calculated fields

  1. B

    Calculated Field Coming Back as Zero

    Hello and thank you for reviewing this thread. I am trying to insert a calculated field that shows the on time performance of shipments. I am pulling from a table that shows the tracking number the shipping lane I want to analyze and the OTP ( ontime performance ) code. I am inserting a pivot...
  2. E

    Pivot Calc Help

    Hi All I'm trying to add a calculation field to work out the % of two items in my pivot However, when I try to insert the calc field, i'm unable to work with the columns I need to work with My data set consists of individual training records, each row consisting of an e-learning module that...
  3. J

    Calculated field in pivot table for % true or false

    Hi There, I need a calculated field to work out the "completed on time" % in my pivot table. When i do it manually, my formula is =(D5-B5)/D5. I want to insert a calculated field but only have it create one extra column with one result. Thank you,
  4. M

    Custom Calculated Fields mid pivot table

    Hi, I have regular reports that I must send to a client. The report is based off of hundreds of thousands of lines of data. We are able to produce a pivot on this data, and this is what we report on a weekly basis. The historic data updates every week. (e.g. think in January there is a payment...
  5. wsnyder

    Named Range Calculated Field Pivot Table

    Hi all, Using Excel 365. I would like to use a Named Range that contains a Tax_Rate in a calculated field This way, users can easily change the rate on an Input Sheet if the rate should change. It seems the calculated field does not recognized the Named Range. What are some other options...
  6. M

    OLAP Pivot Table Custom Grouping/Categories w/ Detail

    Hi, I'm trying to create a custom group/category (w/o using the "group" feature) in an OLAP Pivot table that has the ability to show the associated group's detail. I have tried Calculated Members and Fields created using MDX but the resulting group/category doesn't show any detail. The two...
  7. S

    Creating a Calculated Field in a Pivot Table from Data created by column in Pivot Table Field

    My problem is that I created a Pivot table using a flat-file with a column Labeled Year. In the pivot table, I dragged the Year field to create 2 columns in the Pivot table. Now I want to compare the Year over Year Growth and can not use a Calculated field. I can create a column outside the...
  8. adrienne0914

    Average Calculated Field on Pivot Table

    I am trying to insert a calculated into field my pivot table so that it gives me the average for the last 3 months in the last column. When I use the formula =AVERAGE(Last 3 months), it inserts a formula between each column, rather than giving me an average to the right. I'm sure there is a...
  9. D

    Pivot table- inserting row that is function of items

    Hi- I have created a pivot table and want a % calculation on a row. I can not use calculated fields as it is an item in a field and I can not used calculated items as the items are in two different fields. For anyone financially minded it is a gross profit %. I have my pivot displaying total...
  10. H

    Add Calculated Field/Formula to Pivot Table referenced as a Data Model

    Afternoon, I have a pivot table references multiple tables (when creating the pivot table, i chose "add this data to the Data Model"). I have the relationships I need created, but when I go to select calculations to enter a formula and it's grayed out. I have sales data based of months, and...
  11. D

    Pivot-Table - Difference from total runing-in

    Hello everyone, I am building a cash management file and I managed to get it well untill I want to finalize my pivot-table report. The thing I am trying to obtain is exactly describe here : but for a confusing reason I don't obtain the same result...
  12. G

    Pivot Table Calculated Item Includes all accounts from Profit and Loss Statement

    GM Excel Crew, I am having trouble and I need some expert advice. I am recreating a PnL statement using a Pivot table. It gives me lots of flexibility for my needs for analysis. However, there is one problem that is driving me nuts. In this PnL there are lets say 50 accounts. Of course its...
  13. D

    General Question when creating a calculated field uisng a percentage in a pivot table

    I am a bit new to creating a calculated field in a PV Table so I am not sure of all the restrictions. I have noticed that when creating a calculated field the default is sum of "your filed" and selecting different options does not change the value. What I need to display or calculate is one...
  14. N

    [Calculated Fields] how to Get Count Product more last month

    i want to used [Calculated Fields] on Pivot table to show customer buy number of product compare last month Ex Month 1 Customer 1 Buy 4 Product A B C D Customer 2 Buy 3 Product A B C Customer 3 Buy 3 Product A B D Month 2 Customer 1 Buy 4 Product A B C E Customer 2 Buy 3 Product A B D...
  15. D

    Pivot Tables Find difference between 2 columns where fields are not in data set

    Hi I have a data set where the data has a column called Fin Yr and the column is populated as FY15 or FY16 When I show these in a pivot table column view (across) I want to create a new column to show me the difference between the Fin Years Can someone please advise how this is done as a...
  16. G

    Calculated Field not Working in Pivot Table

    Hi, I'm working with a pivot table in 2013 counting dates in various fields. I added several calculated fields to determine conversion rates from one category to the next and all works well. I am attempting to add further calculations, but for some reason the same fields I have been using are...
  17. G

    Calculated Pivot Field Woes...

    Strange issue I'm hoping someone can help me out on: I have a tall data set that has an amount tied to a person and a date, say like such (as a simplified version - the actual data has several thousands of lines for individual people stretching back 90 days): <style type="text/css">...
  18. J

    Pivottable, Calculated Field,

    I'm having problems with calculated fields in Excel 2010 when adding columns to the data source. Adding columns results in calculated fields becoming corrupt! Datasource DataRep DataSales DataCOS Tom £300.00 £150.00 Deek £200.00 £100.00 Harry £100.00 £50.00...
  19. A

    Calculated Field - variance to column total

    I'm looking to set up a calculated field in a pivot table that shows the variance to the column total; similar to the show values as % of Column Total option in value field settings, however it has to be a calculated field and is just the straight variance. I understand that you cannot...
  20. R


    Right now I have a slicer named "Clients" with options for Client 1 to 8. This is controlling a PowerPivot table. I was wondering if it would be possible to eliminate an option from the slicer. Essentially what I want is that Client 8 always remains chosen. I would only like the user to have the...

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