inserting addtional tables to a form using Macros


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Aug 20, 2015
I've been trying to figure this out for days and cannot seem to get around it.

I'm wokring on an excel workbook that will be used for various forms used for types of work (W2 employee, 1099 employee, etc), the workbook has various tabs that go according to the form needed and includes buttons, in addition, at the end, i have added a "forms" tab. this tab displays the actual tables that i have created that are needed for each tab.

The ultimate goal is to have the user click the button in each form that will add a specific table (W2 table, 1099 table etc) from the "forms" tab and a copy of that table will be inserted in a specific place on the sheet, i have no problem when i am adding a table for one source (W2). however, the problem i seem to have right now is when there is multiple sources (W2 & 1099) which require two different tables and also two different placements on the sheet, my forms appear to get distorted, i've also attempted to include an 'X' next to my tables which will serve as a delete button for the table in the event the user didnt need it, but this was also giving me an error.

i've attempted doing this with and without relative reference and have had no luck, i hope anyone can help me !

if requested, i can forward via email my workbook as well as a sample from a previous workbook which displays the overall idea.


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Oct 17, 2005
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Hi nforero9,
this almost sounds like a project that could use MS Access, but I could definitely help you with the MS Excel solution. Feel free to send me an email (contact data in my profile).

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