1. B

    Rank (Spearman) Correlation of Non-Adjacent Values in Excel in Single Formula

    Rank (Spearman) Correlation of Non-Adjacent Values in Excel in Single Formula 1. In a single formula, I am trying to get the Rank (Spearman) correlation between two arrays. One of the arrays contains non-adjacent values. I can get the Pearson correlation with this formula...
  2. D

    List IP's in a list of ranges

    Does anyone know how to go about generating a list of ip's in list of ranges or seen it done using a macro? Thanks input sheet test2,, test3,, desired output sheet...
  3. A

    Creating a Function to Compute the Dot Product in VBA

    I have been trying for hours to create a function that will find the dot product of two independent columns. I have very limited knowledge in VBA and my professor is no help. This is what I have right now, which is heavily based on what I learned in class. Does anybody have suggestions of what...
  4. K

    Comparing two arrays and go to if-condition if match was found

    Hello, I have two arrays Arr1 and Arr2 that both include a list of words. I need a code that compares every element of Arr1 with every element of Arr2. If at least one match was found I wan't to add more code. So it would look like this: If Arr1=Arr2 Then ... The comparing part is not working...
  5. K

    Filtering based on input in listbox

    Hello all, I need help with the following macro please. I am trying to use a userform to allow a selection of criteria. Based on the selection a column in the excel sheet should be filtered. So far this is my code: Dim Ary2 As Variant Dim i2 As Long, j2 As Long With Me.ListBox2...
  6. A

    Reading all items from a Listbox into an array

    Hi guys. This problem is driving me bananas. I have two list boxes. The first is populated with training subjects that are outstanding for an employee. Using buttons, some subjects are moved across to the second list box. Now, when I click on the OK button, I want all items in the second list...
  7. N

    Loop Matching Arrays (sum values) - VBA Please help

    I have to match both columns below. To get a match you need to sum/combine some values in TC column and combine some values in AE column. (e.g-1 sum of Items 1 & 2 of TC Column (20,378) will match to the sum of items 2 & 3 of AE Column (20,378) e.-2 sum of items 15,18,19 of TC Column will...
  8. M

    Re-Initialize Conditional Formatting Array Formulas (50+ Rules/Columns)

    Hello all! I have a workbook with multiple tabs (such as "MF1 - Employee Data") that acts as a template for clients to place their employee data into. Also in this workbook is another tab (Validation Data) that contains all of the configuration/build details of the client's environment. The...
  9. H

    Comparing Arrays

    Hi, I have two arrays that contain a date, amount and description. I need to compare the two arrays and then process the differences. Possibly place the contents in another array so they can be processed or output them into a sheet. Thanks
  10. Z

    arrays verses worksheet for math

    I have a workbook which currently uses a worksheet to do a lot of math for a user form. Speed, accuracy and overall performance is very stable so far. My question is, I've always wanted to do the math in memory with arrays just because I guess and learn arrays. So short of that is there a more...
  11. Z

    arrays count unique items?

    Hello folks, I have an array of say (s,e,se,sw,s,n,ne,ne,s,e,se) and would like the count of the unique items in that array using VBA. 7 in this example I believe. Is this possible and how would it be done?
  12. A

    Pivot Table Challenge - Arrays?

    Excel friends, The Pivot Below has more than 10,000 Codes. I need to find a formula or a way to get a list that looks like the summary on top. The Description is the one corresponding to the maximum on the Total Column. I understand it can be done with Arrays. It will be a very elegant...
  13. A

    Sorting an Array "Subscript out of Range"

    Can anyone help me with what I am not understanding regarding this bubble sort. This is just the start of my learning curve and I'm falling at the first hurdle. This is a one dimensional array with 762 rows in a single column. Am I getting mixed up with the operation of rows and columns here...
  14. G

    Using Arrays to populated Matrices and other data

    I have a spreadsheet where i create 4-5 fairly large matrices in worksheet cells and then perform some further calculation using these. I'd like to update the spreadsheet to not use worksheet cells and to hopefully run faster. I've started to do this using 2D Arrays to store my data in...
  15. C

    Which one cost more memory to run?

    Dear forum users, I'm sure there's answer to this on Google but I can't seem to find it. I'm used to storing data in VBA arrays and/or collections. But that can sometimes be hard to visualise when I have so many of them. The other way is just to store it on the worksheet! It is easier to...
  16. L

    Using a variable inside code

    Hello guys, I'm trying to minimize lines that i have in my code and i ran into a small problem I'm not sure how to approach I have 3 arrays that i fill up depending on a variable: If fullArray(i, 2) >= 1 And fullArray(i, 2) < 3 Then arrayInQuestion = "sheet2" If fullArray(i, 2) >= 3 And...
  17. M

    VBA Arrays

    Hello, I am using VBA arrays to select certain options in the list. For Example the Code below Selects five people in the table. What I want to do with the array is to select everything excluding the options already selected. So instead of selecting these five people, select everything else in...
  18. L

    Keeping array values after macro run

    Hey guys, I have a project that I'm making and it contains 3 arrays. Once i run the macro, all the actions are done, but the array is not erased, if i re-run the macro the values inside keep doubling(keeps old values and adds them again). I am using erase at the end of the last sub now to make...
  19. Z

    Subscript out of Range every time?

    I keep getting a "subscript out of range" error on the If statement. I've tried changing the start index to 0 and 1 and it still had this error. Sorry the codes messy, part of the reason I've been messing around with a lot of different ways to declare the array. I'm trying to alter values of...
  20. J

    Erasing Arrays after use question

    Hi, I have a macro that uses multiple arrays and after use I have a reset button which clears these: erase MyArray1 etc... However in some cases not all arrays are initiated so when I attempt to erase those I get an error as they don't exist. Is there a way, when erasing them to check if they...

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