coding help

  1. R

    VBA - Timer Functions

    Hello Lovely Excel Experts!! I am here again for your vast wisdom. I have coded a timer (using a userform) it works beautifully I am just looking to add a feature if possible. Userforms as far as I know don't save data once the file is closed so what I need to figure out is how to allow for a...
  2. K

    Error trying to select sheet with public variable

    I am trying to make a code that makes the program write data in a specific excel spreadsheet according to the value of the variable "MachineName" declared as public What happens is that the program does not allow me to do it because an error is detected on line 96 The error: The code...
  3. J

    Popup message after clicking macro button

    Hello, I have the code below which I am using to send a spreadsheet by clicking a button. How would I go about having a popup message appear after clicking the button? What would the code look like for that? Thanks in advance. Sub SendWorkSheet() 'Update 20131209 Dim xFile As String Dim...
  4. S

    Look up code / formula

    Hi all, First time poster here - site was recommended to me! So, I have a log of hundreds of contracts which is set up with the external company name in column C, then all of our company names in columns F - S. The contract is logged by a Y being entered in to the column that related to the...
  5. M

    Excel lagging b/c code?

    My Excel Workbook is LAGGING! I believe it is due to my code being so long/tedious. I'm pretty new at VBA, I took a course in college about 6 years ago and I haven't had to use that knowledge since recent and it's not coming back to me as quickly as I hoped. I'm hoping that there is some kind...
  6. T

    Call Tracker MS Access Template

    I'm working on a tracker for my service desk calls and came across the MS Access Call Tracker. I have managed to get virtually everything working almost the way I need but need some help. I wanted to upload a zip file with sample data but can't find how to upload files here on this forum...
  7. K

    More Descriptive Message Boxes

    I need a message box which pops up when there is duplication on a spreadsheet, to be more descriptive by showing some of the duplicated information in the message. I have entered stuff but due to the order in which I am doing things I can't check if it works and since all my VBA is self taught I...
  8. J

    Help Needed VBA

    Hi, Here's my problem with my Userform. I have three(3) statuses namely, "Good", "Bad", "Normal" from which i wanted to appear in one of my userform's Textboxes everytime i tick a checkbox. Let's say i have 3 textboxes and i ticked one of them, my userform textbox would automatically show...
  9. N

    inserting addtional tables to a form using Macros

    Hi, I've been trying to figure this out for days and cannot seem to get around it. I'm wokring on an excel workbook that will be used for various forms used for types of work (W2 employee, 1099 employee, etc), the workbook has various tabs that go according to the form needed and includes...
  10. I

    Assistance with Excel for a semi-automated Attendance Tracking System with validation(s) required

    Hi everyone, To start off, my knowledge of coding is minimal and I do not have knowledge of this field. What knowledge I have is rudimentary at best though I do know how to use Excel, functions, pivot table etc. :crash: My needs are as below and I hope I be able to find someone here who can...
  11. C

    Insert diffirent values in auto-generated templates

    Hi guys, I've been asked to make several thousand invoices, so i thought i'd use VBA to generate them for me to save me ALOT of time. Each invoice look the same, but has to have a unique name and contain a unique vendornumber in cell B3. I have 2 column (A and B). A is the name of the excel...
  12. D

    Excel extracting problem

    Hi guys, I am doing a finance dissertation which consists of 20000 announcement dates and what i need is the share returns leading up to and after the announcement date. As it is finance and not computing, the tutorial they gave us was very basic and said you had to extract your data by hand...
  13. M

    Conditional formatting on cell a12 if cell b12 contains text "[b]"

    To Forum Users, I have read up on conditional formatting and looked through it on excel however i have only been able to conditionally format the cell that is targeted for the query. What i mean is if cell b12 contains text "[b]" then cell b12 is conditionally formatted to what i set it to. Im...
  14. M

    dynamic text box location on userform

    hi all, I have a userform that has 19 textboxes on it. I would like to enlarge the textbox when entered so as to give enough room to type a multi line answer as needed. My question is.... is there a way to reposition the text boxes below the active text box dynamically, say based on the top or...
  15. A

    VBA - Importing CSV files with blank fields to Access

    Good evening everyone, I have a data set of 500+ CSV files with more than 50K lines of data in each. Through out the data there are a number of empty cells. Unfortunately none of the cells as a fixed width or anything like it. I have included the code I am using to transfer the data in and a...
  16. K

    VBA Coding for a Userform Command Button

    Hello :) So basically, I have created a Userform and it asks the question "Do you wish to continue to Log Out?" and there are two Command Buttons within that Userform. A "No" Command Button and a "Yes" Command Button. If the individual was to press "Yes" then the Workbook would automatically...
  17. M

    Need to stop gettin notifications when trying to send emails from Excel

    Hi All, Can anyone help on this? If I want to send emails via a Macro in Excel and notifications comes up asking to allow or deny, for EACH EMAIL. Obviously, it is extremely tedious with such large volumes of emails to go out. Is there any coding etc that can help?
  18. M

    Excel VBA Notify/Email when specific data entered

    Hi, I have a worksheet on Excel recording complaints. Each complaint is assinged a severity level T1 to T7 (T1 being the most serious). The problem I have is that I need to create some coding so that when a T1 case is entered, an email notifies the required people. Can anyone help?
  19. E

    Macro Coding for GETCHARTDATA - help?

    Hi guys, Am hoping someone here can help me... I have a worksheet, from which I have created a number of charts that sit in another worksheet. At the moment the data sitting in the data worksheet is Feb to September, but next month it needs to be Feb to October. At the moment, I have a chart...
  20. pedie

    Please help: Need help in sorting data accordingly so that it stays updated:

    I have sample table below... When Aaron updates the data in a & b column whereas Kelly does it in D and C col. What i am looking to achieve here is a code that will copy both users data and paste it in E & F col that is date & time and data time order. but the next time when i...

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