1. M

    Dynamic: Finding the Min and assigning to that category

    I have a spreadsheet with 2 separate sheets set up as follows: Assignment: <tbody> Department Bucket Shift State Product Home Health Nights Toys Nights Sporting Goods Nights Grocery Days Toys Days Furniture Days Pets Days </tbody> Summary: <tbody>...
  2. J

    [Expert solver] Assignment problem

    Hello everybody, I'm working on a basic assignment problem with the solver. I would like to assign a customer to our company's office. So, I would like to minimize the transportation costs between these two locations. I have no difficulties in accomplishing this. but if the distance...
  3. B

    Can I combine MIN with an Index Match array?

    My data set has a list of people with an assignment date. Each person can have multiple assignment dates. I need to find the earliest assignment date for each person. I am trying to solve this by first doing an index match array formula to identify all the assignment dates and then applying a...
  4. Q

    Randomly display images from a different sheet?

    Context: I am trying to make a question bank to generate different assignment for each student so as to minimize copying... Task: I want to maintain a list of images in a sheet, let us call the sheet as LoI (for List of Images), and then I want randomly display a few of them on the Assignment...
  5. D

    Excel VBA assign onaction to shape

    I have created a tool that presents charet views based on which shape or combination of shapes is selected by user. Each shape is a toggle that turns a chart element on or off. The tool is replicated for multiple data sets. The shapes will not accept an onaction assignment. The problem is...
  6. N

    Error in setting up the VBA Formula : Gettring Error 450 Wrong Number of arguements or invalid property assignment

    Hello I am getting Error 450 Wrong Number of arguements or invalid property assignment the following typed in Cell CL3 Tried to incorporate above in VBA Sysntax below and Getting Error 450 Wrong Number of arguements or invalid property assignment ws.Cells(3, 90).value =...
  7. M

    Help please assignment due tommorow !!!!! I really need the help i dont know anything.
  8. W

    Airport Gate Assignment Problem Using MS Excel

    Hi all, I need to solve an Airport Gate Assignment Problem using Excel. The output should include flight number, its respective gate and the time duration for which the gate will be occupied (A picture of which how the output should look like is shown below). Input parameters will be Flight...
  9. D

    Assigning dictionary data to an array...

    Greetings to all, When using an Excel dictionary, and when using either the .Items or the .Keys methods to assign the dictionary's items or keys to an array, will the array always be cleared of any existing data before the assignment is made? I'm working on a program which loops through data...
  10. T

    Time Calculation for a Unique ID with Multiple Lines/Instances

    <tbody> ID Assigned Queue Queue Entry Time Time in Queue AAA Test 12/12/17 3:00 (need calculation) BBB Production 6/1/18 7:00 BBB Test 3/2/18 3:00 CCC Quality Check 6/12/18 2:00 CCC Production 6/25/18 4:00 AAA Quality Check 12/25/17 6:00 BBB Quality...
  11. K

    Excel 2016 Mac vs. Windows (Adding Tags)

    This post is regarding the addition of tags to spreadsheets on Macs vs Windows, Excel 2016. For my Excel Spreadsheet class, one of our directions after every assignment is to add some words in the 'tags' section based on the assignment. When I create a spreadsheet on my desktop, which has...
  12. E

    If Statement Formula with 1st Character as the determining factor

    i need a formula to assign a person to an assignment depending on the first letter of the customer's last name Ticket # Customer Name Employee Assignment 123 Doe, Jon 124 Smith, Robert Above is a simple version, but...
  13. A

    create a custom date range based on user efficiency

    Hi guys. I am in search of some ideas. My spreadsheet works fine as it is, so i am in continuous improvement mode with it. I am a teacher who gives students date ranges to finish projects. An example would be assignment 1 started on 2-14-2018 and not due until 3-10-2018; the next project...
  14. M

    Copy a cell with the format

    I need to move a series of cells from various sheets to a new "master" sheet. Some are text, some are numbers, some are percents and two are dates. Is there a method or cell attribute assignment that will do this for me? Thanks
  15. D

    Data validation - more questions

    Hi again I'm still exploring data validation options. And need to know if something is possible. I have a list of student names in sheet 1, column A. The range is named "Students" There are various assignment types listed in row 1. For example, B1 contains "Discourse", C1 "Demonstration" & D1...
  16. M

    Every other formula?

    I am writing an IF formula and though I searched here I couldnt find one. I am in need of a method to assign a value to every other resource. for example I have a list of 1000 potential assignments. Each assignment has certain other criteria assigned to it based on values like "State" and...
  17. N

    Table function with multiple condition

    Hi All, I have created a dummy sheet and uploaded in below mentioned link with desired output which I needed.!Ap80Ku6M2Tw5gSjnz_4XxSm4Rg5R Logic : - 1) IF RESOURCE STATUS or ASSIGNMENT STATUS is LEFT PROJECT or OLD-INACTIVE and Hourly rate is 0 then output should be...
  18. A

    Week Number/Month/Year Assignment Questions

    Hi All, Just started a new job and things have been going well until now. I been given an assignment in excel and cannot figure out how to do it. Up until now, I am a intermediate excel user, know the basic functions including pivot tables. Here is what I am trying to do: I have 3,650...
  19. P

    Workshop Asssignment

    Hi all, I'm trying to assign a list of people to workshops. I'm running an event with two workshop times. Since the workshops duplicate, there are two opportunities for people to get their first, second, or third choice. For example, if John Smith's first choice preference was full for the...
  20. E

    Interactive Assignment List

    I have created a assignment list for a large gathering. Sheet 1 contains a list in column 1 of all adults attending, 40 names. Sheet 2 contains a list in column 1 of tasks needed for the gathering. For example bringing items, cooking, cleaning. In column 2 contains a validation list...

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