1. D

    Find missing checkboxes in userform

    hi all, The following code showing my userform contains approx. 170 checkboxes. Sub macro1() Dim ctl As Control Dim j As Long 'Dim msg As String j = 3 For Each ctl In UserForm1.Controls If TypeOf ctl Is MSForms.CheckBox Then If UserForm1.Controls(ctl.Name).Value = False Then Cells(j, 5).Value...
  2. X

    Can’t skip cells, no dupes, no formulas

    Hi, I have a list of 20 names in column B. Everyday I need to select 6-8 of these names and have them appear in col J without skipping cells, without duplicates and without using a formula in J. If cells get skipped it will break the formula on another sheet that is the purpose of the workbook...
  3. A

    Tick all in a selection of checboxes

    I have 50 checkboxes in 5 sets of ten, I was looking to implement a check all function to be able to check each set of ten if needs be, so 5 new boxes each with the ability to check all in their category. I have looked in a few places and can only seem to find check all on sheet (below) or...
  4. A

    Check boxes, affected by multiple sheets

    I have 2 sheets, first is a basic table that will help establish priority of work, that is where the check boxes come in. On the second sheet, when the work is completed, a date is put into B:B. I want to change the value of the reference cell from TRUE to FALSE based on the value on sheet 2...
  5. D

    Tick a checkbox online from Excel VBA

    Hi, I have a website with different different checkboxes, all with their own ID. I also have a list in Excel, each with their corresponding ID of the checkbox that is currently online. Example: Text 1 | Checkbox ID 1 Text 2 | Checkbox ID 2 Text 3 | Checkbox ID 3 What I would like (if someone...
  6. F

    checkbox with condition on textbox

    hi, i want to make a command button which calculated a specific formula the thing i want to do is to grab the data from a textbox and multiplied with the costo of each type, but the textbox only appears if the checkbox is in its value true, for example (it is in spanish): the checkbox is not...
  7. D

    Make some CheckBoxes in one Form behavie according to a ListBox of another Form

    Hey, guys. I put some CheckBoxes in my Form and make all of them invisible. Then I want to make only a few of them visible according to the number of Itens that the 'User' insert on a ListBox from the past Form. I also want to change the captions of these CheckBox to the same name of the itens...
  8. N

    How to create a dynamic check box?

    Hi. I have an excel file which has 2 sheet and so many values in there. Sheet 2 has 32 product items. And sheet 1 is my invoice. I want to add a checkbox in sheet 2 so whenever I check on an item it automatically includes in sheet 1. Serially... I attached 3 images so things get more clear.
  9. G

    Please help with formula or VBA

    Hello i am trying to use a checkbox to add the current time in one cell and then add a number to another cell. e.g. cell (B1) 10:31am - cell (C1) 1 then if i untick the checkbox, ti is clear. can anyone please help.
  10. E

    Title a Sub Routine with a variable.

    I have over a dozen checkboxes. They are titled checkbox1, checkbox2, checkbox3... etc. They each have a sub routine that tells them what to do when click. These subroutines are identical except for the number that indexes each checkbox. While this was easy to create using copy/paste. It is...
  11. A

    Check Box in Drop down list

    Hi all, I'm in need of a Check Box in Drop down list for multiple selection. The code which i had is given below. The disadvantages of the given code was duplication and unable to edit the selection. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim Oldvalue As String Dim Newvalue As...
  12. R

    Is there a way to make a checkbox automatically format a row?

    I have a sheet where I have a checkbox that is entering TRUE or FALSE into a cell. For some reason I can't seem to get those values to control the conditional formatting for that row based on those text inputs. I have a rule already setup when that cell contains "n". Is there a way I can...
  13. H

    Checkbox editing

    Hello. new to here need some help with checkbox and conditional formatting, ill explain my problem. i have a column, eg A, which has dates in, so different dates in each cell in column A i have set some conditional formatting to change the colour of the cells in A depending on the proximity of...
  14. F

    Form button to control checkbox selection

    I have what should be a simple piece of VBA code to put together, but for the life of me i am hitting a brick wall. i am taking a VBA class but the prof is having us write code that isn't in the book or maybe we haven't covered yet. i have a (form) button that needs to be used to toggle a...
  15. E

    VBA: I cannot find the "correct" Backcolor setting for a worksheet checkbox

    Through intellisense, I cannot find the backcolor fill setting for a checkbox shape within an Excel spreadsheet. I've used the "With" statement to make sure I'm selecting the one-and-only checkbox on the spreadsheet as well as the entire workbook. I'm not sure why this doesn't work? With...
  16. C

    Update Checkbox status

    Hi all, I know some of what I am doing is not the best possible solution but work with me. I have combobox that is populated from an access table. That works great. Now I have a checkbox that I use to update the checkbox field(Yes/No) in the same table based on the combobox selection. That too...
  17. A

    Ticking checkbox to link in other sheet

    Hi Guys, Please help me on my project. I am creating an inventory/monitoring form that I have a multiple checkbox on my userform and when when i tick the checkbox1 it will automatically go on that particular sheet. I made a simple program like this. Sheets("Apple").Visible =...
  18. A

    Checkbox link to a certain sheet

    Hi Guys, Good day. I have a project that i need your help and it goes like this. I will be using a multiple check box and if i tick a checkbox it would automatically go to a certain sheet. Thanks for your advance help.
  19. S

    Linking Multiple Check Boxes Together

    Hi All I have a Office 365 spreadsheet with 23 check boxes for categories for sweets (the check boxes either hide or show a row in another sheet). I also want to add a couple of check Boxes that will select all the "chocolate" (checkbox 24) sweets and deselect the remainder or select all the...
  20. M

    Fill in a dynamic created textbox with text a combination of checkbox and option buttons selected.

    Once again I bow to the superior knowledge of the group to see if I what i want to do can be done. I have a user from that is the first part of a mass email script that I am trying to write. What I would like is select one or several checkboxes in the first frame and then select 1 optionbutton...

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