1. R

    Calculate Formulas with Visible Rows Only

    Hello, I'm designing a resourcing spreadsheet and am trying to customize the formulas so it only calculates numbers for the rows that are filtered out/visible. From somewhat similar posts, it seems like I should do something with the sumifs and function 9. I got stuck after dealing with the...
  2. S

    Help with calculations using ifs and minimum

    I need help creating an ifs formula that will calculate based on a minimum number. Here is an example: <tbody> TABLE 1 Widget --Widget Length-- --Widget SF-- $$$PRICE$$$ </tbody> <tbody> TABLE 2 --Widget Length-- --Widget Cost-- 0-24' 5 25'-28' 10 29'-32' 15...
  3. A

    Enable interactive calculations

    I have enabled Interactive calculations in Option/Formulas. I have PW protected the Workbook and the sheet. Others use the form to input data. The enabled Interactive calculations keeps coming unchecked or going back to what is default. How do I stop this from happening?
  4. Z

    Turn On AutoCalculations but do not calculate now

    Hi, Is it possible to enable AutoCalculations (after I disabled its) by prevent immediate calculations until normally it would be executed (after some changes in worksheet is done?)
  5. D

    Formula to split cell into array

    for some reason i can't wrap my head around this, but it's so simple! my string: "4,18,3,23,56,127,1,89" i need it to be split (with =MID) into {4,18,3,23,56,127,1,89} so i can do different calculations on it etc. thx.
  6. M

    Is there a faster formula? Round / Sumproduct / sumifs / if

    Hi, Without me posting a full working example of the sheet / workbook, can anyone point me in a direction of how to speed up this formula? When I use this, it is across 16 columns x approx. 3,000 rows (this is variable but not by much) It will effectively be doing 48,000 calculations x how...
  7. J

    Returning Calculations based on a search function?

    Hello All, thanks in advance for your help! This may be an easier task than I'm making it out to be , but here's my predicament.... I have sheet1 where I am interested in making calculations over several months for instance: <tbody> Account Name # of 3 over 3 mos # 3 over 5 mos Happy...
  8. E

    Simple Question on Calculations

    I have a workbook with 20 worksheets in it. There are some 100,000 cells in total that contain calculations. During data input I turn calculation mode to Manual otherwise these calcs are running flat out all the time that data is entered and thiungs run really slowly. Once a line of data...
  9. A

    duplicating rows macro

    I have a row of calculations that use cell A2 as the initial value. The calculations go from B2 to AZ2. All cells have a calculation that relies on the calculation in the cells before it. Sometimes i have multiple calculations to run, so I drag A2:AZ2 down. So if i have 10 calculations to...
  10. S

    Hello again, need to retrieve the cell calculations of the formula and not the results. Whats the way of doing it again?

    I've done it before. Its not f9 (which shows the calclatations in parts of a formula). Besides, f9 is not working for me right now. Its something else which is quite simple. But havn't (though should and could have) used all this time. I did it once for a concatonate. Now want to do it for...
  11. D

    How can I force my own crude "auto-recalculate" while working in an otherwise manual-recalc state?

    I pull in thousands of lines of real-time / tick-by-tick stock option data via my brokerage's RTD server, and I then run a bunch of formulas / calculations on all of the data I pull in (some of them resource-intensive, like real-time ranking, INDEX lookups on a table of 4,000+ rows, etc, though...
  12. A

    Incrementing variables and repeat calculations

    Hello, I am trying to work my way through a script that will take information from one column, concatenate it with another, repeat that for a section of cells, and then repeat all those steps with a different original field, incrementing until a blank field is reached. The data I have looks...
  13. D

    Using IF function for an array of cells and 2 criteria

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and am hoping I can get some help. I'm trying to search a worksheet for anywhere an error check (all error check calculations are labeled as such) is being done and then showing that either the error check calculations show no errors or show that there are errors being...
  14. iknowu99

    recursive nested loops

    Hello MrExcellers, How would you create function that takes the parameter to make calculation of nested loops. Specifically the repetition of "for " line reproduced inside function? For ex: for a=1 to 10 for b=1 to 10 for c=1 to 10 for d=1 to 10 'calculations next d next c next b next a as...
  15. JenniferMurphy

    How to save a workbook without redoing all calculations

    I have a worksheet with a table containing 60,000 rows and 12-13 columns. Several of the columns have paired columns that calculate the rankings of each value in that column against the entire column. Because it takes several minutes on my creaky old XP laptop to calculate those rankings, I have...
  16. R

    Data Table Replication

    Hello, I am trying to use a data table for inputs and another data table for calculations based on the Inputs from the Input Data Table. So therefore I wish to replicate the data exactly in the Calc table as it is in the Input table and then add columns for my calculations to the calc table. I...
  17. P

    Financial statements preparation software or DIY

    When I need to prepare financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, etc...), I generally use an excel template I made which draws account information from one table and generates pivot tables using that info. To make all this work, the data table draws information from other tables...
  18. zookeepertx

    Spreadsheet changing to Manual calculations and recommended fix doesn't work

    Hello! Every now and then, completely randomly, Excel changes itself to Manual Calculations. There's no telling what workbook it will happen on or when. I've had it happen on a workbook that was operating fine until 2 minutes ago, then - POOF - it's now on Manual. I've searched this site and...
  19. E

    SUM Formula

    Hi everyone, Got a formula here that is calculating oddly. Not sure if I am missing something. =IF(AND(VLOOKUP(D23,D:P,11,FALSE)="Yes",G23=0),0,+Y23-Z23) The formula is FALSE (which is correct) so the bolded section is the part pulling the calculation of the following (the calculation is...
  20. F

    Creating calculations

    Hi all, Please see the document attached. I basically need to figure out how to do the percentages. Thank you. EDIT Correct link:

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