check box

  1. M

    Hide/Unhide rows based on value with a checkbox

    Hi everyone I hope, that some of you are able to help me. I have a large excel sheet with a lot of rows. I column "F" I have the status stated. It can be open, closed or blank. I would like to have a checkbox that hides every row with the status of "Closed". I have tried this, but that won't...
  2. T

    Hide/Unhide rows based on 2 checkboxes

    Hello, I am trying to hide/unhide certain rows based on checkbox. I am using Form Control checkboxes. I am using the following VBA code for single checkboxes: Sub CheckBox17_Click() If ThisWorkbook.Sheets(1).CheckBoxes("Check Box 17").Value = 1 Then...
  3. AJWildOne

    Check Box True return Today's date

    I added a check box in Excel that returns "TRUE", "FALSE" in cell D38 Then added this formula =IF(D38="TRUE",TODAY()) to D34 where I want today's day to display if the checkbox is "True". Seems simple and would be very usefull but it doesn't work. Any suggestions for syntax?
  4. B

    Sum calculation using a checkbox

    I’m creating an estimate form and I’d like to be able to calculate a sum whether a box is checked using the checkbox in a cell?
  5. S

    Copy worksheet from template

    Hello, I have played with this and still can't figure it out. I have connected this macro to a check box: Sub copy_Sheet() Dim wb As Workbook Dim activeWB As Workbook Dim FilePath As String Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.DisplayAlerts = False...
  6. G

    Add checkboxes to Listbox

    I have many checkboxes that I would like to move to a listbox to make things look neater in my spreadsheet. I have never used the listbox but I would like it to include all of my checkboxes with the option to choose multiple checkboxes. I know I must change the properties of the listbox...
  7. tlc53

    VBA Save PDF file of each sheet from Dashboard

    Hi, In my Dashboard sheet I have totals that feed through from each of the client sheets. Next to these totals, in column G, I have check boxes. I would like a saving macro to run if the check box is ticked. So; Sheet1 (Dashboard) Check box ticked - save pdf file of Sheet4 (Cordis) Check box...
  8. tlc53

    Hide Check Box with VBA Code

    Hi there, Trying to get this code to work but not having much luck. It currently does nothing. Can anyone see where I am going wrong please? Thank you! Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target = Range("d8") = 1 Then...
  9. reneev

    Macro/VBA Questions:

    1) Uncheck boxes with Macro Button - I have created a form in Excel which when protected, users can tab through and fill out either by typing, drop down boxes or checking a box. I created a macro button to "Clear Form" but the only thing it won't clear are the check boxes even though I've...
  10. I

    Selection of dropdown list value with a checkbox

    I need help trying to implement a check box to automatically select a dropdown list value when checked, but when it is unchecked i would like to be able to select the value from the dropdown list. So, I have: <tbody> A B C left right left right left right upper ? ? ? ? ? ? lower ...
  11. V

    Make a checkbox add a specific text in another cell

    I have added a checkbox in a cell. I want the character " ' " to be added to to another cell if I check the box. The other cell stays blank if the box is not checked...Thank you
  12. G

    User Form ComboBoxes and CheckBoxes are blank

    Hi All you Guru's! I am having a little trouble with my use form. The form has 5 combo boxes and 12 check boxes. All my links work and everything seems fine with the exception of when I open the user form all the boxes are blank. So If I select 5 check boxes and then close it and then reopen...
  13. B

    VBA, Date changes when box is checked

    Hi, I have been working with an Excel file to send automatic mail based on some criteria and change dates when the ActiveX check box is checked. Condition: If I check the box, 'TRUE' is displayed in the adjacent cell. If TRUE, the current date has to be added with numbers (7, 30, 120...
  14. J

    OLAP to Reference ListBox (Active X Control)

    I have =CUBEVALUE() functions referencing twenty Lists created with Data Validation (Bolded below). =CUBEVALUE("ThisWorkbookDataModel",$B$2,$B$3,$B$4,$B$5,$B$6,$B$7,$E$2,$E$3,$E$4,$E$5,$H$2,$H$3,$H$4,$K$2,$K$3,$K$4,$K$5,$N$2,$N$3,$H$7,$A$1,$A12,B$11) The limitation is that only one value per...
  15. B

    Hiding a Row based on Cell Value

    Hi there, I have a series of checkboxes linked to cells in a row (A2, B2, C2 etc. up to U2) and if a check box is ticked then the corresponding cell = "True", if the box is not ticked then = "False" What I'd like to do not is use the call values of "True" or "False" to Hide/Unhide Rows...
  16. C

    Conditional formatting- Checkbox tied to partial string lookup

    Trying to get a check box, which is linked to the cell concealed behind it, to have conditional formatting so that when the check box is clicked the value 2 cells to the right (which is a partial string) will be highlighted throughout the schedule. I was thinking this could be done by having...
  17. B

    Limiting number of checkboxes

    Firstly of all I want to say hello. I've been a regular lurker around the forum and found the content here invaluable. I've come across a problem that has required me to sign up and ask a question of my own now though. I did a forum search and found a similar topic but unfortunately there...
  18. S

    check more text rows in a single cell

    Hello, :confused: I would check a cell with 2 text rows: - each row length must be max 25 digits long - I need a warning or highlight or cell fill in case one row exceed the max length I have set the data validation to check max length, non considering the row Could someone help me? Thanks...
  19. M

    If/Then Combo Boxes

    Hi, I can't seem to find a previous post close enough to what I'm trying to accomplish. Also, I don't know if this is possible with Excel formulas or if VBA must be used as well. Below I have an API that shows stock prices, volume, etc. Columns J and K have Combo Boxes and column N has Check...
  20. J

    Macro That Sends an Email To Certain Addresses Based on Check/Unchecked Check Boxes

    Ok, this is my first post. I have been able to use the forum to fix my issues with VB until this one. Basically I would like a macro to decide which email, subject, and body content based on whether or not a check box is checked. For instance: Checkbox checked -> sends email to
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