1. B

    VBA to add Multiple Charts on One Worksheet

    Hi all, I am wanting to use VBA to insert multiple charts into one worksheet in specific spaces. I have a chart template created already as the same chart will be used for each. Here is a photo to help explain what I'm wanting to do. I want to use the data in each row to create a bar chart...
  2. H

    Constructing a custom Y axis for a chart

    This might be a simple question but I am looking to make a bar graph using what is in the data picture The scale I am looking to use is the second picture - with 1 being completely false and 7 being completely true. In the graph I am looking to have the graph show completely false at the bottom...
  3. M

    Charting assistance request

    I have the below data, where column 1 is a date, column 2 is a location # of computers, and Column 3 is a location. The order of the columns doesn't matter. I would like to chart the location and number of computers at that location over time, showing a shift from one location to another...
  4. M

    Heide column chart with zero values in Excel

    Good morning, everyone! I am trying to create a dynamic chart in Excel. However, I want to hide the columns in Bar chart with contains zeros because it looks too much crowdy. I used the zero filters, but it hides for me the whole column. my problem that each category has 4 bar chart I just want...
  5. B

    Graph/chart options for 5 years of monthly data points for 40 departments

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out how to best visualize 5 years of monthly data of sales figures across 40 departments, where the goal is to find trends in a given month-year combination for a department (and perhaps ideally, comparing across the 40 departments for the 5 years of month-year...
  6. A

    Update each bar color based on values in column A

    Hi All, I would like to fill colours of each bar based on values available in column A using VBA. Please see below image. I can simply fill the colour manually, but i would like to do using VBA because I am producing same kind of chart where more bars adds or removes so colours on bar graphs...
  7. D

    VBA to set absolute position of chart DataLabel

    I have an Excel scatterplot with a number of 2-point series. I am trying to set the position of each DataLabel in VBA, but its behavior is unpredictable. Here is the result, with each label text showing the (.Left, .Top) value that was set: I would expect every label with .Left = 100 to be...
  8. J

    Move a chart from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2

    I created a complex chart on Sheet 1 but need to move it to a clean sheet 2. How do I do it? jgb
  9. A

    Macro switches rows/columns in chart when only 2 data points

    My macro builds a bar chart from data in A5:B and F5:F. The horizontal labels are in A and the values to be charted against the vertical column are in B and F. My code worked fine until a co-worker's dataset only had 2 data points (so the chart covered A5:B6 and F5:F6) and then things flipped...
  10. C

    Bar-in-cell chart

    Hello, I want the chart to be reversed. That the next days have the longest bar and vice versa.
  11. B

    Conditional formatting the number format of a chart

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a solution for a chart in PowerPoint, but I assume that if there's a way to do it in Excel it would also be applicable to my query. I'm trying to achieve the following. I have a column chart and I want to force it to show only the values <3% with 1 decimal place, and...
  12. Y

    Chart with VBA

    Hi Experts, I am trying to create an automated mind map chart according to the table. So basically group one would be on the left, if IN is true then group 2 "feeds" group 1, if OUT is true then group one feeds group 2, if both are true then they feed each other. Group 2 always feeds group 3...
  13. Worf

    Organization chart with VBA – Part 3

    This is a continuation of the project mentioned below. To produce the chart, run the main routine. The information on each box is now presented in two different colors. These colors come from the corresponding cells at the source table. For more detailed explanations, refer to the previous...
  14. S

    Show Items With No Data Not Working the Same Since Nov 2022?

    I have a spreadsheet that I haven't refreshed since the middle of November 2022. When I refresh the data today, the chart shows every month instead of only the filtered month! Has something changed in excel since November 2022? This used to work, but now doesn't, and all I did was RMB...
  15. V

    39 sponges in a tray...

    Hello and thank you in advance if you're reading this. I think it will be fairly easy to solve but my Excel knowledge is limited. I work at a production company that can fit 39 "sponges" into one shipping box. Because a production run total changes based on the amount of material we have, the...
  16. X

    Cumulative Monthly Report

    Hi I have a range of data that looks something like the attached image. The data is from an external database that I have cleaned up in Power Query (it wouldn't clean up in Power Pivot) and brought into Excel. I would like to produce a cumulative monthly report that total of requests that...
  17. V

    Chart series date misalignment depending on source data

    Hello, I'm having an issue trying to bring multiple data sources with date X-axis values into the same chart with a VBa macro. The chart "scales" to the first series added or whichever is set as the source data. When the other series' are added, I think they might be unwittingly "discretized"...
  18. M

    Trouble deleting only freeform shapes in excel chart using VBA and not the chart.

    With help from I've put together a sub which shades under two excel scatter plots using freeform shapes and filling the shapes. The sub then copies the chart and the 2 associated shapes to be used in a word document. I would the sub to delete the shapes and leave the chart so that...
  19. M

    Chart picture vs camera tool - Which to use?

    Hello all! I have been reading posts here and online and i'm not sure which path to try. I have a Userform with many buttons that lead to various "Orderforms" - 1 per vendor. What my macro does is capture the info from each vendor onto 1 "Summary" Sheet and 1 "customer info" sheet. (I guess...
  20. Y

    Label name doesn't appear in vertical axis of the chart

    I have a two column table, column one name of countries column two a number field. Table has 230 rows. Number column is sorted I draw the chart and in Format axis|Axis options|Labels|Specify interval unit to 1 but some names like Italy doesn't appear in the chart. What shall I do to get Italy...

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