^((365 - 258)/365))) ...which simplifies to: $298,082 = ($250,000 * (1 + r)) + ($25,000 * (1 + r)^(0.293150685)) Is...
  7. M

    Solving algebra expression with letters

    Hi! How can I in an equation with two variable solve for x using letters in Excel? E.g. I have the following problem: y = -2*x+150 Find expression for x. I know the answer is x = -0.5*y + 75 but can Excel find that out for me? I'm new in here so I really hope you can help me. Best, Mads.
  8. R

    Solving for Future Value Given XIRR Target: .GoaSeek VBA; perhaps =LOG()?

    Hi, clever people. I am building a financial table to find the payoff value for a financial instrument that solves for the cash flow needed in each future period, on a discrete basis, such that an XIRR target is satisfied. Basically, I want to know what the dollar hurdle is to fully pay-off...
  9. M

    Polynomial Solver

    Hi, I'm currently working on a UDF (user-defined function) in MS excel, which enables the user to determine what values of x satisfy an equation. I've seen code like this previously on websites such as but the...
  10. Chris The Rock

    [Math Question] - Equation based on contribution to a weighted average

    This is a tough question to know how to ask, but I'll do my best. I feel like the answer may be easy, but I'm working off of a really tired brain. To start, I know how to calculate Weighted Averages in Excel using SUMPRODUCT. What I'm trying to determine are the upper bound of a particular...
  11. P

    How to solve algebra in Excel?

    I am trying to find an Excel formula to solve what should be a very simple problem. The problem for me is that I believe the solution requires Algebra - which I lack. I can find the answer by trial an error, but obviously I'm looking for a smarter, quicker way to get it. Thanks for your help...
  12. G

    Excel and algebra

    Hi, I am trying to create a spread sheet that shows the algebra behind the brick wall problem. [] [][] [][][] [][][][] (these should be staggered, like bricks in a wall) I would like to show how the algebra builds as you travel up the wall. e.g. [3x+27] [x+18][2x+9]...
  13. B

    Goal Seek Formula

    Hi, I would like to mimic goal seek for the following but unsure how? Current RRP New RRP Current Selling price New Selling Price Current Margin = (RRP-VAT) - Selling Price I would like to change the current RRP (i.e £2.50) to a New RRP (£2.40) which then changes the current selling price...
  14. C

    Integrals in VBA

    I thought it might be nice to write a function in VBA that would evaluate a definite integral, given a string that represents y as a function of x and the lower and upper limit. Here's what I came up with: Function INTEG(exp As String, min As Double, max As Double) Dim t As Double Dim x As...
  15. M

    Using Basic Algebra

    So I'm trying to calculate a variable cost into one of my cells. Below is my description, can I make a formula to achieve my desired results. Target (T) = 100 (Defined #) # of samples (S) from one unit = 10 (Defined #) # of units required (U) = 10 (Variable) S*U=T I will always have the...
  16. P

    Excel Algebra help

    Hello all, I need to create an excel spreadsheet that can solve a system of linear equations by only entering the a, b, c, d, e, and f of: ax + by = c dx + ey = f I am a rookie at excel and algebra. So when explaining on how to do this please treat me as such. I need to know exactly what...
  17. L

    Formula to calculate meal price

    Hey Everyone - I am using Excel 2007 on Windows XP. I have a simple formula where you put the meal total, and then it figures out the tax and tip and what the grand total is. What I want to do is reverse this... So I know I have $12 per meal and I want to give 18% tip and my tax rate is...
  18. U

    ? x 13.3% = 10,000

    Hi, I want to use excel to compute the following: X______ (wages before 13.3% benefit pay) x 13.3% (benefit pay percentage) = 10,000 (total pay). I want to know what wages were before adding the 13.3% benefit pay using an excel formula. Thanks.
  19. H

    How to enter algebra formula?

    I am new to access 2003 and I've been trying to add a formula to an existing access form. The Formula I need solved is (((L x R)(/A))(/12))=F L - Labels R - Repeat A - Across F - Footage I want to be able to enter the various numbers and have it solve what's missing. I always have the...
  20. S

    Breakeven Formula In Excel?

    Hi, I am curious to see a breakeven formula in excel to help me know how many shares of a stock I have to sell to cover the original cost and the taxes from the gain (taxes are 35%) My goal is to quickly see how many shares I can keep of a stock after I take out the original amount it took to...

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