1. R

    Macro to refresh workbook, clear sheet, refer to path and import columns

    Hi, In my worksheet, I would like to add a macro which does the following at once: 1) refresh the active workbook, 2) clear the contents of a specific worksheet, 3) import columns data from a closed workbook, 4) refer to the path of the closed workbook based on cell data in the open workbook...
  2. R

    VBA button that insert copied range of cells below and shift everything else down

    Hi, I would kindly ask for help to accomplish this instructions using VBA: I already looked everywhere and no luck, any help will be really grateful.
  3. V

    VBA code writing help

    Hello, I am looking to create two separate buttons using VBA and have not been able to successfully write a working code for either. I am trying to have both these buttons edit every Excel file in the same folder as the excel workbook containing the button and every sheet within each Excel...
  4. S

    Macro for button to move to next row

    One of my sheets contains a dummy randomization schedule for patient entering a study. In the second sheet I would only like the current randomization to show, so one randomization at a time. And then when you click on the button the sheet updates to the next randomization. Any leads on how...
  5. C

    Excel Button and new template

    I'm a contractor and i use an excel workbook with different sheets (please see attached). i've been making more and more changes to it. i want to be a to click the PO button and have it create a new sheet from my "PO template" sheet in the workbook. i also want it to pull the contractor name...
  6. littlepete

    userform button next/previous works only one time !

    hello all :) i'm putting a NEXT and PREVIOUS button on my userform to see other data (from other rows) ... strangely they work only once, and i think why: the activecell.row is stored in a variable, but in the datalist the active cell remains on the same row. how can i change my code to make...
  7. D

    Create a button to move up/down sheet or a drop down

    Hello, I wanted to see if it is possible to create either a button or a drop down that can take me to a section on an excel sheet. I have 10 sections that are the same but can take different values in the section The title "Section 1" is on C12 then the next section is c78 and so on meaning...
  8. L

    How to make two new tabs pull data from each other

    I have a document that I’ve made with two tabs “shift report” and “machine data” which both pull various formulas and data from each other Is there a way I can create a button / macro that would copy both tabs but the formulas for the new ones would correspond with each other Eventually you’d...
  9. N

    Merge PDFs Button based on filtered list

    Hi, I'm basically looking for a method to merged all filtered .pdfs based on "work pack" column into one pdf using the button shown, see image attached. Is this even possible? I've seen methods using Acrobat Pro which I do not own. If when I click the button, it generates a merged pdf file...
  10. W

    Button to Create New Sheet

    Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! I am making a model and would like to create a landing page where I would type numbers and click on a button. When I click on this button it creates a copy of another sheet and makes the adjustment stated on the landing page. Is this possible, if so how can I...
  11. M

    button for copy pasting last row

    hello everyone, Does anyone knows how to have a button with macro function that when i press it, it copies D4 value and paste it in toppest coloumn available of Table 1 (From A7 to E22) and colourize it green
  12. W

    VBA - Add a set of data to a table by clicking on a button row x row

    Hello, I'm trying to set up a file that makes it possible to search through a pricelist and quickly adds the data from the item you picked to another table (where you do all the calculation ndr). I solved the search part through a simple Conditional Formatting Formula, but I've no idea how to...
  13. E

    Workout Randomizer

    Hi all, I am trying to make a randomizer in Excel to randomize my workouts. I currently have 4 workout lists in Excel: Abs, Arms, Chest, and Legs. The lists are made of strings with no numbers. What I want to do, is to have 3 different buttons, each for a different day (Arm, Chest, and Leg)...
  14. S

    Moving Columns - want to have a macro that finds certain ones

    Hi all! I want to create a macro that will find a certain column, based on the value of a cell in that column, and copy/paste values the data from that column to another sheet. The reason why i need it to find based on a value of a cell is because i have "customizable"/"moving" columns and...
  15. S

    Change a WorksheetSelectionChange to run once

    Hi! I have the following code on a sheet, this is a heavy workbook and I'm worried if its continuously running with every click it will slow down the user. How can I modify this to run only on the first click on the ActiveWorksheet, or so i can assign it to a button to be only run when clicked...
  16. S

    Create a button that change font color

    Hello.. again, I was amassed of how fast the first problem was solved and thank you for that. I have another question? Is there a way to creat a button that when clicked changes the font of all my in table rows (except header of the table) to black color, but when clicked again my different...
  17. ronald54457874

    VBA>! Search all sheets for the value contained in sheet "R" "F9", within the found Sheet, find cell "F11" of sheet "R"

    As I'm new to VBA, I'm studying new possibilities, and as I'm new to the forum, I'll learn a lot from all of you. I was making some adaptations to a partner's code, all of which worked until I was stopped in this one. *This is not necessary, it's just for knowledge and study purposes, if you...
  18. J

    Roster automation

    Hey guys, Looking to try automate my rostering process. Attached is a template of all drivers rostered days of work, and then a finalised roster showing what truck route they are driving. I would like to manually input the A/L (annual leave), then have a button on the left of their names that...
  19. M

    Generating lists based off button press macros

    Hi ladies and gents, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how to do this, so im gonna take a shot at explaining Basically, I'm trying to make a list from pushing buttons. The unique identity will change, so will the suffix, but the button values will stay the same. I'm trying to look...
  20. J

    Hide/ Unhide Rows based on Text Value - Checkbox

    Hi All, Can someone please help me to hide/ unhide rows on another sheet based on Text Value? For example, if 'Purchase Order' is enabled using a checkbox or a button, then rows containing 'Purchase Order' in a specific column, in this case Column D, will be shown. Note: I am trying to make...
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