1. A

    Autofill predifened values help !

    Hello, I want to fill cell e1 with value "GOLD" when I fill cell a1 with value "GL" Similarly if I fill a2 with value "SL" I want the cell e2 to be filled with value "SILVER" I WANT TO FILL A COLUMN CELLS WITH SOME PREDIFENED VALUES AND I WANT CELLS IN E CLOUMN TO GET FILLED WITH ASSOCIATED...
  2. L

    Macro to autofill cells based on last cell or final row data in adjacent column

    I'm trying to create some automation in a macro--see attached picture. The automation includes adding a formula in cell G2 =CONCATENATE($F2,"")--then autofill this formula down column G to the last cell or final row in column F. I don't know how to reference the adjacent column when...
  3. M

    Excel VBA Dynamic Autofill

    The Column has entries as shown below. AA BB CC I want to auto fill entries like all cells in the column between AA and BB get auto filled by AA, all cells in the column between BB and CC get auto filled by BB and so on. This should continue till the end of last row...
  4. M

    Autofill in another workbook

    Hello, I would like to find out how to autofill a column in another workbook. Here is my code so far: Sub Task1 () Set wb4 = Workbooks("Task1") Set ws4 = wb4.Sheets("Sheet1") 'code lines for copy and paste from Workbook "A" to Workbook "Task1" LstRow = ws4.Range("A" &...
  5. O

    Autofill with gaps

    Hello all, The form that I am working with requires me to pull the information from a different sheet. The information is stored with a gap of 38 rows, so standard autofill doesn't work. Is it possible to achieve this? thank you, Oksana
  6. E

    Autofill down 1 row

    Hey guys, I need some help with autofilling formulas in 5 columns, for example, in range B112:H112, down just one row. To give some context, I have a forecast formula in each of the 5 cells in that row, and with the press of a button, it will generate another row of forecast. So far, this is...
  7. A

    Autofill dates for specified year

    Can someone assist with an Autofill code that autofill dates in column A for a specified year (i.e. 01/01/2019 - 12/31/2019) Thank you kindly
  8. R

    Need help on code to copy formula from one cell to other cells in the row on a dynamic table

    Hi All, I am still learning VBA and currently, I am stuck on how I can copy formula from cell(1,1) on a table to new rows when the table expands (or new columns are added). Here's an example of my setup: Table1: PricesPerFruit <tbody> Fruit Price apple 1 pineapple 2 grapes 3 </tbody>...
  9. E

    Ignore Hidden Sheet & AutoFill Fail Safe

    Hi all, I have managed to make a loop which looks through all tabs in all files (both tabs and files are unspecified). The code copies a set of data and pastes into a Data Dump file. There is a problem when there is only ONE entry in any tab due to the AutoFill section of the macro. Would...
  10. P

    VBA Array Formula

    Hi, can anyone help with this Array Formula? I have formulas that I add to sheet1 through vba that adds rows from columns "A", "B" & "E:K" to columns "AI","AJ" & "AK:AQ" and then apply autofill down to the number of rows required. The formula for Columns "AK:AQ" puts the values in order small...
  11. C

    VBA - Formula AutoFill

    Hi all, I am trying to get VBA to autofill a formula to the last active cell in the row. I have the below code, which works fine in other macros I've got running but not in this one I'm now working on. It just debugs. ActiveCell.AutoFill Range(ActiveCell, ActiveCell.Offset(0...
  12. C

    Fill Handle Menu Replaced by Quick Analysis Menu

    Hello all, I have searched and searched but I have not found a thread covering this particular problem. Historically, when I have double-clicked the lower right corner of a cell, it will automatically autofill the cells below and offer a fill handle option menu (Copy Cells, Fill Series, Fill...
  13. R

    AutoFill Across Columns

    Hard to believe I am here for this, but.... here I am Just trying to AutoFill xlFillSeries from Column A to LastColumn Here is where I'm at (I think I'm close?) Application.ScreenUpdating = False With Sheet1 Lc = .Cells(1, .Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column...
  14. K

    Autofill across based on previous row

    Hi, I am trying to autofill vlookup across row, till the last column. My excel have few sheets. Each sheet, number of columns is not fixed. First row has codes. I am getting descriptions for these codes from another sheet into current sheet. I insert a row below to first row, then trying...
  15. M

    Autofill Dynamic Column with Dynamic Starting Point

    I'm trying to Autofill Column X and Column Y with text Where Column Z determines the table length. Starting cell for column Z is "Z3" But the starting point of column "X and Y" are dynamic (due to previously imported information) (Column X & Y is never longer than Column Z). The last filled...
  16. A

    Autofill last row

    I have part of my VBA code below: Range("W82:X88").Select Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("W82:X5500") Range("W82:X5500").Select How can I make the selected range autofill to the last row? Data may contain more or less than 5,500 entries and I would like to make the code...
  17. A

    Autofill skipping blank cells

    Hi I am using the below code to autofill the formula however there are blank cells in column C I want the same cells in column in S to be blank... Below code is inserting the formula in all the cells.. Sub insert() Dim LastRow As Integer Range("S:S").EntireColumn.insert Range("S1").Value =...
  18. P

    Autofill AAAA-AAAB etc

    Hi one and all. I'm new to Excel, so fairly inept with formula etc. I had done a search of questions asked, and found a question that nearly but not quite hit the point. The question posed by 'cmendes on May 18th 2011. What I'm trying to do is to populate cell A1 with AAAA, then autofill...
  19. N

    Noticed odd new functionality after upgrading to Excel 2016

    So in summary i'm entering name initials in a column, and excel appears to be calculating the rest of the coloumn for me, but then deletes it all again. Like a kind of autofill thing. How do I actually make use of this I can't figure it out. In a bit more detail, in column A i have 'Firstname...
  20. B

    AutoFill range based on cell value

    Hi, Drop down list value is in D2, based on that value it will autofill range B2:B31. If the value selected in D2 is 24 then Autofill range B2:B31 to 24,48,72 to 720, same as when selected 30 then 30,60,90 to 900. I would like to do this in macro. Thanks

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