1. D

    On Excel File Closing - Receive Out of Memory Warning and Closing of Application

    I have a reasonably large file with VBA code and Userforms. Frequently, upon closing this file I receive the error "Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications - Out of memory". Once I have closed the error message the entire Excel application and all open workbooks are shutdown and Excel restarts...
  2. D

    Save changes prompt upon closing file

    Why does Excel prompt to save changes when closing a file if no changes have been made? In fact, it doesn't do so consistently with all files, but I do have one file that even if I open it and them immediately close it without doing a thing, it still prompts me that changes have been made...
  3. P

    Daily inventory follow up - opening stock = to closing stock previous day if....

    Hi, I have a simple worksheet with daily stock entry and withdrawal for different items (based on a validation list). Column A = product description (items from the validation data list) Column B = Opening stock Column C = Withdrawal stock Column D = Closing stock I want to find...
  4. S

    Find By Column - fails

    Using Excel 2010 Sometimes, when I have it set to Find By Columns, it will only Find By Rows. Any idea why? Toggling the setting doesn't help. Maybe closing and re-opening the xls? I don't think that worked.
  5. T

    Target Calculation formula

    Below is a sample table i'm working on. We have an opening number for each member in B and a target closing number in C. Column D is the actual closing number. e.g. Mem5 target is 17,000 and closing is 17,000, Column E should show 100%. Mem4 target is 18,400, but opening and closing are same at...
  6. J

    Workbook_BeforeClose not working when closing application

    In Excel 2010, if I use the close workbook "X", Workbook_BeforeClose works, but if I use the application close button, it does not - why?
  7. azizrasul

    Closing a specific MS Access database

    Does anyone have any VBA code that loops through say 5 open MS Access databases and enables me to close a specific one?
  8. L

    Loop through VBA to join two columns prints properly, but I can't write to my destination column

    I'm trying to join the contents of two columns, and have the new string appear in a third. It looks great when I use Debug.Print, but I can't get the new string to appear in the third column. Here's my print statement, which works great: Debug.Print Worksheets("TEST").Range("AJ" & i).Value...
  9. G

    Forecasting Opening and Closing Inventory

    Hello all, new to the forum. I have an issue with powerpivot/DAX that I have not been able to solve. I hope someone is up for the challenge... The problem is calculating a YTD monthly Inventory closing position while ignoring cumulative negatives if there is no stock to satisfy the forecast...
  10. A

    Workbook Closing Error.. Help me.

    "The picture is too large and will be truncated "
  11. J

    Beforeclose does not work

    Hello all, I have the following code in a module and it does not display the message or save the workbook before closing it.What i am doing wrong?! Thank you in advance. Public Sub Workbook_BeforeClose() MsgBox "Save" ThisWorkbook.Save End Sub
  12. G

    Closing VBA code

    Hello, I have a workbook includes several macros. The file issupposed to be used in several computers with several users. In order to force users to “enable macros”, I added aworksheet named “open & close”. There is a note in this sheet givesinformation to users to enable macros. I also have a...
  13. Dan Wilson

    Close function not working right

    Good day. I am running Excel out of Office 365 on Windows10. I have two workbooks that are basically the same. One is for 2018 and the other is a copy getting ready for 2019. After doing some editing, the older version is now closing without asking me if I want to save it or not. The other...
  14. R

    Closing one workbook

    Hi there, I have a macro that does various things with a pivot table, it then duplicates the file and saves it as something else. I then need to close this duplicated file once it has been saved but when I use activeworkbook.close it closes the active workbook and the original file. I need the...
  15. A

    Only closing active sheet Code Mod

    Hello, I have the below code which is attached to a button on aspreadsheet. Its function is to close the spreadsheet down and also savechanges. However, when the button is clicked, it closes down all open spread sheetswhich is no good if my colleagues are working other spread sheets too. Is...
  16. A

    Disabling X to prevent closing of Spreadsheet

    Hello, Can someone help me please – I would like to stop peoplefrom closing my spreadsheet with the X buttons in the top corner of the screen.I want them to use a button which when clicked saves and also closes thespreadsheet. I have tried looking on Google but all I can find is code todisable...
  17. J

    Calculate only working hours between two dates with several constraints (includes weekend, excludes holidays, working hours ranges different each day)

    Hi all, I have read many threads regarding the calculation of working hours between two dates, including the following thread and the great answers from member barry...
  18. M

    View the last value in grouped pivot table

    I have a pivot table setup with dates along the columns, and these dates can be rolled up via groups into weeks or month. When the data is rolled up, is there a way to display the value from the last date in the group? In the example below it would be 2107 closing soh and 80 days cover when...
  19. U

    How do I prevent my macro from hanging when Opening or Closing a workbook?

    I have a macro that opens workbooks collects information and closes the workbook. It runs perfectly when I have a break point in the program, I just have to hit F5 to continue. I am running a UserForm as vbModeless to show where I am in the process. When I let it run it locks on a few...
  20. W

    Triggered Message Box to run code

    Sorry if this has been addressed, I've seen things that come close but don't hit the mark. I have a spreadsheet, column J indicates a Yes or No via formula to determine if a pump requires charging. What I need is prior to the worksheet closing, a message box should appear (if any cells in...

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