1. M

    Copy cell color to another sheet

    I am very new to VBA. I have been trying to find the right VBA stuff to use to be able to copy over colors from another sheet. There are 6 different sheets in which I want to change the colors on the first sheet and want the designated cells in the next 5 sheets to change colors. I feel like I...
  2. G

    How to change Spreadsheet search (find) results cell border colour ?

    How to change Spreadsheet search (find) results cell border colour ? Seems so easy, but just cannot find anywhere that shows you. Excel 365 currently shows dark green, but with my eyes and screen colours, it looks very similar to the black of the grid lines.
  3. R

    Apply color to shapes using the color of other cells

    Hi I'm trying to color shapes from the filling background of several other cells (themselves located on another sheet than the shape). The shape "Pa1" (located on sheet "gif") would successively have the color of cell A1, then cell B1, then C3, then A2, then B2, then C2, then A3, B3, and C3...
  4. C

    Create a custom "Fill Color" selection row

    Hi, I wonder if you can help me. I've got a spreadsheet that is used by around 20 people. Unfortunately, these people are self-declared not tech savvy, scared of Excel, etc. They need to color code certain parts of the spreadsheet, but they all need to use the same colors - it's almost Red...
  5. H

    Trying to create a TextByColor function

    Hello, I'm trying to create a function called TextByColor using VBA. The purpose of this function is to read through one of my sheets called "JOB CODES" and the return all the cells with a white or yellow cell background to a sheet called "TV". The function should read through all of "JOB...
  6. J

    Count receipts using cell colour

    Hello, I'm currently working for a company selling phone cases and other accessories and, even tho they don't really care about their own Excel files, I do, as it makes the workflow much more convenient. Recently, my manager has asked me if I could come up with a formula for automatically...
  7. I

    Copy sheet to workbook the text color in a cell dont follow.

    Hello All...I got successfull vba code to copy the worksheet to different workbook. In one worksheet cell have text with color (Title is orange, Status is blue, Plan is black). But when I check the saved copy, the Title text color change to blue...the rest of texts are correct. The funny...
  8. S

    Colorize a few cells by choosing a specific date (VBA or Conditional formatting)

    Hi How I can do this ? For example, if I click / choose a date 11/04 in a range D2:J7, it should colorize the same date (and descriptions in 2 near cells) and same color in a range L2:N15 if the same date exist in column L. Is it possible by VBA or Conditional formatting? Thanks
  9. S

    Color partial text in cell when text is a result of formula (VBA)

    Hi to all Is it possible to color a partial text in cell when text is a result of formula (not text written directly in cell)? I know it not possible by Conditional formatting, but maybe by VBA code... 1. I want to colorize name and symbol "!" that comes after name (when symbol appear) to Red...
  10. V

    VBA Sheet color change condition

    Hello everybody, I would like to change the colors of certain sheets, which meet this condition => If Left(cell, 1) = " " Or Right(cell, 1) = " " Then cell.Interior.Color = 65535 Sub Select_All_Cells_with_Data() Dim sht Set Rng = ActiveSheet.UsedRange Rng.Cells(1, 1).Select For i = 1 To...
  11. D

    Overriding Conditional Formatting Color with Manual Entries of a different color

    Hi Everyone! (Sorry this is so dense) I am trying to find a way to use conditional formatting to override my existing conditional formatting, while still retaining it underneath. I want to do this by having the conditional format recognize when I have input a date manually VS. our...
  12. M

    Create a count of Cells of different colors

    I am attempting to count the number of cells in column A that are formatted with different colors (Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, empty, etc.) and place the total in column M. I have tried =countIf( ...) and many others. Is there a Filter command I can use? Any advice is welcome. I thought...
  13. H

    Auto coloring in the same row

    Hi, I want your help. I try to make a VBA macro that it will be searching TRD from column B and auto coloring in the same row on column A the corresponding number.
  14. B

    detect location of a color

    Hi everyone, In my beautiful Worksheet, I need to know between which city there is a green bar. I explained : for the first line I need to know that there is a green bar between "Lyon St Priest Coque A1" and "Delandine", and between "Delandine" and "Lyon St Priest Coque A2" the second line ...
  15. G

    Change shape color by row to specified color

    Hi folks, I have a simplified timeline example in the attached image below to illustrate what I am trying to do. For some reason XL2bb isn't working for me to put the mini-sheet in. With a macro, I would like to recolor any shape that is in a row marked with an "assign color" (C2:C6) entry. I...
  16. S

    Colorize cells with comments that have specific word (Conditional format)

    Hi. I used VBA code from this post and it working good, but have one problem... Function CommentText(Cell As Range, Txt As String) As Boolean Dim x As Comment Set x = Cell.Comment If x Is Nothing Then CommentText = False Else CommentText = x.Text Like "*" & Txt &...
  17. M

    VBA Expiry date with entire row Color highlight & new column with status

    I'm trying to write a VBA CODE example mentioned below. Help on the below-mentioned example A B C D SL NO PRODUCT MANUFACTURING DATE EXPIRY DATE 1 ABC 01-01-2021 01-01-2022 2 XYZ 29-03-2021 29-03-2022 3 CDA 04-05-2019 04-05-2020 4 TWC 23-03-2021 23-03-2021 I want my output as...
  18. D

    Coloring of different shapes based on time

    Hi There, I am trying to solve the problem with coloring the shapes based on time and I am struggling with it for some time so hope someone can help me with this. I have 19 shapes on excel sheet and each is having the name Bankomat_ and then number from 1 to 19. The output should be that...
  19. S


    Hello, I need code for data validation to set color in the cell In the picture I explained Thank you in advance for your reply
  20. O

    VBA: automatically give color to next cell in a list/column if different from above/previous (distinct)

    To enhance visibility when looking through a list/column of slightly changing codes I want to make sure my eyes see when a code has changed, by coloring the distincts. I want to: run a macro that gives my selection of cells a (unique?) (random?) color for each distinct cell value. Anyone have...

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