1. S

    Create a button to copy a template and update it from starting sheet automatically

    ABCDEFGHIJ1OwnerCollar #Horse NameBred ToCreateSheetLBD14DHB60DEFD2AKR315One Famous MissGolden Boi3/5/20243/19/20244/2/20245/4/20242/13/20253AKR317I Cant Help ItFDD3/6/20243/20/20244/3/20245/5/20242/14/20254AKR324The Stands Of CommCyber...
  2. R

    VBA Code for pasting Value every nth cell in 2 different rows

    Hi there, I'm a bit stuck on some VBA code and need some help! I want to create some code for a macro button that will auto populate a value from cell A1 in cells Q19 and AJ19 and carry on doing this every 14 cells in both columns. It would be great if the VBA loop ends at row 355 as this is...
  3. W

    Protected sheet disables macro buttons

    I am working on an Excel form to allow users to submit data about decisions made and topics covered in meetings as part of a larger project. I will have a lot of different people entering data in this Excel file, so I want to lock as many cells as I can to make sure things aren't accidentally...
  4. Chris_010101

    Simple VBA Code help

    Hello, My excel is a master document that pulls in data from different excel sheets in different departments, each of which are all updated daily. I need to save the "master" excel once a week into a different excel with all the values pasted. This creates a weekly snapshot of the data as it is...
  5. A

    Help Using VBA To Create A Workbook Containing VBA

    Hi All, forum newbie looking for some advice.... In simple terms: I have an Excel workbook ("report creation tool") which uses VBA to create multiple new workbooks and email each outputted workbook to a recipient. I want to add a button into each of the outputted workbooks which runs a macro...
  6. N

    Password protect column with unlock button

    Hello everyone, I am trying to create a simple VBA code so that a specific column in a worksheet is unlocked when a button is presses and the password is inputted. Then I would like it to lock the column again after saving. I am really struggling to get it to work right. Basically want the...
  7. L

    Shift values to the right on demand with button

    Hello helpful people! I am trying to cut and paste the value of multiple ranges of cells shifting them 8 columns to the right. Essentially every month, I want the user to click a button and the previous month's results will automatically shift to the right so that the current month's results...
  8. C

    Moving sheets with macros and buttons into new workbooks

    Hi, I currently run a macro via a button, However when I copy the worksheet into a new workbook (which I must do regularly as part of our process with new jobs) , the button remains assigned to the macro in the original workbook and does not change to the macro copied with the new workbook...
  9. T

    Get button position

    Hello I just need to do a basic thing. When I press button I want to get the location of button for example to mgsbox. My code is here: Sub GetLocation() Dim Row As Long Dim Column As Long Row = Application.Caller.Row Column = Application.Caller.Column MsgBox...
  10. CubeMonkey

    Toggle Button to Hide/Show Data

    🤓 Good day my fellow nerds, I need help so I came here to see what Master Nerd could be so kind to solve this issue I am having. What I am trying to do: I'm trying to have a toggle button to hide/show date historical's on a Tracker. There is a tracker I have that I am looking to use...
  11. D

    VBA buttons: add / delete a row where clicked

    Hi everyone, For the love of god I couldn't figure it out. I have a document (all on one sheet) that has multiple sections. In each section there could be multiple rows "problems". I'm trying to add two buttons at the end of each row ("problem") to either ADD another row below where it's...
  12. A

    VBA Hide rows based on button selection

    Hi Please some one help me to find the solution for the below question? I have 2 sheets called Buttons and Database as shown in the below image. Upon button selection I would like to show only selected Name/Skills in Database sheet. eg: If "Dinesh" button selected show only Dinesh rows in...
  13. H

    VBA Code for date lookup and data transfer (god please help)

    I need to make a stock tracker in excel. It will be a shared document and there is going to be some not very excel proficient individuals using it. Essentially, I need to have a table which they fill out two columns: the stock (consumables) used [column a] or the stock level that day [column b]...
  14. J

    Add Formatted new rows on multiple tabs

    I'm trying to create a way for users to click a button that will add new rows to a workbook. For every sequence of 2 rows on Sheet 1, I have a corresponding sequence of 13 rows on Sheet 2. I need to make sure they remain in sync, so I'm looking for a way that each time I click a button 2 new...
  15. R

    2 macros (click a button) to insert certain text.

    I need 2 macros, one for a button when clicked to insert the text "NO", a second macro for a button when clicked to insert the text "YES". Both in range "B7:B200". Meaning if I click the button "NO", it will insert the text "NO" in first cell from range "B7:B200", meaning B7. After that if I...
  16. E

    Adding a row above a cell with a specific character string (to add row to bottom of table) using VBA code in excel and a macros button.

    Hi, I have seen a few thread on this, however none have worked specifically for what I am trying to do. I am create a template for a form that users will fill out in excel. The form is divided in sections and a few of these sections require an "Add New Row" button. I have the button set up...
  17. E

    Include the value of a Cell in a SUM based on the selection of a radio button

    I am looking for a Formula that will count a price based on the selection of a few Radio Buttons. So for instance =SUMIF(B1+(Radio selection 1=1, then add B2, if radio selection 2=1, add B3...etc I know this isn't the correct use of SUMIF but this is the essence of what I am trying to achieve...
  18. G

    How to get handle of menu in external application, and find button where no text is part of class.

    @Jaafar Tribak - I have seen that you have extensive experience in this topic so I am hoping that you can help me please. I have an external application that I can launch and control from Excel, but only up to a point. As soon as I click on the SEND TO button and the menu pops up I can't go...
  19. R

    Macro to add month sheets containing days

    Hi, I have a VBA code (see below) for a macro button to add month sheets in a workbook. Now the month sheets are sorted from January to December, but I would like them to be sorted from December to January; while still keeping differently named sheets at the end of the worksheet tabs. After...
  20. J

    Macro button to open up a pdf based on cell value

    HI, I am wanting a Macro button setup so that when a value is entered into cell E1 and then the button is clicked, a pdf opens up from a folder on X drive. Refer below snip. (Ignore the Display and Reset buttons, I am just after the Layout button) Can anyone help me with this please ...

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