1. J

    Hide/ Unhide Rows based on Text Value - Checkbox

    Hi All, Can someone please help me to hide/ unhide rows on another sheet based on Text Value? For example, if 'Purchase Order' is enabled using a checkbox or a button, then rows containing 'Purchase Order' in a specific column, in this case Column D, will be shown. Note: I am trying to make...
  2. A

    VBA Cell Value to hide rows- works on one sheet but not another?

    Hi all, I'll be the first to admit I'm quite new to VBA, but delving into it as much as I can. I've been building a questionnaire & want to be able to hide certain rows based on a certain value of a cell. I have managed this successfully on one sheet within my workbook, however when I copy...
  3. H

    Checkbox as variable not defined vba

    Hi everyone! I have a sub that I want to use on various checkboxes on various sheets. So I set the checkbox as a variable called Cbx: Here's what I've got: Sub Checkbox(Copysheet As Worksheet, ButtonSheet As Worksheet, Cbx As Checkbox) Application.ScreenUpdating = False If...
  4. E

    How to change a checkbox if checked to an asterisk when printing in excel?

    Is it possible to change a checkbox, if checked, to an asterisk only during printing in excel? But if the checkbox is not checked then it would print normally as an empty checkbox.
  5. D

    Tick checkbox depending on Listbox selection

    Hi All, I've done some searching but could not find an answer for this. In my userform there are a couple of textboxes, a combobox, 12 checkboxes and a listbox populated with a table. I would like all of the boxes to populate when I select a line in the listbox. Using the click event, I can...
  6. lockarde

    Enter into ActiveX Textbox with VBA

    Hello all, I have a spreadsheet with some checkboxes and text boxes. I would like to write a macro so that when I check a specific checkbox, it automatically enters into a specific textbox. I've found properties such as "enter", "setfocus" but those only seem to apply to form textboxes, I...
  7. M

    Add new rows to table based on another table value

    Hi All again! I am stuck again in a pickle and I have no idea how to get out of it. I am a newbie and this forum has been a life savior. I want the orange table to add a new column and fill it with check boxes each time a new member is added in Blue table. and If a new row is added in the...
  8. C

    Conditional Formatting based on Checkbox

    Hello all. I have Sheet1 where I want to put data on cells B2:E20. I want to place a Conditional Formatting on these cells. Basically, I want to fill the cell if a data is entered - doesnt matter what data, I will put something in that cell. However, the fill color on the cell will be dependent...
  9. T

    VBA to assign linked cell

    Please help if you can. The code below is to insert a new line at a row referenced from "uc" then copy the checkbox from a previous row and assigning the correct linked cell for the checkbox. It works upto the line where the linked cell is assigned (row inserted and checkbox created) , the...
  10. O

    Excel Checkbox - How do i duplicate entire row when checkbox is ticked?

    Hi all, I've always found my answers to excel questions on mrexcel, however, at the moment I'm struggling! I'm not that experienced with Excel. I have made a checklist with Check Boxes (Form Control), which is linked to the column beside it. When checked, TRUE appears in the column beside...
  11. D

    Find missing checkboxes in userform

    hi all, The following code showing my userform contains approx. 170 checkboxes. Sub macro1() Dim ctl As Control Dim j As Long 'Dim msg As String j = 3 For Each ctl In UserForm1.Controls If TypeOf ctl Is MSForms.CheckBox Then If UserForm1.Controls(ctl.Name).Value = False Then Cells(j, 5).Value...
  12. X

    Can’t skip cells, no dupes, no formulas

    Hi, I have a list of 20 names in column B. Everyday I need to select 6-8 of these names and have them appear in col J without skipping cells, without duplicates and without using a formula in J. If cells get skipped it will break the formula on another sheet that is the purpose of the workbook...
  13. A

    Tick all in a selection of checboxes

    I have 50 checkboxes in 5 sets of ten, I was looking to implement a check all function to be able to check each set of ten if needs be, so 5 new boxes each with the ability to check all in their category. I have looked in a few places and can only seem to find check all on sheet (below) or...
  14. A

    Check boxes, affected by multiple sheets

    I have 2 sheets, first is a basic table that will help establish priority of work, that is where the check boxes come in. On the second sheet, when the work is completed, a date is put into B:B. I want to change the value of the reference cell from TRUE to FALSE based on the value on sheet 2...
  15. D

    Tick a checkbox online from Excel VBA

    Hi, I have a website with different different checkboxes, all with their own ID. I also have a list in Excel, each with their corresponding ID of the checkbox that is currently online. Example: Text 1 | Checkbox ID 1 Text 2 | Checkbox ID 2 Text 3 | Checkbox ID 3 What I would like (if someone...
  16. F

    checkbox with condition on textbox

    hi, i want to make a command button which calculated a specific formula the thing i want to do is to grab the data from a textbox and multiplied with the costo of each type, but the textbox only appears if the checkbox is in its value true, for example (it is in spanish): the checkbox is not...
  17. D

    Make some CheckBoxes in one Form behavie according to a ListBox of another Form

    Hey, guys. I put some CheckBoxes in my Form and make all of them invisible. Then I want to make only a few of them visible according to the number of Itens that the 'User' insert on a ListBox from the past Form. I also want to change the captions of these CheckBox to the same name of the itens...
  18. N

    How to create a dynamic check box?

    Hi. I have an excel file which has 2 sheet and so many values in there. Sheet 2 has 32 product items. And sheet 1 is my invoice. I want to add a checkbox in sheet 2 so whenever I check on an item it automatically includes in sheet 1. Serially... I attached 3 images so things get more clear.
  19. G

    Please help with formula or VBA

    Hello i am trying to use a checkbox to add the current time in one cell and then add a number to another cell. e.g. cell (B1) 10:31am - cell (C1) 1 then if i untick the checkbox, ti is clear. can anyone please help.
  20. E

    Title a Sub Routine with a variable.

    I have over a dozen checkboxes. They are titled checkbox1, checkbox2, checkbox3... etc. They each have a sub routine that tells them what to do when click. These subroutines are identical except for the number that indexes each checkbox. While this was easy to create using copy/paste. It is...

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