1. R

    Remove first blank line break in Excel using VBA

    I'm using the below script to remove only blank line breaks using Chr(10). It works great, except that it doesn't remove the line break when it occurs at the beginning of the cell. I only need it to remove the first line break carriage from the top of the cell. Sub RemoveBlankLines()...
  2. R

    Append text to a cell when a label is clicked

    Good evening experts! I have a spreadsheet with a few hundred rows that I'm trying to capture reviews on. Column A cells has "Reviewed" (using a label currently) all the way down. I'm open to suggestions if there is a better/easier method instead of using labels for click events. I'm looking...
  3. E

    Spell out an abbreviation?

    Need to be able to automate an abbreviation into a full name Ex: data in column reads” Rn”. Needs to spell out Registered Nurse in a separate column If another abbreviation is “abc”.. Spell out “ anything but cats” There would be about ten abbreviations I would need to program to automate...
  4. K

    Can a macro pull details from a folder into the excel document

    Hi Everyone, this is my very first post. I am try to automate my school work a little quicker. I want to pull the first and second string from a folder name, usually the first and last names of people, and then put this into an excel worksheet with column A being the first name and column B...
  5. R

    Macro to paste a string as plain text into the active cell, then accomodate more text from keyboard

    Pretty simple :) I wish to press, say, F1 (Windows OS) and have something like "XZ" print in the active cell as plain text, but in such a way that I can then enter "123" on the keypad to result in XZ123 before I hope out of the cell. That's it! The only caveat is that I wish the automation to...
  6. J

    VBA Customizable Excel Master Template w/ Array

    Hello. Thank you in advance for any help or ideas you have! I have looked at several forums, but have not quite found a solution that works for me. I am looking to create a master template that can be tailored through VBA to fit the requirements of a particular vendor. Depending on which vendor...
  7. N

    Merge PDFs Button based on filtered list

    Hi, I'm basically looking for a method to merged all filtered .pdfs based on "work pack" column into one pdf using the button shown, see image attached. Is this even possible? I've seen methods using Acrobat Pro which I do not own. If when I click the button, it generates a merged pdf file...
  8. Jyggalag

    Macro to conditionally insert data from one sheet into another

    Hello everybody. I want to do something rather large, but I am very inexperienced in VBA and would really appreciate some assistance. Please note that I want to do a bunch of things, but if you can just help me with one of them, it would be immensely appreciated!! - Wishlist: @Fluff ? :) So I...
  9. M

    Create Multiple PPT Files from Multiple Excel file using VBA

    Hello! I am looking for a way to mass produce Multiple PPTs from Multiple Variable Designated Excel files. I have been able to create 1 PPT from 1 designated Excel file using VBA below The code used before is very static and I'm looking for a way to make it more automated. This Static...
  10. G

    Iterating through populated rows and compare with another sheet

    Hello all, I am quite new to VBA scripting. Here is what I am struggling with. Example : Data : I have two sheets A and B. A contains the data from customers. B contains data from me. Question : Once the customer selects production/market in sheet A, I want to iterate through the rows in...
  11. J

    Automatic Macro to send a Reminder during a given time frame

    Hello everyone, this is going to take a bit of background to explain the issue in detail. I've been working on this project for so long I'm going cross-eyed. It wouldn't surprise me if there's obvious problems that I can't see because my nose is too close to it - y'know? Anyway. The purpose...
  12. S

    Using Power Automate To Download and Save from Power BI Dashboard

    I know next to nothing about Power Automate so forgive me if it's very simple. I have to download certain files from a power BI dashboard (like using the export to part) and save them to a certain folder. Is there a way to use the browser version of Power Automate to download files and save them...
  13. S

    Automating daily tasks using Excel/Power Query and SQL

    So I am looking at COVID stats all day and I have to prepare them for my manager. This is a multistage process and it's fairly repetive. As a result i want to automate it so i can spend my days doing more productive **** or cat videos. Either i am not bothered. It's a multi stage process and...
  14. R

    Copy named rows based on new sheet based on text comparison of two cells

    Good day everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. So here's what I'm trying to do...I need a VBS that will loop through a workbook of multiple worksheets and look at columns C and D for differences as long as the text does not match "Default settings" or "Configurations settings". If there are...
  15. R

    Copy first row of Sheet1 to all worksheets in workbook with blank first row

    Hello! I'm trying to write an Excel VBA script to copy the first row of "Sheet1" with current formatting and filter on and paste the values into the first row of every worksheet in the workbook if the worksheet is blank.
  16. R

    Create worksheets from rows with text on Sheet 1 that doesn't the "(" character

    Good afternoon! I have a workbook with a worksheet (Sheet 1). I'm trying to copy the text in all rows starting at A2 to the end of column A without the character "(" in it and create a worksheet for each corresponding text value from each row in Sheet 1. So if A2 has the word "Test" in it, the...
  17. S

    VBA to Automate the Delimiter

    I'm attempting to find a solution to automate the delimiter and I've scoured the forums and internet to no resolve and was hoping I may be able to find an answer here. Right now I am having excel generate a barcode in the example format of "11D*122*1", each identifying number is split by the...
  18. J

    Removing numbers at the end of a cell

    Hello all, As the title mentions, I am trying to remove all numbers at the end of a cell. Not every cell ends in a number and most of the time each cell contains numbers. These number are useless for our purposes and need to be deleted, datasets typically are received around 10k - 100k cells...
  19. T

    VBA Code to Copy Data from Source Spreadsheet and Paste onto Destination Worksheet, based on condition

    Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for any help you might provide. I'm looking to automate the creation of a PDF report which is based on an Excel file that I created. This Excel file (source file) generates figures which I intend to copy into another file (destination file) based on a condition...
  20. D

    Table Custom ID Automation

    I have next table (growing each day). In each date/time moment (row), I have some event which may be repeated within one day (or not). Problem is ID column: I am entering IDs values manually and making mistakes of course. How to make some kind of automation: a) within one day (date), b) within...
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