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    Inserting ' in blank cells

    Hi, Do you know how to make a code that will enter ' in blank cells in column range A-C? Amount of rows differs in spreadsheets.
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    Organizing tasks and schedules with forulas

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make a spreadsheet that includes a calendar for task scheduling and the project details in another tab. Columns B and C in the calendar look something like this: <tbody> B C proj.1 task 1 (blank) task 2 (blank) task 3 proj 2 task 1...
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    Highlight Blanks and not "spaces" - conditional formatting

    Hey there, i am trying to highlight if a cell is blank, but don't want " " (a space) to be considered a blank cell. I tried adding a ' before the space, and this doesn't work. Any ideas? isblank and not " "
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    Returning Formula without blank cells

    I am working on creating a list of students who have not turned in an assignment by staff adviser. I want a list that says Beth, here are your students who have not turned in the assignment. I can get a formula to return the students name by owner, HOWEVER, when a line of data doesn't return a...
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    VBA If/then. If cell is blank run macro, if not stop.

    Hi... it's been 8 years but maybe someone will see this. I also want to write in VBA, if cell is not blank, then do this. And then stop. Acting only if the cell is not blank... This is based on a column of numbers, updated monthly. So when the month is updated, I want the macro to run. But I...
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    3 Cell formula calculation based on Dates

    All, I have been working on this formula for a bit and am struggling it to finish it of. I have 3 cells that consist of Date/Time stamp H, I, J: My formula below: =IF(AND(ISNUMBER(J2),ISNUMBER(H2)),(J2-H2)*1440,IF(AND(ISNUMBER(J2),ISBLANK(H2)),(J2-I2)*1440)) But I want to included that if...
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    Excel VBA to hide rows based on cell value in range

    I am looking for assistance in revising code for one of my worksheets (Sheet3). In essence, I want to look at a specific cell within a range and if that cell is blank, then hide the entire range. Sheet3 has 5 ranges to gauge whether to hide the blank rows and thought a Union would be the best...
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    #VALUE! Error I have an Excel spreadsheet in which a random number and a blank is generated for a Numerator for a Fraction in Column F and a Denominator is generated in Column G using a formula based on the number which is generated in Column F. When I attempt to generate the resulting value...
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    Due Date, Finish Date

    Hi :) I have a question concerning due dates and finished dates. How would I format the two columns to where if it is complete, the red format I have set up for "expiring soon" goes away? If the order is complete, I'd like for the conditional formatting to correspond. Due date is column D, and...
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    VBA count Blank Cells

    Hi All I am looking for a little advice as i expect i am going to get a spreadsheet soon with exported data and i wanted to get a head start on a piece of VBA that i'm not aware how to do: So i have the example data below as follows: <tbody> A B C D 1 Name Date Time In Time Out 2 John...
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    #Value, MODE, LEFT and time of day help, please.

    Hello all - I have been given some great help recently in trying to return the MODE of a series of TIMES (as in times of day). This has been very helpful, and I thank you all. Now I have hit a snag in implementing it. In col C2 I have the following formula: =IF(Main!DG3="X",Main!G3,"") This...
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    Run a VBA code to remove blank cells and return first non-blank cell with multiple criterias

    Hi, I require a VBA code to help me remove blank cells across different column labels to reflect the first non-blank cell in each column across unique row labels. This: Has to end up looking like: Where all the duplicated row labels are removed, with only unique values remaining and the...
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    Run a VBA code to remove blank cells and return first non-blank cell with multiple criterias

    Hi everyone, This is the sample text. What I require is to remove all the blank cells and lookup the first non-blank cell value as each category for each Name has ONLY one unique value. So this: <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" span="14" width="64"> </colgroup><tbody> Has to end...
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    Unidentifiable Non Printing Character

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet which has data imported from a very old excel format (excel 2.0). There are cells in this file which appear blank however excel 2017 does not perceive them as such. The really odd thing here is that if i use F2 to edit the cell and then hit enter or Tab to move off of...
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    Finding Blank Cells in a Dynamic Range: VBA

    The following code of mine is not running: Sub Blank_Cell_Alert() Range("A2").Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToRight)).Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select Selection.Name = "MyRange" ActiveSheet.Name = "MySheet" If...
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    Keep Data Going With a Blank Row

    I am trying to get the data to continue numbers while duplicating the previous rows. Then I need it to go over a blank row every 48 or so rows. I need this continuously for over 35,000 rows. Image for help attached - Please note I put in the image how I would like the numbers to keep going...
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    Ignore Blank Cells

    Hi, Can someone help me with this formula please.. If any of the I cells (I18, I19, I20) are blank I need them not to be counted. =(C13/(C13/I18+C13/I19+C13/I20)*K6*K18)+(C13/(C13/I18+C13/I19+C13/I20)*K6*K19)+(C13/(C13/I18+C13/I19+C13/I20)*K6*K20) Cheers
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    Using a formula to determine whether multiple cells are blank or not blank

    Hi all, I am just trying input a formula to know if a large spread sheet with a certain task has been completed or not. I have 100 cells that all need to be input with a value (e.g. cell is not blank) for it to be deemed to have been completed. The cells are...
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    vba to merge cells

    Hey guys, im looking for a vba to merge the current cell with all the blank cells below it. I'm automating a report, which turns into a pivot table, and then i need that pivot table in text format for something else. I was thinking of doing something like this and merge cells while recording...
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    blank cells if loop

    Hi guys, im trying to fill all the blank cells in a selected range with the text "no data". however, im doing a monthly report, and its not necessary for each month to have blank cells. so how can I make an if loop where it checks if blank cells exist in the range, if they do, fill with "no...

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