1. M

    Automation Error - HELP!!!!!

    I have this code which was working fine last week but today is giving me the following error Run-time error -2147217376 (80041020) Automation Error Anybody know why or how to overcome it, the code is just importing an XML file into excel Application.CutCopyMode = False...
  2. P

    Automation Runtime error with "InternetExplorerMedium"

    Alright folks, I'm trying to set up a file that pulls up a company Intranet via IE, fills in a few fields and then hits "go" to populate a list. It's triggering an "automation" runtime reror because of the Set doc = IE.document line (Line 7) and I suspect is has something to do with...
  3. H

    sortfields.clear method causing "Automation Error Exception Occured" in Office 2016 Windows 10

    I have the following line of code that is causing the "Automation Error Exception Occurred" error. Works fine in other versions of Office.I tried to record a macro to see how Office 2016 handles clearing a sort, but using that code just caused errors. Any help would be appreciated...
  4. F

    Excel-IE Automation w/VBA on Dynamic Tables

    Good Morning, I’m hoping that some kind soul out there can help me with a roadblock I’ve encountered in my quest to manipulate a website with VBA. I am using MS Excel 2010 and Internet Explorer 11.0.56. I’m somewhat comfortable with VBA but have never used it to navigate to a website, enter...
  5. A

    Automated Autosum

    Hi I would like to seek some advice on how I can do the following. I have a macro(I use a do while loop to check and insert the extra row) that sorts out data in a certain format by inserting a line(row) in between 2 rows effectively separating the data set. After running my macro, I am...
  6. MUKESHY12390

    internal OLE automation error while running Query

    Hi All, Does anyone know when this type error "Internal OLE automation error" comes while running MS query? I can run other query without any issue. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Mukesh
  7. J

    Depenable, Linked Tables; Automatic data sorting

    I never knew this was possible, but i came across a dashboard where input is magically simplified because other tables when refreshed, "fetch" specific data wich was inserted on the main table. It's not formulas or anything, lemme tell how it works so someone can explain me how to reproduce it...
  8. W

    Using Excel to Create Outlook Calendar Meeting

    Hello, I would like to integrate Outlook and Excel. I have a workbook that I use to keep track of clients and prospects. It keeps track of where they are in the sales process. When they get to a point that they want to have a meeting, I have to manually mark the day in Outlook to make a...
  9. J

    Zipping Multiple Folders with VBA

    Hi! Thank you for your replies. Is it possible to programmatically zip ALL the folders in a directory into INDIVIDUAL zipped folders in that SAME directory? For example, say I had the following directory: C:\Users\john\target and there were FILES and FOLDERS in that directory and I only wanted...
  10. P

    Copy and paste with VBA from internet

    Hi guys i've set a macro up to take me to a webpage. ... now i want to select all and paste all information into "sheet1" cell a1 on my excel document and then copy and paste the data as vales into another tab (don't know the cell ranges yet depends on how the data is important. however on the...
  11. B

    RDBMerge Add-in Automation Error

    Hi All I frequently use the RDBMerge add-in, from Ron de Bruin. I've been using it for years with no problems. However since changing to Windows 10 I've been getting frequent Automation Errors & it just crashes mid-merge. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix? Many thanks Bill
  12. Z

    INSERTt class file (.cls ) once i open my excel file

    Hi, Help! Please. How can i insert .cls once i opened my excel file. I need the automation of the excel once it's opened. Thanks, Zaldy
  13. R

    Automatic lookup but choosing external files.

    Hi Excel members, Understand the concept of a vlookup and how i can search within another sheet or document however i'd like to automate this. This could be easily done however the files are different each week. I'm sure i can name the files to be the same but need help with the code behind it...
  14. Johnny C

    Add-ins manager automation button

    Has anyone ever used one of the options in the automation add-ins? Just wondering why they might be useful, is there anything useful in there or is it just another Excel white elephant
  15. P

    Date calculation using NOW() causing Automation Error

    I'm performing a Date calculation on a table column. Any ideas why this is causing an Automation error? =IF([@DATE]>NOW(),"X","") When I stop the debugger and allow the worksheet to re-calculate the formula, everything works as should... Saving the worksheet without this calculation...
  16. P

    VBA & Internet Explorer Automation: How do I get Vba to WAIT after it clicks a link

    For example, I'm on yelp and search for 'burgers' in 'maine' I have a for loop to scrape each of the 10 results and then click the link to get the next 10, until page 5 (so 50 results in total) I run into a problem at number 11 (where page 2) would start. I think a the source of the...
  17. F

    Automating a RAND function with storing different results in different cells

    I have a Excel sheet which does a lot of calculations based on RAND function of Excel. The table represents a probability function where RAND is used to define a probable value between two given numbers. So everytime, I press calculate button in Excel I get a different value in the cell. Now I...
  18. R

    VBA to perform 'click' function

    Good day all, Struggling with this 'click' functionality. I have seen some instances where vba can be used to call a click function to occur. I am currently struggling with it. Mimicing lines of code is not working and I am curious if this is due to a naming issue, or that I have too much...
  19. N

    VBA code to save email as pdf

    Hi all, Everyday I have 100 emails in a particular folder(c drive) I have installed Adobe Acrobat. I have to open first email and then I clicked on Adobe PDF then it saved as pdf. I have to do this task 100 times. I am looking for a code in excel which convert all emails in pdf. Please let me...
  20. K

    [VBA] IE Automation - wait for the download to complete

    Hello all, I am trying to automate some tasks which are being done through Internet explorer, which include downloading a file and then copying it to a different directory and renaming it. I was more or less successful in finding the information on how to do this, the code is working, but it...

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