1. A

    VBA to colour line chart based on cells colour

    Hello, I have about 20 line charts with >30 series in each one which I want to colour based on cells in one of tabs, like this: So I am trying to use VBA to pick up the line and marker properties for each of the series above, but for the life of me I can't find a way to make it go from...
  2. S

    Change Trendline on Excel Chart

    Hey, Is there a way to change the trendline in the attached Sleep view, so that it looks a lot sharper & trend is clearer over the 30+ days. Kind of like in the attached CPU view? Thanks
  3. P

    Add 'Window' (?) To Line Chart

    I'm trying to add a window (if that's even the right term) to a line chart. I've done a mockup attached - it's just a line chart with a yellow rectangle drawn over it. Is there a way to actually add this rectangle as part of the chart and make it dynamic based on cell values? I want it to...
  4. T

    Circle chart showing times of the day

    Hi all, so my problem is this. I want to basically make the attached picture in excel. What this shows is a 24 hour day, divided into various chunks of X hours. This I can kind of do with a multiple-series donut chart (I need multiple concentric wedges), however the bands are WAY too thin and...
  5. G

    Dynamically changing a chart dataset based on dropdown value

    Hi, I have a chart which fetches its data from a dataset. on the sheet i also have a dropdown list with values in it. I want the chart to use a different data set based on the value of the dropdown list. is this possible? thanks Gareth
  6. M

    Combo Chart - linking data to different data points

    I have attempted to attach the mini sheet below with a Data Input table in which I have created. All of the cells in the Standard columns have a drop down list connected to them including the following: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 etc. The cells in the ticks column is a manual entry...
  7. L

    Chart: 2 columns of x-axis values and y-axis values but want one series

    Hi, I am trying to make an line/scatter line chart for trend analysis where there are x-axis and y-axis values in two different columns. In the attached image, I would like to use columns D and I as x-values and E and J as y-values. However, I want the points to display in order of the x axis...
  8. M

    Line graph - change colour if number decreases

    Good afternoon, I have some data already in a combo chart, a mixture of stacked columns and a line. The data for the line predominantly goes up in order, e.g. 1,2,3,4,5 However their may be some instances where the data will decrease, e.g. 1,2,3,2,1 I would like the line for the data where...
  9. T

    Converting Sparkline from Google Sheets to Excel

    I have a google sheet that uses the sparkline formula '=sparkline(C6:C)' which seems to automatically add to the sparkline with new incoming data in the C column. However, this data range is not valid in Excel when trying to create a sparkline. Does anyone know how to replicate this to have it...
  10. G

    Pivot Table and Chart using same Query/Slicers/Timeline but different groupings

    Hi All, can't seem to find a solution to my problem. I have written a query that returns data from a database that is viewed in a pivot table. I use timelines and slicers to change what I am looking at, this works fine for one table and chart. I want to create other tables and charts also linked...
  11. R

    Chart not showing progress bar match with percentage

    Can someone please help me understand why the data bar in the second chart (screenshot attached) isn't showing the bar height relative to the percentage like the top one. Tried every setting I came across and it won't show the bar correctly. Thanks in advance!
  12. J

    VBA to change chart background picture offset values

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to change the Offset Top, Bottom, Left and Right values through VBA. The chart is an XY scatter plot. Any help appreciated!
  13. N

    Inspiration needed.... Excel chart visual aid

    Hi, Im looking for some inspiration. I have a table / spreadsheet that I need to create charts or other forms of vision in order to drive focus to the areas which need it most. Using the sheet: Excel File The sheet is basically looking at 7 machines, R1, R2 etc... Looking at R1 as an example...
  14. K

    #How To make Hyperlink >Workbook File > Sheet 1 (Particular sheet link)

    How To make Hyperlink >Workbook File > Sheet 1 (Particular sheet link) # i try excel file create other excel file to particular sheet hyperlink making...... Pleased help me
  15. T

    Comination Chart with Custom Y-axis and Timeline?

    Hello all My question is related to charting a set of data in a specific way that I can clarify as we go on, but the jist of it is included below, I am in a bit of a pickle with a task I have to convert some MATLAB code into VBA. Usually my methodology to do this is to develop each chart...
  16. D

    Excel script to export chart in sharepoint

    hello to all. I am trying to create a script that extracts chart elements (in jpg) from excel to sharepoint. I'm currently using this script but without results: function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook): ReportImages {...
  17. B

    Dynamic Dates on Chart

    Hey everyone, I have a fixed table with dates (x-axis on desired chart) that go for several years into the future, but data (y-axis) that only goes a few months. This will be a working file where new data is added each month. I'd like an area chart to show the data across the dates that have...
  18. W

    VBA - How to Create a Visual Basic Macro Chart Based on Expenses

    Hello, I am a newbie working with VBA on Excel. I have been trying to figure out to create a pie chart and a column chart using the following data to show expenses by locations. How would I create a chart that shows expenses based on each location in VBA? Distribution Centers Budget Proposal...
  19. S

    Add outline to bubble in bubble chart based on sample size in another cell

    I would like to add a yellow outline to a bubble if any of the three values used to create it are between 50-75. This will be a bubble chart with several slicers so the need for a yellow outline will be a moving target. Any way I can achieve this? My data set up (from a pivot) looks like the...
  20. M

    Chart that will automaticaly adjust its series based on pivot table.

    Morning all, another day, another problem... So lets just say that we have: Workbook_one.xlsx basic daily export out of database with only one sheet. Lots of data, hard to read. Number of rows varies, number of columns stay same. Workbook_two.xlsm this workbook is used for processing the...

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