1. J

    =BDH() Formula shows as #N/A until after the Sub has finished running

    I'm pulling in data from Bloomberg using '=BDH()' formula, however this shows as '#N/A Requesting Data...'. This formula is in the middle of the Subroutine. At the end I am trying to find the sum of values pulled in from Bloomberg using the =BDH formula. My issue is that as the =BDH formula...
  2. P

    Share excel file containing live quotes from Bloomberg

    Hi everybody, I am Paul, and I recently joined that forum. I would like to share to other computers an excel file which contains formulas to fetch live quotes from Bloomberg. My idea was actually to push to OneDrive or Sharepoint a copy containing only values and being updated with a Macro...
  3. N

    Generating table usin bloomberg add in

    Hi. Im quite new to bloomberg and using the excel add in. I have a question regarding WTI Crude Oil, but it can be for any given stock or security. I want to pull out historical data, preferably in a table. I want to see the price of the comdty (CL1) at a given time period, and price at a exact...
  4. M

    Need a macro to completely stop running, then start again on its own.

    Knowledge of how to use the Bloomberg terminal is not required to solve this problem, but if you do know how to control Bloomberg with Excel then feel free to tell me if there is a completely better way to accomplish my goals. I have a list of about 20 tickers from B19 to B40 (the list has a...
  5. R

    Bloomberg Ultimate Parent Company ID

    Does anyone have a formula to use the Ultimate Parent Company Id field to pull back data/info on a company (as opposed to using the ISIN number, the ticker, the cusip etc.). Thanks,
  6. S

    Bloomberg formula HCP & Excel

    Trying to work out how to show the percentage move of a security using Bloomberg formula. Below provides historial end-of-day and historical intra-day data. Formula: =BDH(security, field(s), start date, end date) Example: =BDH("SIA SP Equity","px_last", "12/29/2008", "12/30/2008") Is there a...
  7. W

    Parsing a Bloomberg generated array.

    Is it possible to do INDEX MATCH on an array that has not been exposed? I will like to import array data from Bloomberg but input the array straight into the INDEX MATCH formula without exposing the array on another excel sheet. Also, what extra syntax must a Bloomberg formula have to be able...
  8. M

    excel crashes when running macro

    I am having an issue when I am running a macro in a Bloomberg linked excel sheet to capture specific security information and import it into a 3rd party application. 10/26 was the last time I was able to successfully use the sheet. I believe at some point around the 26th excel was updated and...
  9. F

    How to stop/pause macro so "#Requesting Data from the server." can load.

    Hello all, I would like some help with an issue I am having when I am running my macro. I am using Moody's Excel Add In, and as I pull in DataPoints using their API function it requests the data that I need. Although when I run a marco that has these formulas built with their API functions...
  10. D

    VBA for shared excel on Bloomberg terminal

    Hi all gurus, I currently am running a P&L - Trade position excel on my bloomberg terminal. The excel file is linked to bloomberg live quotes and ticker with real time updates to the price and current P&L. The bloomberg terminal and the rest of the computers in the office are linked via a...
  11. M

    Excel VBA based Error - "run-time error '-2147221231 (80040111)':

    Every time I try to run the Macro that i have inherited from previous employees here, i get this new run time error. run-time error '-2147221231 (80040111)': automation error ClassFactory Cannot supply requested class when i hit debug it takes me to the following line Dim objDataControl As...
  12. P

    Bloomberg Currency

    Hello, I was asked to compare numerous companies' data in current three years; I tried to use the “Bloomberg excel add in” to import all data. However,the problem is that some companies used the different currency, such as company A used the GBP, company B used the GB, it ?but company C...
  13. E

    BDH Formula in Macro VBA

    Dear community, I would like to build a macro from directly obtaining Bloomberg Data (PX_LAST and OP_INT) for a large set of stock. Has anybody of you already tried to insert the BDH function into a Macro? How did you o it for multiple stocks? Could you create 1 table only? I am sorry fr this...
  14. M

    VBA with Bloomberg data

    Hi I have a VBA code which downloads data from Bloomberg (via API) into excel for a list of securities. Once the data has downloaded/refreshed the code then creates a pivot table. However, when the pivot table is created there are some fields which appear as though they have not...
  15. A

    Struggling with code and Bloomberg Refresh

    Hi, I've taken a look around some of the previously posted solutions, but am having trouble understanding why my code will not work. I am four hours new to VBA, so please forgive me if this is all wrong. I am able to open the file and the data refresh, but I am unsure of whether its refreshing...
  16. S

    Bloomberg formula refresh

    Hi Fellow Excel Mates, Hope you are doing good. I am trying to automate a Bloomberg refresh process but seem to get stuck with a event i.e Bloomberg data refresh. the whole process is broken into 3 parts which runs in loop. a. copies ticker from database b. refresh Bloomberg c. run a analysis...
  17. L

    Let bloomberg functions old before preceding with the vba

    I just need VBA code that I can put within mine that allows the Bloomberg formulas to load before the rest of the VBA code continues. I've been trying to do this for a while and can't figure it out! Any help would be great!!
  18. C

    VBA Code to run Macro for Bloomberg

    Hi guys! I'm very new to this so i hope i'm following posting rules! Have a simple question (probably for you experts!) - i have a spreadsheet which task scheduler opens and runs a macro. However, i'm having problems with the macro. I need the spreadsheet which contains a bloomberg addin bdh...
  19. L

    Copy and pasting specific cells from one workbook to another through a button [VBA]

    Hi everyone. I am really new to Excel VBA and I am trying to automate some processes at work. Before we push out our products, I use workbook A (Source & the active workbook) to generate charts based on bloomberg data and given parameters which are keyed in. These parameters are keyed into...
  20. J

    Pause Macro Until File is Downloaded and Opened

    Hello: I have the below macro which pulls in an excel file from the Bloomberg application. Microsoft excel does not stop processing the VBA. I need the macro to stop until the file named "grid*.xls" is opened, and then start again so I can copy and paste the data. Please advise - been stuck...

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