1. B

    Inconsistency with Boolean multiplication

    FGHIJ21TRUETRUETRUE01I21I21=PRODUCT(F21,G21,H21)J21J21=F21*G21*H21 Why do I get the wrong result in column I?
  2. WildBurrow

    Pasting select columns to another sheet using LastRow and Offset

    I've found code that will copy select data from (Sheet1) to another (Sheet2) ; using only values found in columns "B:E" and "I:K". Columns "I:K" will always have data on each row pasted on to Sheet 2. Columns "B:E" may not have data on each row. Code from Sheet1...
  3. Q

    Tab color not updating (VBA), despite target cell doing so

    I'm trying to use VBA to get tabs/sheets to change color depending on the TRUE/FALSE status of cell A1 (A1 checks if there are any FALSE values in a column of TRUE/FALSE values that will show FALSE if a certain value in that row is greater than a certain other value in that row). A1 updates...
  4. S

    Time/Date Stamp based on Boolean Value, Formula only.

    Hi Folks, I have a table with upwards of 1000 entries on it and multiple people will be working off this file (not at once). The idea is simple, you check a check box and it adds a time stamp into the "Sent Date" column. Each box is linked to the neighboring cell. However using the NOW() or...
  5. D

    How to put countif function into array formula?

    Good afternoon all. We are trying to count and sum the monthly payroll for all employees #1,#2, etc. up to a certain count (in the example below, 7). Essentially, we need all the Boolean answers (see formula) to be in a sequence and then for an array formula to spit out a sum (and count...
  6. E

    Public variable value not being shared by other modules

    Hi guys. I'm fairly new to VBA and I'm having a small problem here. On a certain project I'm working on I have declared a couple of public Boolean variables. The value of this variable is consistent inside the same module, but if for example I change the value of Public x as Boolean to True in...
  7. F

    problem with VBA that checks a true false value in a cell from another xlsm file

    Hi All I have two files : A and B. I am writing a VBA in file A that generates some value and writes that in a cell in file B. in file B macro, there is a Function F and there is a cell in which a formula written that used this function F that generates a True or False value based on the...
  8. T

    Boolean set first cell check if data then got to next cell

    Hello, I would like to find the code to set a start cell to check if there is a number in it, if not check next cell in the row? Example sometimes the source data is in BL3 and others its BK3. so if I can set a short loop it might solve an issue. ws2.Range("A1").Value = ws1.Range("BL3").Value...
  9. T

    Image in Footer via VBA

    Hey guys, I hope you can assist me... I am trying to protect a document by having a particular footer appear every time a person saves. I have to make multiple versions of the document for different people and am battling to the get the image to change per saved version. I, by the stroke of...
  10. L

    If cell is Empty!

    Hi all, I am trying to check for all sheets if specific call E10 is empty and it prevents user from saving. Currently it is only working on the sheet that i am on. It does not work on the others, i want to make it that it checks all check for a specific cell before saving. This is currently...
  11. L

    example using boolean

    Hi I understand how boolean variables work. However, I am looking for a simple code that use boolean to understand it better or to see how it is used really. I created the code below but to me that does not make a lot of sense, I have seen this example on the net. Sub myboolean() Dim...
  12. F

    VBA: Add period to end of sentence

    This works well, but curios, can this be done without looping? Such as with Evaluate? SubAddPeriod() Dim c As Range For Each c In Range("C8",Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)) If PeriodExists(c) <> True Then If Len(c) > 0 And Right(c, 1)<> "." Then c = c & "."...
  13. B

    Return Multiple Values from IF Statement

    Hi Commnity, I have a formula I am trying to compile to return to me with who's anniversay date it is from a range of employees and their corresponding hire dates. I know that a IF statement generally works to find the first TRUE logical evaluation and then stops, but if there are multiple...
  14. B

    Easy VBA Loop Through Variables Looking for Boolean Flag

    Hi All, I'm attempting to write a code that looks through a potential of 50 different Boolean variables and creates a new variable "YES" if at least one is flagged yes. I am extremely new to VBA and just know basic loops. Any help would be appreciated. Thank!
  15. M

    Infinite save prompt loop on close

    I'm using the following macro to suppress messages about there being things within the workbook that the document inspector can't remove. It works but when closing the file it enters an infinite loop of saving and then prompting me if I want to save changes. How could I exit this loop after...
  16. Dazzawm

    Change Part Of Before Save Code In Bulk?

    I have loads of files that have a before save code within them. I need to change the location, is it possible to change part of the code without opening them all individually? This is the code Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean) If...
  17. C

    More convenient way to return text with Boolean?

    I’m trying to avoid lengthy IF() formulas by using Boolean operators. Is the a more convenient way to return a text string from a cell based on a True/False result that doesn’t involve an IF function? Numbers are easy because you just multiply them by the true/false result.
  18. P

    Update UDF for Win 10

    Hi folks I have a simple UDF just to compare text files and highlight any lines between the two that do not match, it simply runs the basic DOS file compare function but just simplifies the usage. Just had my work pc upgraded to Win 10 (Yep... just), and now find that this doesn't work any more...
  19. R

    OptionButton: Boolean vs Long, and why -4146?

    Hi Folks, I've been doing some reading up on the Multiple UserForm Controls with One Event Handler concept, and a few questions have arisen... :confused: Some (most?) of the articles I've read talk about using Long variables vs. Boolean to hold the value of OptionButtons & CheckBoxes. The...
  20. J

    Best Practices When Coding Multiple Buttons Performing Similar Actions

    Wowza, Wasn’t sure what was the best way to word my question. I’m currently working on a code that transfers dates from an excel sheet into a webform and selects a specific export button on the website (just pulling reports essentially). Each button pulls a specific report. So there’s a need...

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