1. G

    How to change Spreadsheet search (find) results cell border colour ?

    How to change Spreadsheet search (find) results cell border colour ? Seems so easy, but just cannot find anywhere that shows you. Excel 365 currently shows dark green, but with my eyes and screen colours, it looks very similar to the black of the grid lines.
  2. S

    VBA code for filling a range of cells partially with colours

    Hi I am looking for a code what fills the ranges of cells P1, S1, P2, S2, etc partially - entering the values in range cells C5 for P1, D5 for S1, etc - with the colours listed in cells C14:C20 - the colours are defines in the range C23:C36 result should look P1 15% filled and colour orange If I...
  3. C

    Create a custom "Fill Color" selection row

    Hi, I wonder if you can help me. I've got a spreadsheet that is used by around 20 people. Unfortunately, these people are self-declared not tech savvy, scared of Excel, etc. They need to color code certain parts of the spreadsheet, but they all need to use the same colors - it's almost Red...
  4. A

    Update each bar color based on values in column A

    Hi All, I would like to fill colours of each bar based on values available in column A using VBA. Please see below image. I can simply fill the colour manually, but i would like to do using VBA because I am producing same kind of chart where more bars adds or removes so colours on bar graphs...
  5. M

    Two colours in a single based on positive or negative value

    Hi folks, need some expertise to handle a cell that has both positive/negative values and colour the portion of it. attached is an example. so, a Cell has a string and number, I want the colour green if it is increased and red if decreased. I am doing it manually and it takes ages. any...
  6. K

    Colour duplicate text with different colours

    Hi all! I’m looking for some VBA help please! Does anyone have code that can help me find duplicate text in a column and highlight each pair as it were in a different colour? I know the text is an exact match because I used data validation, and I can get the duplicates to flag up using my a...
  7. FilleFrella44

    Formating cell colour based on a different cell's colour

    Hello, I'm wondering if you can change the colour of a cell based on the colour of another. The idea is to change the colour of one cell, then have several cells (which are seeds/children of the origional cell) to change to the same colour. See below/attatched for desired end-result. I wonder...
  8. L

    Make Cell change colour automatically

    Hello I have a time consuming problem. I make a lot of risk analyzes and depending on the probability and the consequence the risk is marked with Green, Yellow or Red. Now I change the colour manually but it would save a lot of time if the cell changed colour depending on the values in the...
  9. X

    Values-specific coloured cells to retain its colour

    Sheet 1: Has values like 33.878 in Yellow, 17.873 in Red and 96.666 in Green. Is there a way to ensure that these coloured cells are carried over to sheet 2? (Sheet 2 has a macro that sorts out the scores according to percentile and other considerations so I can’t just copy&paste/use simple...
  10. X

    Fill cell colour according to percentile.

    I have an excel sheet of students with their different subject scores for their tests. Row: Student Names Columns: Subject headers and their scores. (Math, Science, Literature. Is there a excel macro that can automatically help me colour the cells of those in the top 20% green, next 20% light...
  11. X

    Excel VBA for cell colour format to carry over to another sheet

    I have a sheet, let’s call it “Results”. On this sheet there are many columns for each category: “Science”, “Math” and so on so forth. each individual student are named on the rows. Eg: Working Sheet Science Math Student A 70(LGreen) 20 (Red) Student B...
  12. M

    Line graph - change colour if number decreases

    Good afternoon, I have some data already in a combo chart, a mixture of stacked columns and a line. The data for the line predominantly goes up in order, e.g. 1,2,3,4,5 However their may be some instances where the data will decrease, e.g. 1,2,3,2,1 I would like the line for the data where...
  13. B

    Sum of vlookup in multiple rows with condition

    Hi, Let me try and explain what I need with a simplified example: I have a table (H3:I5) that gives me the value for each item (I have dozens of items in the reality). I need, for each month (in B9, C9, D9), to know the sum of the value of each item for the particular month... but only...
  14. F

    Vba help - IF cell has colour & contains text then ...

    Hi All, I am struggling with a code line for a simple macro. Thank you in advance for taking some of your time and to anyone who will help me :) I have 2 sheets ("data" and "macro"). Sheet "data" contains details of users (column A contains data of user 1, column B of user 2 etc) these data...
  15. F

    VBA - Using AND for conditonal formattiing

    Hi, I currently have some vba code that looks at column BM and if the cell is empty then it sets the interior colour to white for all cells in the row (from BM to BZ). If there is something in the cell in column BM then it changes everything in the above range to yellow. What I want to add to...
  16. O

    Conditional Formatting based on Multiple Conditions.(With vba)

    Hi. All i am using excel 2016 i have a worksheet with 100 columns and 5000 rows.. in my data a column heading "Balance in repeating after 4 columns .like Column e, column J........ i want to create a rule for conditional formatting which applies only in column which having Balance, Means...
  17. V

    Conditional formatting colour scales on different cell

    Hi, I have used colour scale to format the % complete cell but I need the format to be the same in column a so I can hide column b. Is there an easy way of doing this I want to keep the colour scale? Thanks <tbody> <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Status percent complete Complete 100%...
  18. S

    Counting cells by colour

    Hi All, I am wondering if there is formula whereby I can count cells based on their colour?
  19. A

    Consolidate Multiple Named Ranges Into One Pivot Table In Excel

    Hi all, I am having trouble with the consolidation of my named ranges into the one pivot table to finish a dashboard. I have got all the named ranges into the data source. Each named range is the same shape: that is, each consists of 4 columns. Columns are Amount, Animal, Location, and Colour. I...
  20. E

    Pivot table subtotals for certain fields

    Hello, Using Excel O365. Have created a pivot table and added subtotals as below. I want the subtotal on the MOQ field (and others not showing in the sample below) but I don't want the subtotal on the selling price, cost, margin fields as they are nonsense fields. How (if you can) switch of...

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