1. S

    Help with automation

    Hello guys, I really need help solving this, it would save me tons of hours. I will explain what I need to do. I have about 400 txt files that look like this: I did some notes with red text: And I have to format this data so that it looks like this: Like I said I have 400 text files which I...
  2. P

    Solver Macro on Multiple Sheets

    I am trying to run a macro calling the Solver functions on multiple sheets. The Solver area works on a single sheet, but returns the error message on the 5 worksheets I am attempting to calculate. Any advice is most welcome. Also, running this macro switched calculation mode to Manual. I have...
  3. M

    Run a Loop number of rows time present in webpage in selenium basic, Excel ABA

    I am trying to scrape data from website on bases of product name. There are different rows in web table for a unique product. Some have single row from which I have to grab data, some have two rows and some contain multiple rows. What I want to do is count the number of rows of that product, and...
  4. A

    VBA to place images inside a PDF next to specific text???

    I am looking for a solution similar to the following thread VBA to place images inside a PDF??? but instead of adding the image at the bottom of the PDF, is there a way to find a specific text on every page and add the image next to that text? The position of the text to find is different on...
  5. J

    Send emails to group leaders about fund used by their members:

    Greetings Everyone, This is a sample worksheet, where there are group leaders, their email address and funds used by group members, I want to update each group leaders about stats of funds by group member each day via outlook. We can have any number of group leader and any number of group...
  6. S

    Update Values Window constantly popping up; NamedRange not working?

    I've got the below setup, trying to have a filepath reference the workbook name listed in CurrentIndia, highlighted below. I've named the range officially CurrentIndia in NameManager: But everytime I edit the formula or re-confirm it, the Update Values window pops up everytime, and I have to...
  7. A

    Can I insert a formula using a VLOOKUP?

    I have a set of formulas on a separate sheet from where I need them. I have them listed as the person and the formula needed to calculate their specific value. If I try to use a VLOOKUP the equation populates but acts as text and not a formula. I've also tried using an INDIRECT function to add...
  8. A

    New Sheet is going to the end of sheet list instead of the beginning

    I have a macro button that copies the sheet to another sheet and deletes everything from th original to have it blank for the next use. Currently the sheet is going to the end of the lists of sheets but I want it to go to the beginning of the list. My current code is as follows: Public Sub...
  9. M

    Loop in macro calculating twice instead of once.

    Hello :) I have a problem with my macro that should find me a lowest result in the column and add 1 to it. Macro is started from my outlook and should work on unread emails in my Inbox. Result of Macro should be name of subfolder where my email should go. In Outlook I have code: Public Sub...
  10. G

    Updating cells in table based on defined criteria

    Apologies if a silly question but haven't been able to find the answer by Googling! I would like a cell in a table of data to update automatically based on a criteria. Basically I want to define the catergory, which is names of businesses, and when data in the table corresponds to that business...
  11. A

    Need to remove macro button when creating new sheet

    I have a workbook that has an initial form that I fill out and once I'm done I press a form control button that copies everything to a new sheet and deletes all input information from the initial form except the logo and the form control box. Currently the form control box stays active in the...
  12. TheMacroNoob

    VBA code to Rename tables on duplicated sheet with sheet name appended

    Hello excel experts, I have a VBA code via the magic of ChatGPT: Sub DuplicateTemplateSheet() Dim templateSheet As Worksheet Dim newSheet As Worksheet Dim sheetList As Worksheet Dim sheetName As String Dim lastRow As Long Dim i As Long Dim tbl As ListObject ' Set a reference to the Template...
  13. A

    VBA Selenium - Copy part of element text and paste in another field

    Hi all , I am trying to copy part of an element text and paste it in another element ,in its search box. The element contains a a policy number that i need to check in another system and it looks like this 60.22.9591 / RANDOM VENDOR NAME I need to get the numbers before the "/" and remove the...
  14. A

    VBA Get column letter based on cell text and use as string

    Hi all, I am trying to find a column letter based on a text ,contained in a cell. I managed to find the letter, but the next part is what bothers me. The column letter(declared as "trcol") is a part of a loop that goes through the table and copies certain values based on that column.So that...
  15. A

    Selenium VBA Stale element reference chromebrowser

    I am currently automating several procedures on a webpage using selenium type library in excel. Currently i am facing the following issue: my code finds a table is supposed to click on each row , do some other things,come back to the page in the table and proceed with the next row. The issue is...
  16. T

    Report Running from IE to Edge Coding

    Hi all, I use a report in excel that automatically updates every 15 minutes, but I have just come across an error with the coding since the introduction of the IE mode in Edge. The debugger shows the error associated to the InternetExplorerMedium wording (see below in context of code) Sub...
  17. N

    SAP Automation with Excel VBA

    Hi All, I am working on my SAP automation process. I have written most of it but I am struggling with writing code for copying dates from two different rows to Posting date : "from" and "to". LastRow = sht.Range("D2").CurrentRegion.Rows.Count sht.Range("D2").Copy...
  18. D

    Referencing Cells from a Separate Work Book, but NOT Cell Position

    Hi Everyone! What I am trying to do is link start and end dates from one work book into another, but not the exact cell position where the date currently is. I can do the first part easily enough by putting "=" in the cell of my current work book, and then selecting the date cell from my...
  19. J

    Composing an email to Outlook from Excel (incl information from different cells)

    Hi there, I'm looking for some help with drafting an email to Outlook from excel. The Image below shows a typical sheet information. Each column has different data which is needed in one of the email fields. I would like to be able to press a button and have a draft email appear to the...
  20. V

    Excel vba to access Open/Save dialog

    Hello everyone, I am trying to download a document from a website using vba. So far I can click the print icon on website (using vba) but I am stuck when it shows Open/Save dialog box. Please help on how I can access or click the "Save" button and save file to a given location. Any help is...

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