carriage return

  1. S

    Carriage Return in Custom Date won't reduce column width.

    Hi Everyone - I'm trying to minimize my columns for printing (using "Fit All Columns on One Page"). One of my columns is a date that I have formatted as DDD, MM/DD - for example Mon, 7/10. I've added CTRL+J after "DDD," hoping to wrap the text and reduce the column width, but it won't go any...
  2. AjohnWoods

    Remove leading non-displayable characters from cell

    When I retrieve data from SQL table, the cell content always has leading non-displayable characters, which I think are carriage returns, that need to be removed For example: here is the same using a text editor that shows the cell contents in HEX values It is the leading 0D 0A 0D 0A 0D 0A...
  3. Z

    Carriage Return or Line Break or ALT+Enter in Cell problem

    Why Carriage Return or Line Break or ALT+Enter adding automatically in every excel cell ? is it a virus or corrupted excel software because I did not put anything its auto adding in every cell ? I have reinstall office 2013 many times and windows 7 also but same problem every time. please help...
  4. B

    Excel remove ONLY trailing carriage returns

    I'm trying to remove only the trailing carriage returns from my data. Sometimes there's 1, sometimes 2 or more. I don't want to remove other line breaks, only the trailing ones. Can anyone kindly assist?
  5. Muleskin57

    Select "OK" in sort warning box

    I'm running a large macro that reformats a data dump from an accounting system. It sorts several times and subtotals. During the running of the macro, I get an "error" message that Excel cannot determine the column header row. I have been hitting ENTER ("OK") and the macro moves on until the...
  6. M

    Removing Leading Space after hard return in cell

    I have a spreadsheet with items separated by a semi-colon and use Control + Shift + J to replace the semi-colon with a hard return. The ultimate goal is for all items to be stacked within the cell. However, whether I use Control + Shift + J or macros for replacing a character with a hard...
  7. R

    Combine Unique and Duplicate Data Multiple Criteria

    Hello, This has been puzzling me for some time. I operate a weekly farm share and we attach custom labels to each customer share. The customer places an order with multiple items and we can export a CSV file. The attached sample data highlights each row as a separate customer with the full...
  8. S

    VLOOKUP Trouble w/ data from Multiline Textbox

    So I need some help with some VBA code. I am pretty much brand new to VBA, let alone coding, and you fine people of MrExcel have been my saviors over the past week. The goal of my macro is to grab a variable amount of ID numbers (anywhere from 1 – 30) and to paste them in a column of another...
  9. T

    Copy and paste from column without quotations on carriage return.

    I have several textboxes with buttons that populate several cells in a single column and then copies that column so that I can then paste the contents into a seperate company data entry program that is web based. I have enabled the enter key (for carriage returns) in the textboxes so that...
  10. T

    Show special characters/symbols for carriage returns and line feeds

    I'd like to know if there is some special way that we can visualize carriage returns, line feeds and other whitespace(like tabs) within cell text similar to what you can see on this screenshot of Notepad++: I'd like to either achieve this by changing to a font...
  11. C

    Save CSV without carriage return (CR)

    I am attempting to create a comma-separated text file that will be used to import data into a third-party program. The program requires that there not be carriage returns (CR) at the end of each line. I have attempted to save as CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv), CSV (Macintosh) (*.csv), and CSV...
  12. B

    Find Replace to insert Carriage Returns

    Someone please save me from losing my mind. I'm working with a document that has several cells which require double carriage returns within cells. The location of each space is marked with an @ sign. A few weeks ago, I found an article online that explained how to do a find replace where the...
  13. M

    sum numbers in carriage return text

    Hello :) I have been looking through the forums to find an answer to my query and I seem to be close but don't know what I need to do next. I have found this post which sums numbers in a comma delimited text string and modified it to count using Chr(10) as the delimiter...
  14. M

    Keep carriage returns in html code when concatenate

    Hi, I have been looking everywhere for a solution for this? I have some html code for simple webpage layout and have split this into multiple cells on a sheet where some cells will always be identical (the main code structure) and other cells will have different text (e.g. name, description...
  15. C

    Checkbox on userform

    Simple question, either this is not at all easily possible, or i am dumb. is there a way to Carriage return past a checkbox? My users are entering data, and then hit enter, when they get to the checkbox they have to tab, as most of them are used to using enter, and I is it possible to make...
  16. A

    Remove Chr(10) symbol from a text box.

    I need to remove the Chr(10) symbol (a square) from a multi line text box. The text box is on a form and then the contents are entered into a comment box by a button. The "returns" are not sighted until entered into the comment. The nature of the data requires a new line in the text box like...
  17. B

    VB code to convert delimited text to carriage returns

    I have an Excel table that is a linked list to SharePoint. When data from a multiple choice field in the list syncs to Excel, the multiple choice values appear as a single line of text delimited by ";#" in the Excel table cells. I would like to convert the delimited text to separate lines in the...
  18. W

    Carriage Return Within a Cell - How?

    Hi, I am sure there must be a way of doing this other than cut'n'pasting, but does anybody know how I can force a carriage return (line feed) into a cell in Excel when I am wrapping text? i.e. when you press return excel takes you into the next cell. I want it to remain in the cell and start a...
  19. G

    Force line break in label that is concatenated

    Dear All, I have a cell where I am stringing text together and want to force a line break/carriage return in the label. I know that if I was purely entering text, I can hit ALT+Enter within the text to force a line break. How do I accomplish this when the text is created using concatenation...
  20. R

    Passing Multiline textbox to one cell

    Hi guys, I am using a userform which has a textbox which I have set to multiline so that the user can enter several lines of text all in the same textbox. This text then needs to be copied to a cell in Excel. My problem is that when I do this the carriage return squares appear at the end of...

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