1. S

    Changing excel's scroll bar color?

    Can i change excel's scrollbar(s) color? I have 2016, on Windows 10. Thanks!
  2. S

    Sum by color background and if another condition

    Hello, I am trying to write/find a correct vba code able to sum the amount in a colored cell based on two conditions : the color of the background and based on another condition (here the fruit) You can find a easy table showing the situation : I want the formula to sum the amount in the cell...
  3. A

    Is it possible to have 2 different colors for a numeric cell?

    Hi, I have a numeric cell formatted as (#,##0 "Meters") to display --> e.g. 112 Meters Is it possible to display the text "Meters" in a different color? --> e.g. 112 Meters Thank you.
  4. T

    VBA - Find all the White Cells and populate them with a Random Value.

    Hi all, I am Junior on VBA and I can not make it with the below task. I have a huge worksheet with White and Grey Cells. My task is to find all the white Cells and Populate them with a Random value. Can you advise? Thanks in advance,
  5. DailyDrama

    Changing Font Color in drop down list

    Hi, i have a drop down list that i want to change the font color of based on the selection. Two out of three of my selections/Font color change work - but i cannot get "Amber" to work. I have "white" as the font colour - it works, but when i change the color to Amber or Orange - it doesnt...
  6. P

    Selecting cells by color in VBA

    I would like to select all cells in the dataset A2:F156 where the color index is 19 (light orange) or 40 (dark orange). I have uploaded a picture of my dataset below. I have compiled the following code: Sub SelectByColor Dim cell as range, rng as range Set rng = range("A2:F841") For each...
  7. P

    Conditionally format the last cell in each row with valuable data

    I have a dataset for wells and 5 treatment plants (TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4, and TP5), which extends from A1 to F841. The flow path for each well is such that the well flows to TP1, then TP2, and so on. However, sometimes the flow path does not extend all the way to TP5. I have manually entered "None"...
  8. M

    Display my chart's font fill color and transparency percentage for all series on a "Chart Details" range of cells

    I'm using Excel 2016. As I keep fine-tuning my stacked area chart's configurations, I find it hard to keep track of the fill colors and series colors. I want to display, for example, in cells B40 and C40 series1's Fill color hex code and series1's Fill color's transparency. And then B41 and C41...
  9. T

    conditional formatting

    Hello, if the delta between cells H2 and J2 is >=2% color cells red. thanks in advance
  10. C

    Excel to Visio - Shape text color

    I am creating a Visio diagram from the data in excel with VBA. My data has a column of names and a second column of addresses. I am able to drop the shapes into Visio and specify the shape (circle, square, etc) based on the name. I am able to put the name on the shape text. I need to change the...
  11. C

    Cell Color

    I have a workbook that gives me a number depending on cell color using Define Name. I named it GetColor. I used a previous post in MrExcel to do this. When I change the color, the number does not change automatically. What am I doing wrong? =GET.CELL(38,Sheet1!$B$2) This is what I am using...
  12. D

    Color the cells based on notepad color code

    Dear All, My name is Dusan and this is my first post in the forum. I have been using it for quite some time now, and the reason I am boring you with this question is because I have not been able to find the answer anywhere... Here it goes: I have 50.000 lines in the .txt file (50.000 different...
  13. M

    Excel 2016 color pallet number

    I'm looking for a way to determine the number of the color set to cell. I have a macro that loops through creating a column of cells with the number background color... But I can't seem to find the corresponding color from the fill drop down. I have a table and use the color number to set the...
  14. D

    Conditional Formatting with two values

    <tbody> 123456 Murdock 123555 Murdock 123456 Murdock </tbody> I'm trying to get the first and the third rows to get filled in a Color since both the ID and the Name are the same value. The second row should not be filled. Any ideas?
  15. J

    Conditional Format based on Multiple Text Possibilities in another cell

    I currently have the following Conditional Format rule that changes fill color of cells in column A based on Text found in column B. Formula chosen is =AND($A1="", $B1="EE") Applied to =$A$1 I would like to add additional Text items to look for so that It will change the color if "EE" or "H"...
  16. K

    IF(ISNA...) with VLOOKUP on another worksheet to return "M" if not present on other worksheet?

    Hi, everyone, I have two worksheets with a list of students on each one, "lib_checkin" and "lib_hah." Only some of the students on "lib_checkin" are listed on "lib_hah," along with the period that they have a class. If they ARE listed on "lib_hah," I want to return the value of what period...
  17. M

    Conditional Formatting to change the Fill color of a cell based on the hex value of a different cell.

    I have a block of cells A1:D4. I want to set the fill color of that block based on the value of cell F1, which should have the form #XXXXXX, where “X” is a hexadecimal digit. And as I change the values of cell F1 the fill colors change as well. Is this possible? I tried conditional formatting...
  18. V

    Change color conditional formatting - quick way

    Hi, I have several columns. Each column needs to highlight certain times in a certain color. For each column the time and color is different. Column A 9:00 (color Blue) Column B 5:00 (color Green) Column B 6:00 (color Yellow) Column C 8:00 (color Red) Column C 9:00 (color Light Blue) etc...
  19. L

    conditional formatting - like reverse lookup

    Hi I want to highlight "pass" in result column to different color but not only pass but student name that correspond to that pass For example, cell F2 = pass should be highlighted to different color and also Mary1 as well (like reverse lookup) I can use conditional formatting to highlight pass...
  20. H

    Excel color formula

    I have below formula in one cell, lets take example A10 =VLOOKUP($A$2,'Port-3-Script'!$A$3:$DW$1992,95,FALSE) in above formula it copies value from cell CE from Port-3-Script, as 95th column is mentioned in formula Please help me in getting solution of below problem 1. I want along with values...

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