automation error

  1. Gideon du Toit

    Library Not Registered when Opening Outlook from Excel 2010

    Good Day Everyone, I have been developing an Excel app that at some point has to open Outlook. Until a few days ago this was working fine. I am using Office 2010 for the development since it works nicely for backward compatibility. I also had Office 365 on this machine but decided to remove it...
  2. F

    Automation error - Excel VBA

    Hi All, I'm new here, and first I tried to find a similar topic, without success. (Sorry for my English :-) ) So... I have a robust, complex and intricate Excel workbook with about 15 sheets and userforms, macros etc. I developed it in the last 4-5 years for my small business, as a management...
  3. A

    Automation Error/Excel Crashes during Cut Copy mode

    Hello, After debugging the code I was able to find where the automation error/excel crashes. I believe it is due to the numerous CutCopy modes in the code snippet. How can I make this snippet of code more efficient. I am basically moving a cell from one column to another based on a value. Thank...
  4. R

    Automation error Exception occured

    Hi Folks, Periodically, when opening & launching my project in Excel, I get an Automation error Exception occurred nastygram, which then closes (crashes) Excel. It doesn't always happen, whether I've changed anything or not. The only way I've noticed that avoids it (after repeated attempts...
  5. B

    Automation Error when building collection

    Dear Excel Experts, I have a simple piece of VBA code with some (messy) error handling that builds a collection by constructing a string and seeing if it exists in a larger collection. This code generates an application execution error on the second pass through the for next loop. Private...
  6. C

    VBA Internet Controls Macro Running Slow and Stopping at the 242nd Number In List

    I have written a macro that pulls numbers from a long list and inputs them into a website. After looping through about the 25th number, it seems to start noticeably slowing down more and more. It also seems to crash at 242 numbers and displays 'Run-time Error -2147319783: Automation Error. Old...
  7. D

    resolve error of "unqualified method of an Office instance"

    on openning a userform with the following code: Option Explicit Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Unload Me End Sub Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Dim txt As String Dim i As Integer txt = "" For i = 0 To Me.ListBox1.ListCount - 1 If Me.ListBox1.Selected(i) Then If (txt > "...
  8. T

    Excel Browsing a folder and Automating Data Entry using a default template

    I been reading up codes available on the net from various sources and have debug with self-taught programming to make it work but I'm having difficulty proceeding on. As you can see, it comes from a source. Browsing a folder & reading the files works fine with the code, I need to copy values...
  9. D

    Mac User Help!!

    I've written some automation in my PC for a Mac User. All code runs fine except when they go to export to PDF. For some reason they are getting a undefined application error. I adjusted the code to only look @ activesheet but I need someone with a Mac to help test it. All I need is someone to...
  10. S

    Automation error in vba

    Hello I am trying to run the dashboard on a client's Mac. However, I keep getting the following error every time I click on Refresh. "Runtime error '-2147483640 (80000008)': Automation Error in mac excel" The code is working on a Windows laptop. Password for the code is "sahilkh18". I can't...
  11. B

    Compile error, Automation error - Global variable problem?

    I have some VBA code which has been running quite happily for the last two or three years. Starting a couple of days ago it now fails every time with runtime error "Compile error. Automation error". There are no error numbers or codes given. On clicking OK on the error box the processing...
  12. D

    Automation error

    Hi i have the following error -2147418104 (80010008) automation error - the object invoked has disconnected from its clients ,but this error occurs very rarely after 70-100 data entries for few people and rest they don't encounter this problem, does anyone have solution for this ? please help...
  13. E

    Macro Crashes Excel b/c of Analysis ToolPak (Automation Error Exception Occurred)

    Hi, not sure if this is a known issue but I didn't see its solution in any of the message boards I was looking at. I was running a macro I built a while ago and every single time Excel would freeze and I'd get the "Automation Error Exception Occurred" message box. After searching and...
  14. P

    VBA CreateObject("System.Text.UTF8Encoding") Automation Error at runtime

    A simple Excel VBA code like Dim asc As Object Set asc = CreateObject("System.Text.UTF8Encoding") Gives run time Automation Error -2146232576 (80131700) Anyone knows the fix please help. The further Err details are like Err.Number -2146232576 Err.Source VBAProject Err.Description...
  15. P

    Why am I getting an Automation error Here?

    If .UsedRange.Columns.Count > 23 Then .Range(.Columns(24), .UsedRange.Columns(.UsedRange.Columns.Count)).EntireColumn.Delete shift:=xlLeft If .UsedRange.Columns.Count > 23 Then .Name = .Name & "(1)" Set varTemp = .Parent.Sheets.Add(After:=.Parent.Sheets(.Name)) varTemp.Name =...
  16. L

    Creat, check and delete duplicate event from Excel to Outlook

    Hi everybody and thx to read my post (and my poor english). I Just created a macro in order to : 1) check if an appoitment (by subject) is currently existing in my calendar 2) delete it if it was found 3) Creat a new one with the correct date (or the same if it was correct) After a lot of...
  17. D

    Automation error - when connecting to 2010 accdb password protected database from excel 2007 vba

    I get Automation error when connecting to 2010 accdb password protected database from excel 2007 vba. The code is as below :'DIM STATEMENTSDim strMyPath As String, strDBName As String, strDB As String, strQuery As String, strMyDBPassword As StringDim i As Long, n As Long, lFieldCount As LongDim...
  18. S

    Automation Error When Trying to Delete Row

    Hi, I have been searching for a way to delete a row based on the value of a particular column. I keep finding "functional code" online, but they all result in automation errors for me. Basically, what I want to accomplish is this: When the "delete activity" button is clicked, excel will...
  19. D

    Memory Leak Automation error

    Good Day, Something weird is happening… I’ve a rather large program that I’ve broken up into little mod’s. During an early phase of breaking things up I needed to reduce memory. In an effort to reduce memory, I put things like Set ws=nothing Set msformz=nothing Set msbuttonz=nothing ---I did...
  20. ClimoC

    Easy, Stupid One that's doing me in - automation error on Workbook.Name

    Hi all Cannot see why this gives an 'Automation Error'. Thought at first it may be because the workbook being opened is a csv, but further tests have shown that to be rubbish. All I want REALLY, is to obtain the filepath and filename from a cell (@ Sheets("Multipass").Range("B8").value, set...

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