1. Z

    Add to Data model creates #REF error on my calculations

    Hi guys, I forgot in the process to add data from power query to the data model, now when I have a lot of formulas referring to this table, I cannot change it as it throws error on all those formulas. Is there way to pause the evaluation? I remember I saw it somewhere but I don't know where...
  2. G

    Perform different calculations based on cell content

    I've looked around and could not come up with a good idea of how to accomplish what I would like to happen. Basically, I have about half a dozen different simple calculations that need to be done in the same cell, and what the calculations are depend on certain partial text that needs to be...
  3. D

    ctrl+shift+f9 (forced calculation) does not work

    HI, I am a trader who wants to do some backtesting with excel. It went fine until yesterday. I discovered that my workbook won't finish its calculations, each time I press f9, shift+f9, ctrl+shift+f9 or change calculations mode from manual to automatic and vice versa it starts to calculate...
  4. P

    Ignore calculation based on cell value

    Morning! An easy one this morning (based on how clever everyone round here appears to be).... I have a spread sheet with various calculations in it. What I would like is for a cell to simply blank that cell if another cell on that row has a specific value in it. Example. The Column with the...
  5. C

    Interest calculated daily, paid monthly

    I have a savings account where interest is calculated daily and paid on the 3rd of each month. Most months the account is not touched but sometimes I might pay an amount in or take some out. Have created a spreadsheet with columns for amounts in/out, daily balance, number of days between...
  6. P

    General VBA question

    I am an intermediate/advanced user of Excel but have never tried to learn VBA. All the work I do is very calculation and chart heavy, working with time-series and statistics etc. A typical worksheet might include several columns of price data, from which there are several other columns of...
  7. G

    Manual Calculations questions

    HI Can you set excel up so that I can do manual calculations on one workbook only? I know how to do it on formulas tab but it sets all my excel workbooks for manual calculation and need one specific book only to have it. Any Ideas?
  8. D

    Storing historic data in excel

    Assume that my workbook has 2 sheets, "A" and "B". Data will be uploaded in "A" and all the calculations and result finding will be done in "B". So for 1 upload in "A", 1 row in "B" will be utilized. During the next upload, the user will delete the data from "A" first and then upload new data. I...
  9. O

    UDF Error with automatic calculations

    The formula below is being used in a table to see which cells in the range have a particular conditional formatting color. When I enter the formula in the first row and excel auto-fills the other rows, the formula works. If I turn on automatic calculations, it gives #Value !. If manual formulas...
  10. D

    Change the name of a Cell to Text label using another cell and it uses anther value cell for calculations

    Hello I am using Microsoft Excel 2013. I am working on an estimating bill of quantities for Civil Engineering. In the Excel sheet 1 is the summary sheet 2 is the Office over heads and other costs sheet 3 is earth works sheet 4 concrete. In sheet 5 I want to build up the rates to use in each of...
  11. F

    Copying data and pasting to certain sections of a table depending on what conditions are met

    Hi all, Fairly new to this. I've got a sheet where calculations are done, and a table where the results of those calculations are copied. A simple example would be that I have 5 trucks that work everyday for a week. Using the calulations sheet, I would enter the truck ID number in a cell, and...
  12. C

    Formula Problem When Using Results From Another Formula

    Hi All, I need a bit of help with a calculating spreadsheet. I can seem to get the formula to work in cell AD9 because it is using the result of another formula in its calculations. I have posted a link to the document below. Can someone help me please? Chris :confused...
  13. C

    Assign a characteristic to a measure Power Pivot

    Hello, I have many measures (f.e. GDP:=sum([total rev])...) and I want these measures to have assign a characteristic (f.e. CF, or PL, or BS). Is there a way to map a measure to a characteristic in a data model? Thank you in advance
  14. M

    How to maually calculate a range?

    Hi everyone, I have a massive spreadsheet that auto-validates data from around 20 columns, utilising around 20 columns with advanced formulas, and about 20 named ranges. What I'm wanting to do is streamline the processing of these as much as possible. Most are 1-4 columns per "category". I was...
  15. A

    loan calculations

    How do i post an xls file? thanks
  16. V

    XRL Report - Calculations switch off

    Hello all This is a bit of a strange request I update a report with an add on tool in Excel called "XRL" When the report is updated "XRL" has switched the calculations function off. I thought of trying a worksheet event change to switch the calculations back on but this is not working unless...
  17. W

    Enable / Disable Iterative Calculations

    Hi, Can anyone help me to build a button which enables/disables iterative calculations? I'm not really sure how to do it and I have googled it all to no avail.
  18. Z

    to Eliminate row needed for gapup and reoccurance function and data

    Respected , (1)Way in calculation of gapup and reoccurance, Is there anyway so that formulas done in a10,b10, A13,B13 & A16,b16) can be accomodated in A11, a14 & A17 formula in Row 10,13,16,.......... has to be maintained , as it is referenced by formulas in A11, a14 & A17 which complicates...
  19. R

    Calculate Formulas with Visible Rows Only

    Hello, I'm designing a resourcing spreadsheet and am trying to customize the formulas so it only calculates numbers for the rows that are filtered out/visible. From somewhat similar posts, it seems like I should do something with the sumifs and function 9. I got stuck after dealing with the...
  20. S

    Help with calculations using ifs and minimum

    I need help creating an ifs formula that will calculate based on a minimum number. Here is an example: <tbody> TABLE 1 Widget --Widget Length-- --Widget SF-- $$$PRICE$$$ </tbody> <tbody> TABLE 2 --Widget Length-- --Widget Cost-- 0-24' 5 25'-28' 10 29'-32' 15...

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