1. A

    Several issues with userform macro

    Hi Guys, I have a few issues with a userform. It used to work fine but after I made a few changes it stopped working. When you fill out the form it should open 2 emails ans display them before sending them to make sure they have the necessary attachments but it only displays the second email...
  2. P

    OUTLOOK VBA to download attachment/s to LOCAL ZIP folder

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help me out? I'm trying to download all attachments from an open Outlook email to a zip file, name of my choice, to a local folder. There's no record function on outlook and i cant compile from scratch. I can only find stuff about downloading all attachments in an...
  3. V

    Download Attachments from outlook

    I just want to give a path to download the attachments, but no success, It is now a hell of the code. is always opening the browser folder which should not be the case. it should directly download the attachments in strPath. "strPath" its not working, Code strPath =...
  4. R

    How can I post attachments here?

    Hi, It seems like theres no button where I can click on to attach a file. Can anyone tell me how can I do that?
  5. R

    VBA to check SAP Purchase Requisition attachments for Service

    Guys, I am struggling with this.... I am trying to check if there are attachments in PR for service, but I can only check if my macro click to open the attachment table. In some cases, when there are not attachments, the SAP crashes because the macro opened the table where wasn't able to open...
  6. D

    VBA saving attachments from Emails

    Hi Guys, I've made a folder that collects hardware lists from the emails and then a macro that saves the attachments to a desktop folder but I'm trying to filter out all the jpeg's etc so that it only exports the PDFs, even better if it only gives the Hardware list PDFs...
  7. C

    Setting up a personalized body and attachments to outlook from excel

    Hello, I found/modified the below code, which is pretty close to what I need done. <code data-editor="34b16c" data-block="true" data-offset-key="edq1k-0-0">[CODE]Sub MailBlast() </code><code data-editor="34b16c" data-block="true" data-offset-key="628t3-0-0"> Dim xRg As Range </code><code...
  8. M

    To extract attachments from multiple outlook emails

    First of all, apologize if this is not the right place to post this. I have around 1000 outlook emails in a folder in my computer. All those emails includes PDF attachments. I wanted to save the PDF attachments of each emails to a folder without opening these 1000 emails. Please can anyone...
  9. M

    Extract / download attachments from multiple microsoft outlook emails at once

    I have around 1000 outlook emails in a folder in my computer. All those emails includes PDF attachments. I wanted to save the PDF attachments of each emails to a folder without opening these 1000 emails. Please can anyone help? Thanks, Mathew
  10. 1

    Attachments - how do i change my permissions to allow me to attach a document please?

    Sorry i am very new, thank you for your time.
  11. O

    Outlook VBA code to save email attachments to a drive location with a unique file name.

    Outlook VBA Code My problem is that I have individuals that are sending me files with the exact same name and I need to make sure they do not write over each other. So I'm using the below code to auto add attachments to file location. However, I need to modify it so that each file has a unique...
  12. A

    Userform dropdown list to add attachment(s) to an email sent from excel through outlook

    Hi, I'm trying to create a userform that allows the user to find and select an attachment to be sent in an email using a dropdown list. In the dropdown I would like to include a couple of commonly used attachments and then an option to browse for other attachments in File Explorer. I just...
  13. R

    VBA to add attachments to email based on list

    Hi, I've been looking into writing VBA code to send an email with multiple attachments which are found in the sheet Pending Tom Review and begins in cell R7 and can be up to 20 attachments (R27). The .To should be found in "A1" .cc "A2" .subject "A3" .Body "A4" Please help...
  14. B

    Mail Merge and sending attachments to Gmail instead of Outlook

    I'm presently working at Salesforce in San Francisco and there was mail merge tool in google docs that is no longer supported by the company. Is there a way to create a mail merge from GMail (SFDC doesn't use Outlook - it uses GMail for all internal communications). I know you can send...
  15. U

    Excel VBA Sending Outlook Email but cannot clear the previous attachments!

    My user wants to look at every email before it goes out so she needs the .Display option. The problem is that I cannot clear the attachments between emails. Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0)...
  16. A

    Print an Access report with attachments

    Good afternoon How do I include the JPG & PDF attachments in a report print. The table field used is the attachment option. Many thanks in anticipation.
  17. B

    How to Post Attachments

    I just signed up, but am unable to load an attachment to my post. "You may not post attachments" shows at bottom of screen (permissions) How can I add attachments to my post
  18. N

    email multiple records with multiple attachments in single mail

    Hello Everyone, i am trying to send emails to recipients with attachments but one recipient has multiple records and will have multiple attachments and i want macro to send just one mail consolidating all the rows and attachments. So far, the macro is able to send single email for every row. i...
  19. T


    Is it possible to add attachments to the forum or emails?

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