1. R

    Named file folder range live updated and sorted

    Hi, I have a listFiles named range to return a list of files of a specific folder into Excel. I use the following formula: =IFERROR(INDEX(listFiles,ROW()-ROW(A$2)),"") I was wondering if there is a non-VBA solution to automatically/live update the files list in the Excel named range whenever a...
  2. A

    Hi, I am new here and would like some help

    hi there everyone, i was hoping for some help here. I have 13 departments and 121 employees and want to assign them departments (which have fixed spots) for a month randomize department for the given employees , I have been doing this manually and would like to use excel to automate the process...
  3. K

    Excel Automate Copy Paste based on rule

    I hope you are doing well. I would like to know code available to automate my process to copy one file to another in excel using VBA from two different folder First folder contains excel (.CSV) file with name 01-04-2022_Day.csv, 01-04-2022_Night.csv, 02-04-2022_Day.csv, 02-04-2022_Night.csv, &...
  4. N

    Have sum total at the bottom of a column regardless of the number of rows

    Hi all, I am not sure if this is possible the way I want it, but figured it was at least worth picking the much smarter brains in this forum. I want to put a sum total at the bottom of a column. But, the number of rows in that column will change daily. Lets say it's in column A. One day there...
  5. H

    Automate calculations when adding new column of data

    Regularly, I get a excel file with P&L monthly actuals. I create 7-8 columns at the end of the spreadsheet that does calculations based on the data that is provided. Is it possible to create a macro that will calculate the data set when I copy and paste new columns?
  6. T

    Move to new sheet VBA

    Hi All, First off I'm sorry if this has been posted before, I couldn't find anything specifically with this many values. I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around moving data from a master sheet to 26 other sheets based on the first letter of the last name. I successfully got it to work...
  7. P

    How to split 1 excel file to multipe file

    I have large excel file with more than 20.000 rows I want to seperate every 700 row with same header and formula, and save as to a new file with name like this “file1-700”, “file701-1400”. until end of row, Any help would be great, really apreciate it
  8. S

    "The field you are moving cannot be placed in that area of the report"

    So I am trying to connect a premium Power BI dataset to excel using this guide. It however is not working. When I connect the dataset using this guide, it works until I get to the pivot table option and says "The field you are moving cannot be placed in that area of the report". What do i do to...
  9. S

    Work Project - Formula help needed!

    Hi Guys :) I am a novice Excel user who is looking to automate my workload to save me time. I am currently working on a financial project for my business and I have attached a screenshot to show what I am talking about. I have my data which gets pulled automatically on the left and then I...
  10. S

    Excel help for a novice

    Hi Guys, In my current role I have to look at data for a financial year and change it into calendar year data. In my company, a financial year has 13 periods (4 weeks per period) and starts from April each year (e.g. 18P04 = 2018 Period 4). The issue I am experiencing is that with P01 being...
  11. S

    Help using power query/VBA to automate a power BI dataset.

    Hi so I have automated huge parts of my job and I wanna work hard to work less. I have daily tasks and I hope I can automate it so that I can do more important things with my time. So I am given a link to a Power BI dataset and I have bookmarked the relevant pages and I want to see if it's...
  12. A

    copy previous value of variable cell to another cell location in same spreadsheet

    Hello All, Based upon resources found on the internet (various forums, websites, communities) I did able to create one excel solver macro which automates the solver calculations. Each solver calculation involves setting target cell to zero by changing variable cell. both are single cell...
  13. A

    Input Form with Automated Row Movements

    Hi, I am trying to create a 3 sheet document where 'Sheet 1' is a table where columns A to G are filled in then you would click a submit button (or something along those lines) and this would create a new row on 'Sheet 2' 'Sheet 2' is where Columns I-P will be filled in with information and...
  14. S

    Any Template for Artist Wise Dates?

    I'm working in movies as an AD. I need to prepare a schedule and provide artist-wise dates to my team. Every time I'm doing it manually by checking the scenes. Can anyone suggest an idea or workaround which could make this work easy? If there is any way please let me know. Present template...
  15. R

    Handle Cancel event on "Unprotect Sheet" password box

    Ok...This one is a little least for me it is. I have the code below which works perfectly fine until the user clicks to unlock, selects "yes" from the message box which uses Excel's "Unprotect Sheet" password prompt to request password and then clicks "Cancel". Below are the possible...
  16. R

    Export a textbox value as a text file

    I am trying to export the notes from a single textbox on a worksheet called "CONTENTS" to a text file. The code works well, but if I click "cancel" on the saveasdialog box, then it creates a text file in the location with the name "False". I'm assuming I need a statement to handle if cancel is...
  17. T

    If formula question.

    Hi guys, I need some explaining in IF formula. How can I write condition with IF to automate check my Data Base from my table automatically? something like this: =IF( E3=F3 then past value from G3 in C3 cell) + =If( I already have value in C3 cell but it is not the same as in G3 then change it...
  18. R

    Using a ThisWorkbook.Name or ActiveWorkbook.Name with View side-by-side VBA script

    I am trying to call the workbook name with a " - 1" at the end for a VBA script to run side by side windows. Based on Microsoft documentation, "You cannot use the CompareSideBySideWith method with the Application object or the ActiveWorkbook property." Any suggestions on a similar method to make...
  19. D

    Populate a textarea in a webpage from excel using VBA and Fetch error message into the excel columns

    Hi I'm new here and also new to VBA i want to automate a process i want to fetch an excel sheet 1 column A value one by one and check whether it shows an error or not by fetching the error message into column B according to the values fetched. I have been trying it to work in chrome also every...
  20. S

    VBA to place images inside a PDF???

    Hey guys, Is it possible to use VBA to place images inside an existing PDF with accuracy and precision? Even better, could VBA be used to place said images into an INDD file? If not, is there a different scripting language that is suited for such a task? I’ve been creating print-advertising...
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