automatic update

  1. TheShyButterfly

    Excel 2016 - VBA - Problem - automatically converting text in column to Uppercase

    Hi there, Thank you for viewing my problem. I am having particular difficulty in getting code to automatically change text in a specific column. I'd like the code to change the case either as the user types, or after the user leaves the cell. Actually, I would ideally like to have: All text...
  2. D

    Update row and colum filter of a pivot table with VBA

    Hi there, I have some difficulties updating the row and column filter of a Pivot table by using the value of two cells on a different spreadsheet. The main Report filter automatic update works fine but when I Change the Categories or Company the formula stop at this line: pfcat.CurrentPage =...
  3. DPChristman

    Automatically Update Data in Pivot Table

    I am working with a workbook that is accessed/updated by about 10 people on a regular basis. A number of my tabs contain pivot tables (PTs), based on the data collected in the main data entry page. As a PT virgin, I really don't know a lot about PTs, but this project was inherited. Through...
  4. S

    Excel Automatic Data Updating

    I have an excel list of about 5000 alumni with numerous columns of different information. I frequently use this list to create smaller more focused lists (e.g. just from a specific location). These lists are then shared on google docs to a small group of staff that use the information to call...
  5. D

    Need a Macro to Delete Cell and Shift Cells up

    So here's the situation... I've set up web queries for historical data from Yahoo Finance (so that way I can run automate updates on the data set). There's two web queries to upload two sets of data - 1 for the historical prices of an index, and the other for the historical prices of the ETF...
  6. K

    Automatic Update From One workbook to another workbook in excel

    I have one Excel Question, i have one excel file in location C:\Users\Chandra\Desktop\Main File.Xlsx and this is my main file. All information include in this file for eg: Main File.Xlsx, Sheet Name "Detail" And i have one summery File C:\Users\Chandra\Desktop\Summery File.Xlsx. Summery Sheet...
  7. W

    Macro to automatically update

    Hello, This is a long post, if you are too lazy, here is the issue. Need to make automatic changes to cells that will activate a "Run when Values Change Macro" without going into a loop forever. Getting "The object invoked has disconnected from...." when I've tried to link it I've got a job...
  8. C

    Need help automatically updating and workbook to just allow use to drop the new months numbers in.

    I have linked a file that is a balance sheet, Income statement, cash flow, equity, and all historical data (BS and IS). I currently add a new row into historical for the new month then update all the formulas on sheets 1-7 manually. I need a way to automatically update all the formulas for the...
  9. C

    How to have a custom date (YYYY) automatically updated in the footers (Excel 2010) upon opening a file

    Dear All, I would be grateful for your kind help. I am trying to have the year in the footers of all my Excel files to automatically update to the current year. To that effect, I have created the following macro: Sub SetFooterAttributes() For Each xWorksheet In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets...
  10. H

    Excel 2000 - To have connected data appear in other parts of the worksheet

    Sorry, I have forgotten how to do this. I have created a song worksheet in Excel 2000. From this list I have created set lists for different genres of music. I need the key (A-G#) connected to the song to automatically update in all song lists if I change it on the original list, even if the...
  11. L

    Spedometer Graphs

    I have created a dashboard which contain spedometer graphs. The graphs are linked to 3 options so you can choose which data set you want to view on the graph. The graph automatically updates itself when the figure you want to represent on the graph is placed in a formula. The problem i have...
  12. K

    "Update Link" automatically for Excel Chart in PowerPoint while Excel file is open (Read-Only)

    I have an Excel Sheet that we use to track project progress. This sheet is open almost around the clock as people are constantly entering information into this sheet. I then have a PowerPoint presentation which links to this Excel file and grabs some graphs from it and then displays this...
  13. L

    Automatic cell reference update?

    If I insert a row above cell B3, which is related to some Code, will the Code automatically update to the new cell reference (B4)? Sorry if this has been posted before.
  14. R

    UDF formula not automatically updating

    I have a custom function written in VBA, and for some reason, my cells on tab 3 are not updating when I modify data on tab 1. The cells on tab 3 call the custom function which uses a date entered in a cell on tab 1. If I change the date on tab 1, the formulas do not automatically update on tab...
  15. C

    copy qty's from sheet1 to sheet2 w/ diff layout

    Hi! My boss wants me to update daily 2 files with almost the same content but with entirely different format. I think theres less error & I can do tons of other work if I can only update file 1 & file 2 automatically updates itself. Im a new to formulas so this one is complicated for me. Can...
  16. T

    link status always displaying "unknown"

    hi everyone, i work with excel 2007 newest release and patches applied. i have a strange behaviour on some links in an excel workbook mapping some other sheets on a network drive that is accessible and working very fine... just to exclude that somebody is telling me that maybe there is a...
  17. S

    Open files in VBA without updating external links

    Using VBA I need to open a number of files, do what ever I need to do (i.e. update a formula) and close it again. This all works well, but I would like to be able to decide if the workbook I am opening should update external links or not. This should be done without being shown the dialogue...
  18. I

    10 Day running Average Formula ignore blank/zero

    10 Day Running Average Formula ignore blank/errors. I know I could use =average(B10:B19) in cell C19, and in cell C20 =average(B11:B20). The challenge becomes later in the column of numbers B10:B50 when we have a blank. So if in cell B30 it is blank that is ok. In cell C31 it would say average...
  19. B

    Automatic Update of Filtered Data?

    First I want to say thank you for everyone on here. I am not new to excel, but I am new to what it can actually do. From reading the posts on here I have learned a lot about how powerful excel really is. I have been creating a spreadsheet that enables engineering to sort thru a large amount of...
  20. A

    Updating Excel Sheet

    I have a workbook with about 12 sheets. All sheets update automatically. I want to have one sheet out of the 12 update manually by pressing a button. How can i do this? Thanks in advance for any help. It is greatly appreciated :-):warning:

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