1. A

    Will a kind soul help to provide a vba solution to press a button (e.g 3) in Microsoft calculator without using sendkeys?

    Hi all, Will a kind soul help to provide a vba solution to press a button (e.g 3) in Microsoft calculator without using sendkeys?
  2. P

    Blended Fee Calculator

    Hi Im trying to build a calculator that calculates a blended fee based on the constraints below. For example, if X client has $10 million to invest - his fee would be:? <tbody> <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Investable Assets $ 10,000,000.00 Blended Fee From To Rate...
  3. Z

    VBA run-time error 91, variable not set

    I'm now getting run-time error 91 with it highlighting my variavle rng1 as not being set. The code worked previously but now on re-opening the file isn't working. If someone could please let me know what I need to alter here in my code I'd greatly appreciate it. Dim x As Integer Dim y As...
  4. J

    Data validation list

    Hi All, I created a calculator with data validation and then created a formula to calculate qty of t-shirts by color by size using SUMIFS, but when I change the data in the calculator, the data leaves the previous cells calculation, For example, if I have 5 green t's in small, the result is in...
  5. M

    How to implement an online calculator into an excel workbook

    Hello I want to implement an online calculator from a webside into an excel document. I want to be able to set those parameters in the excel document and get the points and the risk from the calculator...
  6. G

    Surveys Needed Calculator

    Good Day! I wanted to make a calculator to determine the number of perfect surveys needed to reach the target. Please see details below: Current score: 96.77% # of Surveys: 31 (30 satisfied / 1 dissatisfied) Goal: 98% Appreciate any help ?
  7. J

    Plotting curves or shapes?

    Hello everyone! I've posted before, then later deleted my account, but now I'm in need of your expertise again. I have a calculator called "Chutecalc1" written by a gentleman who used to be in one of my model rocket forums. Anyway, this calculator calculates the shape required for a...
  8. K

    Macro for calculating taxes

    I'm having a lot of trouble starting this sub in vba. Here is what I have already, but I'm not sure if I'm taking to right angle. Sub tax()Dim income As Double Dim tax As Double income = InputBox("enter your income") If income >= 200000 Then tax = ".35/income" else if income End Sub Assume...
  9. N

    Calculate shipping cost by entering weight

    I have an excel worksheet which has 3 sheets in total. This is the 2nd one. And this is the 1st I want a formula that will automatically take data from 2nd sheet (when I enter a weight in "Enter Weight LB" cell) and paste it on "Shipping Cost" cell by Zone of course. "Your Zone" cell is...
  10. M

    VBA to open files to import into calculator

    Hello all, my first time here and beginning VBA user. I designed a calculator which compiles and interpretes the results of 9 different sets of output from image analysis software. I always name the 8 output files identical: 1 to 9 (excel workbooks). To start the calculator I use a messagebox...
  11. Z

    Spinner Buttons in Google Docs

    HI, ive made a one sheet document that i want to publish on google docs and use as a basic calculator when im on the move. trouble is when i open it in google docs all the spinner buttons do not appear..
  12. N

    gpa calculator

    hi, i was wondering if someone could help me with calculating my gpa for 5 subjects. I am searching for a online gpa calculator and also a gpa to percentage converter. Please help me with the steps to use the calculator, if any.
  13. John Caines

    Recovery Drawdown Calculator

    Hello All. I'm trying to figure out how to make a drawdown recovery calculator. I've come up with the formatting, outline of the calculator, and I've got an idea of what some of the formulas might be. Trouble is I can't see how to enter the formulas into the spreadsheet properly. I have a...
  14. C

    Exporting data to other columns in the same work book

    Hello, I'm not sure how to explain my question, as I'm not familiar with the Excel Lingo, but here goes. I have created a calculator for position sizing of stocks. It's very basic. Just a few inputs and the other data are calculated - brilliant. Now, as time passes, I'd like to keep a log of...
  15. J

    Half-life calculator WITH redosing

    I'm trying to make an elimination half-life calculator (for medications and such, can use the basic one without redosing for radioactive decay too). The formula for a basic half-life calculator is easy enough, but when you want to add redosing, its hard. The thought behind was to be able to...
  16. T

    Distance Calculator for excel between two citys with kilometer result

    Hello kings of the formula i want to Distance Calculator for excel between two citys like this one
  17. V

    Payslip Calculator Excel

    Hi All, Does anyone know of an Excel Payslip Calculator available to download somewhere? Normally when I want to estimate my next months Payslip based on my Basic and my overtime being 1 month in arrears I use this website: But ideally...
  18. B

    planetary positions calculator

    I need a MS Excel calculator to find Planetary positions on any given day (past, present or future) as I am a Astrology enthusiast. Can somebody help.
  19. J

    Post Code Calculator UK

    Hi All, I have searched the forum and found some US postcode versions, but i am looking for a post code calculator in miles for the UK by road. Does one exist for mileage by road. I have seen some mention API ( i am clueless about), so am looking for a legal version as i saw it mentioned...
  20. W

    Calculator based on differing variables

    I am hoping to be able to calculate a date range when an initial scan would be required for a patient treatment by working backwards from the date of a patient treatment and factoring in different variables. Variables would include varied timeframes based on differing complexity and staff leave...

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