1. E

    Need help with a formula

    Hi everyone! I have been asked to lead a presentation for my company. I have a shortened list of some of our sales staff and a longer list with all staff. Is there a way to transpose a list of quarterly performance from the shorter list onto the longer one whilst keep any gaps? I am fully a...
  2. M

    VB help -sending email with multiple rows to multiple users changes

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a VB with very little VB experience. I would like the VB to create an email for each different email address that is on “sheet 1” with the data relating to their customer code if it has a ‘x’ in the send price advice code column. Each email would need to show...
  3. J

    How can I run this macro in multiple sheets simultaneously?

    I have a macro that I'm using to alphabetize an attendance list and then delete the 'Blank' rows (the cells actually return "" so, when sorted in descending order, they appear above the sorted list of names) Below is the code, that seems to work perfectly - but it currently only runs in the...
  4. Jyggalag

    Excel vlookup problems 2

    Dear all, Please note that I made an earlier thread and am now continuing with the same sheets as before, but also including a new file (file 3). The old thread is here: Excel vlookup problems I currently have three files, file (1): File 2: And file 3: Currently, file 3 has the...
  5. Jyggalag

    Excel vlookup problems

    Dear all, I am relatively new to Excel and have little experience with functions, especially across different excel files. I currently have two excel-files, where one looks like this (file 1): And the other one looks like this (file 2): Currently, what I would like is for file 1 to...
  6. D

    Next Row VBA issue - Beginner

    Hello, I am really hoping someone came help me. I have been trying to teach my self VBA using YouTube etc as my teacher. I have working on this Data Form, I am getting there but I having one issue. I have tried heaps of things and this is the closest I have come to it working. I have set up a...
  7. R

    vba code no longer working after 8 years: did Excel or vba change?: lngRowsVisible

    Hi all! In 2011, the kind & infamous Moderator Jerry Sullivan gave me vba to achieve adding or deleting rows to have a proportionate sized sheet to print after filtering rows (in this post...
  8. J

    Pricing tool

    Hi i have basic excel knowledge. I am trying to create a prcing tool for selling laptops (for context) so i want a tool where i cant input all my component prices (differnet ram, hdd etc) then i want to enter my basic unit price, then have drop downs, for each component, it will take the cost...
  9. S

    Multiple Column Combibox

    Good Morning, I have a combibox in a userform that I'd like to tweak. I used to pull data from just one column to display in the box, but now I was hoping to have two columns of data (separated by a space) displaying. I've written a basic piece of code below but it didn't work. Hoping someone...
  10. W

    Basic Formula to Button

    Hi All, I have a formula that returns the last text cell which is =INDEX($F$6:$F$13,MATCH(REPT("z",255),$F$6:$F$13)) and it works well. How do I go about adding that same formula to a form control button? do I use ActiveCell.Formula?? along with my...
  11. D

    Enabling macros

    Why do some worksheets request permission to enable macros whereas others don't? I can't seem to find any consistency, so must be missing a basic setting. Thanks!
  12. D

    Power Query behind a Password protected website

    I'm trying to get tables from a website which is password protected by username and password. It uses the classical web form with a "post" command to access to all the information so I cannot use Basic authentication. I've look in internet for a solution without success. Can anyone help me?
  13. srizki

    A Basic Right(Find formula,

    Hi all, I need to extract number from the string as follows, A B <tbody> [Sold 411045353] 45353] [Sold 411045353] 45353] [Sold 411045353] 45353] 411044924 411044924 411044978 411044978 411044920 411044920 411045039...
  14. B

    Manual enter formula 'conflicts' with VBA created formula

    I have a rather complicated table of formulae which could be easily corrupted by manual manipulation (I'm aware of password protect but that is not my concern). I have set about rewriting all of the formulae in that table in Visual Basic. Now in one particular column the formulae are of the...
  15. B

    Basic Array/Sorting Question

    I try to keep my formulas as simple as possible. Here is my current formula for finding a match in two columns: {=SUM(IF(F$24:F$43=F44,$D$24:$D$43))} The issue with this is that it sums instead of just reporting the value. Which is a problem if the results are not numerical. I tried this...
  16. I

    Basic duplicate needed please

    Hi, I am looking for a basic duplicate code so when i leave a specific cell the code would run. So my new code should work like this. Worksheet is called DATABASE Cell where i would type the customers name is always A6 Once i leave cell A6 the code should check for a duplicate in only the...
  17. B

    Checkbox Macro - Multiple Checkbox

    Hello, I have a workbook with 2 sheets. Sheet 1 contains 3 rate plans all with their own checkbox (form) 1. Basic 2. Advantage 3. Gold I have a second sheet that all the inclusions of the rate plans. I have added on the top of the sheet the rate plans and a check box next to the inclusion...
  18. B

    VBA Run-Time Error 438

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to learn the basics of VBA to automate basic repetitive work tasks. When attempting to declare variables and use them I keep getting a runtime error 438. I am sure this is a vary basic format error, but I have not found any support on how to resolve the issue. Any...
  19. E

    Lost Macros

    Hi There, I'm a bit confused. I appear to have lost my macros. I have written multiple codes and have created icons at the top of my excel window. These all appear to work fine but when I open up visual basic I cant see them anymore. What have I done? and how do I correct it? Any help is much...
  20. M

    Looking for basic formula advice

    I have to take report exports from Salesforce and calculate things like total sales, number of orders, etc... and I have basic sumifs & countifs formulas for most of the statistics (for date ranges, or product type etc..). My problem is that the raw data reports are structured differently...

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