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    Give error/msgboxbox if cell hasent had any values for x times when clicking a button

    Hi. Is there a good way to make it so that if i click a button, the code will check if a spesific cell has had any values in the last 10 times (10 is just an example), and if it hasent, a error message /msgbox will appear? Example. Lets say A1 is the cell i want to check, and a button with...
  2. M

    Convert EUR to GBP VBA Script

    Hi, Im trying to create a script to change all the values on the press of a button from GBP to EUR and back if the button is presed again, can anyone help. I search online and the forum but not joy. Many thanks
  3. P

    Sorting Data over several worksheets

    I have a excel file that has 7 worksheets in it. I have a button set up that says Sort data. I want to be able to use one button (Sort Data) to sort data over those 7 sheets but each sheet be alphabetized by its self. Also i want the cells that are to be sorted on each sheet to be: A3:AL32 and...
  4. D

    VBA Macro link to daily report

    Dear Forum, I need a little wisdom here please. I have managed to create a working Marco that filters, formats, deletes etc. a worksheet report. The Marco name is: Daily_Report_Filter Each day we need to pull a report, the report data and structure is always the same but the file name...
  5. G

    Identify Macro running from a custom button on the Ribbon Bar

    Hi folks, I added a number of buttons to my ribbon bar but can't recall the name of one of the attached macros. On a regular form button, you can just right click to Assign Macro and the current one is shown. However, the button bar does not allow this approach. Any ideas how I can identify the...
  6. A

    excel buttons 1,2

    hi guys, i would like to make two buttons, one at B1 and the second at C1. if you press B1 button must show number 1 at A1 or if you press C1 button should show 2 at A1. The second issue is that i would like to have these buttons in columns because am interesting to have data in A1:A30. thanks...
  7. R

    VBA IE to click on button inside a table

    <table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0"> <tbody><tr> <td style="width: 1%;"> <img alt="" src="/an/919858511/p/Ariba/hdr_Ariba_Discovery_2x.png" height="30" border="0"> </td> <td style="padding:4px 20px 0px...
  8. Z

    Userform Listbox updating and adding values using Textbox

    Good evening, Can some one please guide me, am stuck with the adding and updating of the list box... My userform contains a list box which is populated by a range from a current worksheet ie the last worksheet of the book, I need only three columns to be shown in the list box, column"Q", "R" and...
  9. J

    check for duplicate in excel table before adding new

    Hello I am fairly new to VBA and i am looking to create a tabel without having someone enter duplicate records over and over by hitting the AddReturn button over and over. below is what i am using for the command button. Any Idead what i should add to stop this? Private Sub AddReturn_Click()...
  10. M

    MACRO button to fill headers

    Hello, I have a workbook in which I would like to have some headers populated by simply filling in some cells with text then hitting a macro button to populate the headers of multiple sheets automatically. The headers already have some text in them which need to remain. i have snip images of...
  11. A

    Button of 0 and 1

    hi guys i would like to make a 2 buttons.The one will result 0 and the other one 1 at A7:A47.so when i press the zero button for examplle will result a zero at A7,then when i press again any of both will result at A8..then A9 and so on.can you help me on that?thank you!
  12. T

    Button Macro to read values in a few ranges then concatenate & list values based on the results of the read

    Okay, so I guess I cant attach a spreadsheet, but here's an Imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/jiV0xGn So what am I trying to do here? Well, let's say that I click the button that says "20k thru 30k". I want a macro that will read D5:D16, F5:F16, H5:H16, K5:K16, M5:M16, O5:O16, and then if the...
  13. K

    VBA Only Protect Populated Cells

    Hello, I need to create a button that allows a manager to lock all data input, but will then allow other users to add to the sheet below what has already been locked. I know how to set up the button and password, but everything I do to protect the sheet ends up protecting everything --...
  14. G

    Need urgent help please - button to run macro

    Hi there need some urgent help please to finalise a spreadsheet. I have a load of data entry boxes and then a button assigned to a macro to do some goal seek type calculations over several tabs and it calculates a resulting figure in the same front sheet in say cell F10. What i want to do is...
  15. K

    Toggle Buttons to select multiple sheets for printing

    Hi All. I created a user form with multiple toggle buttons. Each buttons represents a sheet in the spread sheet. I would like to be able to only print the pages of the buttons that the user selected. At first I tried to use the respective click button subs to select the sheets. It only select...
  16. P

    Macro Buttons change colour when pressed

    Hi, Looking for a solution to my Macro button (shape) problem. I have the below code which will colour a depressed button. Problem is this will only work for 1 button and i have 12 that i want it to work for. The idea would be that the button stays depressed until another button is selected...
  17. G

    Prevent "Backwards" Tab in Userform

    I have a userform with a bunch of text boxes, and on the bottom a Submit and Cancel Button. I want to be able to tab through these, but because the Cancel button is the last in the TabIndex, if a user is holding Shift and presses tab, it will go "backwards" to select the cancel button. Is there...
  18. J

    Change Cell Button to apply to all selected cells

    I have had a request from management. I have the following macro assigned to a button Sub TaskNotDone () With ActiveCell .Value = "N/A" End With End Sub This changes the active cell to N/A is there a way I can have this work if there are multiple cells selected. The guys find...
  19. J

    Toggle Button 3 options

    I need a macro to assign to an object button (Shape) when pressed it will toggle a specific cell value to change between PLANNED, IN-BUILD and COMPLETE. I have this code but it only gives me two options Any Help would be appreciated. Regards Jason Bing Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() With...
  20. H

    User Form Option Button

    I have a user form with several option buttons After selecting an option button and clicking on Ok, I would like the button to show the last option button selected it would be appreciated if someone could advise me how to do this

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