1. B

    Stop AutoFillFormulas in Specific Data Table Column

    Hi - is there a way to get the "AutoFillFormulas" property to be turned off for a specific column(s) in a Data Table? My table is called "Cash_Analysis_Revised" and I want the formulas to stop auto-filling just for that specific column. I tried the macro below, but I get the 438 error shown.
  2. B

    XML to PDF

    I am using JotForms for data collection of names addresses and a short response. I am able to export those responses to a CSV or XLSX. I need to be able to take the responses exported and import it to a Fillable PDF form that was created. I was thinking the only way to do this easily is using an...
  3. V

    VBA Excel cycle through sheets, find last row in table and autofill with data

    Hello All, I need a script that cycles through all the sheets in a workbook and adds 2 (or more) columns at the end of the table of each sheet (except the first sheet). In this case I have a YES and NO column to be added. The added columns YES and NO need to be autofilled all the way down to...
  4. G

    Indirect for autofill

    Hi Guys i have the following formula which I need to autofill down to 3800 rows A1 ON PORTAL SHEET has a code which referes to a tab sheet name A2 refer to the cell from that particular sheet I wish to retrieve the data. the cell the first formula is in is X1, there the formula will autofill...
  5. R

    Autofill from Last Row

    Morning All, Im looking to autofill a column from the last used row, this will vary day by day so im struggling with what the range should be as this will be variable each time? Sorry if this is a silly question I'm very new to VBA! This is the code i have currently Range("K1").Select...
  6. iosiflupis

    Table information input

    I have a table that I am inputting data into. I am using the Forms built into Excel. I have three columns, Y, Z, and ZZ that have static numbers. I mean that each column has a specific number that does not change. I would like to have Excel automatically enter the data into the next row if...
  7. M

    Autofill numeration in row until last empty cell

    Hi, How can I create macro which can autofill numeration in row. It have to end this macro at the end of this table. I was trying to make it in this way: Sub formuly_cena_zakupu_dziala() ' ' formuly_cena_zakupu Makro ' ' Range("J18").AUTOFILL Range("J18:J" & Cells(Rows.Count...
  8. K

    Fill by matching and adding rows for multiple matches

    Hi! Unfortunately, my xl2bb still refuses to work (blanked out in the excel toolbar) but I'll save that for another post and just attach images here. I also previously posted the same thread but with very unclear and messy parameters so I'm redoing that here, apologies for that. The Sales...
  9. M


    Hello Everyone, Can I get help with this problem? I would like help with an auto-formula? I’d like to input data in A1 to E1 and auto-fill the relevant data from the data from information on the right. The range is 1 to 43. I’m sorry I don’t know the Excel terminology, but I hope you understand...
  10. A

    Formula autofill skips reference cells

    Basically, I want autofill to skip reference columns at a static rate. I have the formula "=SUM('FPY Data'!K5:K54)-SUM('FPY Data'!L5:L54)" in column E. When I drag autofill across column F is "=SUM('FPY Data'!L5:L54)-SUM('FPY Data'!M5:M54)" but I want it to be "=SUM('FPY Data'!R5:R54)-SUM('FPY...
  11. C

    Autofill formulas

    I have the below VBA which: 1. Makes a copy of an existing sheet 2. Inserts extra columns 3. Adds column headers 4. Adds a formula to the new columns in row 2 5. Auto-fills the formula down to the last row (based on column A) 6. Repeats the above for a number of other columns. It works...
  12. B

    Cannot Get Autofill to Work as Desired When Referencing Cells from Other Sheets

    Hey Guys - Stumped on something and hope someone can help. I just finishing filling out a flat ton of data on a sheet and am trying to populate additional sheets with the same data just displayed a bit differently. Attached is a spreadsheet similar to what I'm working. Note row 2 of the...
  13. Y

    Autofill a dynamic Table 2 with a dynamic Table 1? (Criteria-based)

    Howdy dear Excel specialists, This is my first time on any Excel forums. I've tried to look at other threads before posting this one, yet I don't seem to be able to apply it to my own situation, nor can I understand a thing of that VBA witchcraft. So I have this main table that regroups all...
  14. S

    How to use drag autofill correctly?

    For instance, when I drag a numbered cell (1, 2, 3, etc), how do I make it so that instead of continuing the numbers (4, 5, 6, etc), I can have it copy the same thing respectively. (123, 123, 123). Thanks.
  15. K

    Autofill Cells with Drop-down List Until Last Row using VBA?

    Looking for some help with autofilling using VBA I have a table and would like to add a drop-down list (using data validation) in column B until the last row using VBA. I tried the VBA code below but unfortunately couldn't get it to work. Any insight or pointers will be super appreciated...
  16. G

    Curious to Auto-fill across columns with formula

    Hi folks, Is there a way to auto-fill laterally across columns like there is down rows perhaps using a macro? I was thinking this might be handy in some instances I've run into, but I'm not sure how to make the ActiveCell part work. Sub FormulaFill() ' Dim rng As Range Dim y As...
  17. B

    Macro to autofill formula down many ranges

    I am trying to create a macro that will autofill three columns worth of formulas until the end of that range and then repeat those formulas for each range below it. For context, the file is a compilation of thousands of different series that could have as little as one line, or as many as...
  18. P

    Autofill Companies based on Industry

    Hello guys, I have a problem regarding a database. For my master thesis, I have to analyze about 1110 companies categorized into their industry and their headquarters countries: The dataset: Now for the analysis part, I created a separate sheet (which I linked to Capital IQ database to...
  19. L

    ?I'm doing a vba foodpanda platform, how can I auto-fill the information for the check-out form?

    First, the customer will login through the login userform. Then, they can start ordering the food, afterthat, it comes to the check out form. I don't know how to auto-fill Member ID, Phone no., name, address and current member points from the customer sheet. * Member ID=Ref_ID/ Name = User_Name...
  20. L

    Auto Complete or Predictive text

    I couldn't find exactly what I am looking for, if I missed it please steer me in the correct direction. I have a list of customers >7000 I have those on sheet 2 named DATA in column E, each customer has a grade "A-D", In column D My sheet 1 is a work order log that for each new work order...

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