1. P

    Need a red up arrow for Increased

    Looks like Excel's conditional formatting only has a green arrow up, but I need something to indicate increase cost, by using Red Arrow. I've tried the Char and UNICode and some give me those arrows, but there is no way to color code them? Any thoughts would be appreciated! I am just using a...
  2. K

    Excel cursor

    This is the most ridiculous that I have to ask but do any of you know how to get the hovering cursors back? Meaning the plus icon at the bottom of a cell, or the width arrows between columns!?! They disappeared and I don’t know where they went!!
  3. V

    VBA: Add symbols to graph based on position of data series?

    Hello, I am trying to add directional arrows. I have a data series in my chart that is essentially 2 vertical lines and I want the arrows to point to those lines. Is there anyway to set the position in vba based on that vertical line series? This would have to be something that automatically...
  4. S

    How Do I Make Red Arrows That Stick To Cell Grid-Lines

    The image below is fictitious. Is there a way one can create those red arrows that stick to the cell grid lines? The red arrows are different from the 'Trace Precedents' feature. Thanks in advance.
  5. M

    Dynamic Shapes

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to change my shapes based on a value. Either by a formula or code. I have a ton of numbers that I want to show with arrows for positive/negative/flat. (Green Arrow up/Red Arrow down/Sideways Arrow) Thanks in advance for any help on this!
  6. S

    Apply Autofilter and Hide Arrows

    Hi all, I have a macro which successfully runs activated by a button, to apply an autofilter. This is the code: Sub ReduceOPCList()' ' ReduceOPCList Macro ' Reduce OPC List ' ' ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode = False With ActiveSheet.Range("B10:I72") .AutoFilter Field:=1...
  7. P

    Autofilter Arrows showing

    Hi there I have done a macro that filters the whole worksheet. Then I did another macro that unfilters it. The code "Selection.Autofilter" Unfilters the worksheet. But I want to get rid of those pesky dropdown arrows every time I run the code. I tried the following code, but I got an error...
  8. A

    Can't turn off trace dependents

    Hi everyone - trace dependents seems to be stuck turned on. I've tried the normal going into formulas and clicking remove arrows, but then as soon as I scroll to another cell with dependents, it comes back. When I select everything in the sheet and click "remove arrows" the message I get is...
  9. P

    Icon Arrows

    Hell o, As the Conditional format shows icons for arrows, but the Red points down and the Green points up, is there a code that can change the arrows, so that the Red points up and the Green points down? i have searched and am not able to find anything suitable Many thanks Pugg
  10. F

    Any chance I could get some input on sorting this data table?

    I have a bunch of data I'm attempting to sort out, but I'd like to do it in a way that it could be more user friendly. The arrows on the top sort the table from greatest to least, and least to greatest. They're just simple macros. (In case you were wondering what the arrows were) So what I'm...
  11. T

    Two up & down arrows in form control combobox

    Hi, Anyone have any idea why it is I have two up arrows and two down arrows in a form control combobox scrollbar? As shown in image. Thanks in advance!
  12. I

    get the name of the shape so i can use in my vba code

    i inserted 2 arrows into my worksheet, i want to reference the name... i cant seem to find the name, i figure in the properties dialog box it would exist but that would make too much sense. i used this code i found but the msgbox is empty <code> CallingShapeName =...
  13. M

    Update Cell value When Clicking on the Shape or Hyperlink in Excel 2016

    I have built up a dashboard in Excel 2016 which is currently showing the data for past two weeks. But I want to make it more interactive by adding arrows which increment and decrements the range by two weeks and so forth, when user clicks on the arrow. One way which I can think of, If I am...
  14. P

    Making validation arrows INvisible

    Hi, I have a sheet where only a few cells can be altered. The sheet can be sorted and filtered by macro's. This works fine. But I do find the validation arrows confusing for the users. This part of the sheet is protected so they can't filter by the arrows (they need to use the macro's...
  15. keldsor

    Managing shapes in a WorkSheet ?

    As a part of a genealogy system I want to manipulate the shapes in a family tree. The rectangles for the PERSONs are named by a PersonID - in the attaced file 29,36 for father and mother and 37,51 for the children. The triangle representing the couple is named "29+36" - the Id of the father...
  16. O

    Importing web data

    Would like to know a simple method, if possible, to import web data into an excel sheet. and then filter There is some information available including use of arrows to select columns needed etc. but do not go through Thank you
  17. S

    create drag function to add more data

    hi all ive seen many templates have a drag/arrow icon on the bottom of the last row or column. What ive seen it do is have data stored only when you drag the arrows down then more data appears how can i do that. Thanks
  18. C

    Conditional Formatting Issue

    Hello, I am trying to include conditional formatting such that positive percentages receive green arrows(2-4+%), moderate growth percentages (0-1%), and negative percentages receive red arrows. However, for some reason - some instances of negative percentages are showing up as green arrows. I...
  19. N

    xy scatter w/ arrows at axis ends instead of tick marks

    I'm creating a cartesian coordinate system (maths) and want the ends of each axis to have an arrow (easy enough) but here's the tricky part - I also don't want there to be any tick mark at the very end of each axis. Each axis must display integers (whole numbers from say -3 to 3) and there has...
  20. C

    Using Conditional Formatting Data Set Arrows - Indicate Decrease as Good

    Hi All, I'm having trouble with my conditional formatting data set icons. I want to use the Icon Sets to indicate that a decrease in value is good. However I want to use the arrow icon set (see pic below). Is there a way to make the green arrow point downward and the red arrow point upward...

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