1. J

    Making a Merged cell autofit with using wraptext

    I have an issue I'm hoping you guys can help with. Basically, I would like excel to wrap within a dynamic merged box, kind of like you would get if you were typing into a word document. Does that make sense? I know if you just use wrap text, the system automatically adjusts the height of the...
  2. C

    vba autofit doesn't work on wrapped text cells

    Hi I have a sheet that has variable amount of text in column A. The text is fairly long, it's a paragraph. These cells are wrapped text. The issue is when i do an autofit (either via VBA or even when i do it manually), the autofit works for few of the cells but some will have extra space at the...
  3. N

    AutoFit Row height with cells that have a formula

    Hi all - whenever I used AutoFit Row Height on a row that is referencing data from another sheet(Lets say, Im on Sheet1 and Cell A1 is referencing Sheet2!A7), the row height does not expand to fit all of the text. Is there a simple way to get this to work? Obviously there is no problem when...
  4. S

    AutoFit Row and add 5 to row height via VBA

    I have a spreadsheet w/ vba coding to format the sheet via command button. It will autofit the row height, but when printing it cuts off the of some of the cells that contain a lot of wording. Is there a way to have it autofit and also add 5 more to the height via vba?
  5. D

    Autofit Row Height not working on a cell containing a formula

    Hey folks, I've got a spreadsheet which uses formulas to keep the data in a single ("master") location, with the "alternate views" simply displaying the contents of that master cell. However, I've discovered that in some cases the Autofit function for rows (autofit row height) doesn't correctly...
  6. E

    Help with power query

    Hi I hope someone can help I have a spreadsheet that draws data from other sheets through a power query. Questions: 1)How do I autofit row height each time the query runs? 2) can I include data on the top of the source sheet above the data table and not have it included in the final query...
  7. G

    Autofit Column width works of first sheet but not second sheet

    I am trying to make my table columns autofit to width. I have the following code which works on the first sheet with Table1 but after the next sheet is copied and becomes the active sheet the next line errors out with "Application defined or object defined error" and will not autofit the...
  8. D

    Formatting cell size

    I have a spreadsheet where columns A-D are merged and when a significant amount of text gets entered into a cell it wont auto size to show all the text and when I double click in-between the rows rather than expanding to show all the text it shrinks to only show 1 line. I have tried selecting...
  9. N

    Column Width in VBA

    I am trying to create a button through VBA Code that allows me to autofit every column in a worksheet based only on the range of cells that has numbers in it (Ie. prevents autofitting based on headers). I found a video online that gives me the following code but it needs to be modified in order...
  10. dannyok90

    Autofit Columns VBA

    Hi all, Just wondering if there is a way to autofit columns but keep its current size if the new contents don't extend beyond its current width? Thanks, Dan
  11. R

    AutoFit Row Height through last row with data (VBA)

    I’m using the VBA code below to apply AutoFit Row Height to an entire Workbook. <i>Rows().AutoFit</i> At the bottom of each Worksheet in the Workbook, I have a logo in the last cell (i.e. last row, last column). I do not want this row to have the AutoFit Row Height applied. To complicate...
  12. C

    Automatic height adjustment of merged cells across worksheet

    Hi All I have looked a previous threads and not quite got there. I have a worksheet with various merged cell ( yes I have tried to avoid them but the text needs to be left justified so Centre across selection doesnt work) In the end I think I need some code to place into a worksheet which...
  13. gheyman

    Access: Table Column Width

    I have a Split form where the table format is shown on the bottom half of the form. Is there a way to "autofit" or size the columns size when the form is refreshed or opened?
  14. V

    VBA Code Created In Excel 2016 Running Slowly

    Hi Guys, I m new to VBA ode and created a tool where I have code linked to a active x control button that clears certain cells in my xslm workbook. The problem I am having is the tool is running slowly once the button is clicked. Private Sub CommandButton13_Click() If MsgBox("Do you want...
  15. J

    Autofit Height for Selected Cells Only

    Back in 2003 one could select just a few cells and use autofit row height for the selected cells only. It might come out too small for other cells in the row, but sometimes that doesn't matter (such as when the cells that don't fit are hidden or excluded from the print area). I can't find how to...
  16. G

    AutoFit row height in multiple merged cells

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet where based on what value is input, certain cells are hidden. Most all of my rows contain merged cells. I am looking for a code that will autofit my merged cells and still allow them to be hidden based on other code. I found a code where the autofit works, but the...
  17. S

    Macro VBA to Autofit row height of merged and un-merged/normal Cells

    Hi Everyone, I have a worksheet (ranges A7 to F90) which contains a mix of merged and un-merged cells in each row.. What I would like to do is to create a button in which it will autofit the size of the rows based on the highest row size for both merged and un-merged... I have already prepared...
  18. R

    Autofit height of merged cells

    Hi there Does anyone know how to autofit height of merged cells please? Many thanks Renee
  19. N

    Autofit all table

    Hi, I am working on a macro file which copies number of tables from the file to outlook email. Then it changes the alignment of all the tables to center. I was wondering if there is a way or code to autofit all this tables? Thanks in advance for your help. Really appreciate any help I can get...
  20. S

    VBA Autofit merged cell

    Hi, I am relatively new to VBA and I have found a Macro which autofits merged cells to ensure they are all visible (by adjusting the row height). the only issue is, the VBA I have leaves a huge gap above the text that is autofitted. I can't seem to identify the issue. Any assistance, or any...

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