1. E

    Would like to automate my spreadsheet.

    Hello everyone. I'm running Windows 10 and Office 365. I'm looking for a formula or formulas to automate my spreadsheet. Right now this is what I have. <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF ;border: 1px solid;border-collapse: collapse; border-color...
  2. E

    Excel\VBA automation software

    I have been looking at the to help me automate the creation of my coding. I am a poor code writer and a lot of these tools would improve my abilities, but I am curious if there are any other software that compares to Automate Excel. Does anyone have any suggestions or...
  3. R

    How to Click a link on webpage

    I am unexperienced when it comes to navigating websites using VBA (or any code). I have been able create code to open the desired websites but now I am trying to automate "clicking a link" to save additional time. I have an excel file full of various patent numbers. I have been able to...
  4. P

    Auto applying a formula

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that updates daily that has a combination of entered data and formulas that are applied to that data. I'm looking to see if i can automate some of my process. eg; Column A is a unique identifier that is applied to the data and increments by one for each row. Columns...
  5. V

    Cant Click or Change Value SeleniumBaisc VBA

    <inputname="ri_tl_entry_web_ri_date_worked$0" tabindex="49" class="PSEDITBOX" id="RI_TL_ENTRY_WEB_RI_DATE_WORKED$0" aria-required="true" style="width:71px; "...
  6. D

    Automate the Comparison of 2 excel workbooks

    Hello!! New user and beginner to VBA. I'm trying to automate the comparison of 2 excel workbooks and have a message box in the masterfile pop out, telling me if theres a math between the total sum of items in "Books-Raw Listing" & "Raw Listing" workbooks. Here's the tricky part, the...
  7. J

    Excel Power Query Automate Import of File Navigation

    Good morning; I receive a few text files that needs to be imported and parsed. I wanted to automate this process but my company does not allow us to use VB. Is there a way to automate this process, especially the file navigation, using power query (and not VB)? Thanks
  8. gheyman

    Copy the data in a Pivot Tabe to another tab

    I want to have a button that copies the data from a pivottable to a new tab as data (not another Pivot tale). can you automate this? Can you use the Pivot table name in the code instead of having to select it manually? PivotTable1
  9. H

    Pasting image at the end of cell

    Hi All, In the below link of my data, I have to compare the values of the two cells side by side. Now I have to place an arrow(image) for the values in column A which are greater than that of B. Is this possible to automate via VBA? If so, kindly help me on this. I...
  10. M

    How to access external add in to click some buttons

    Hi, I have a Facebook Ads Manager for Excel (FAME). I need data daily in my Excel how can I automate to Click Refresh button daily and store values some other location into CSV file or directly into AWS S3. I have been struggling from some time to control that refresh button. Any kind of...
  11. D

    Assistance Needed to Create Auto-populated List

    Hi Would like to create a sheet that automatically pulls info from two separate tables when they are pasted into a file. To clarify, two different tables are pulled from a system, pasted onto two separate sheets in an Excel file. I then have to add the two lists together onto another sheet...
  12. Domski

    No more VBA

    Quiet in here these days isn't it? Anyway, the orgaisation work for is considering moving to Office 365 and a cloud based infrastructure. As part of this we are potentially going to lose VBA. This is a bit of nightmare scenario for me as I use it almos daily to automate processes or in add-ins...
  13. P

    limiting SUMPRODUCT to a certain value

    So, i have this formula =sumproduct((H2:H500,"Job 1")+(K2:K500,"200")) Problem is sometimes K says 200, others its 200/tire, etc. Is there a simple way that anytime it see "200" that it will count? Basically i have MX events to also track and trying to automate the tracking. I did try "*200*"...
  14. M

    Need help with simple Macro to assist with children's colors!

    Hi, to any Macro coders out there, I am trying to create a basic spreadsheet with a macro that does the following: On the first tab, there are two columns. A1 reads "Name" and B1 reads "Code". As an example, cell A2 contains "Billy Bob" and cell B2 contains the number 5236. On the second...
  15. R

    Row Number of Last Numerical Cell

    Hello All, I am having a bit of trouble, and am hoping someone can help me. I have a table below containing two columns: One with a planned submission, and another with an actual submission. If the submission isn't submitted, I input "Not Submitted" and if it is not required I input "Not...
  16. N

    Create Initials list from a list of names

    Hi Is there a way to either extract just the Capitals from a name list, or use the space to extract the first letter of each name? In cell A1 Paul Jones In cell A2 Adam Simpson In cell A3 Jan Van de Valt In cell A4 Tony Tile Can I automate: C1 = PJ C2 = AS C3 = JVV (or JVdV) C4 = TT Any...
  17. M

    Macro to copy data to another tab, save as pdf and send as email attachment

    Hi! I have a nice little challenge for you's (ok maybe it's not a challenge for you but it is for me! :confused:). I'd like to create a code that will 0) will go look if there is a certain value in a column cell, 1) if there is a 'Yes' in that column, copy values from certain cells to blank...
  18. G

    >> Automate Multiple Cells

    Hi all, I'm trying to automate a cell if possible. Your assistance will be appreciated. * Cell C3 can either have a value of M or F * If C3 equals M then get cell J20 value and insert in cell E2 * If C3 equals F then get cell L20 value and insert in cell E2 cheers - Greenbolt
  19. B

    Auto Colour based on answer key

    Hello All, I have this table below. As you can see in the KEY column, is has the correct answer. In this case it is C. Is there a was to make "WHAT" the correct answer highlight in GREEN? And for the next row it would be D (They're) I would really appreciate it. I have over 100...
  20. M

    Dividing across two colums with highlights in Conditional Formatting

    I am attempting to automate errors in data using conditional formatting. My intent is to automate highlighting errors when cell data vary. Highlight cell F2 if F2/B2 > 1.5 I've tried several formula variations and cannot get this right. Any formulas that have worked for you?

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