1. O

    Conditional Formatting based on Multiple Conditions.(With vba)

    Hi. All i am using excel 2016 i have a worksheet with 100 columns and 5000 rows.. in my data a column heading "Balance in repeating after 4 columns .like Column e, column J........ i want to create a rule for conditional formatting which applies only in column which having Balance, Means...
  2. V

    Conditional formatting colour scales on different cell

    Hi, I have used colour scale to format the % complete cell but I need the format to be the same in column a so I can hide column b. Is there an easy way of doing this I want to keep the colour scale? Thanks <tbody> <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Status percent complete Complete 100%...
  3. S

    Counting cells by colour

    Hi All, I am wondering if there is formula whereby I can count cells based on their colour?
  4. A

    Consolidate Multiple Named Ranges Into One Pivot Table In Excel

    Hi all, I am having trouble with the consolidation of my named ranges into the one pivot table to finish a dashboard. I have got all the named ranges into the data source. Each named range is the same shape: that is, each consists of 4 columns. Columns are Amount, Animal, Location, and Colour. I...
  5. E

    Pivot table subtotals for certain fields

    Hello, Using Excel O365. Have created a pivot table and added subtotals as below. I want the subtotal on the MOQ field (and others not showing in the sample below) but I don't want the subtotal on the selling price, cost, margin fields as they are nonsense fields. How (if you can) switch of...
  6. H

    Colour Rows and Columns based on data validation

    Hi I am looking to format my worksheet with different colours based on a data validation drop down list. I currently can get the drop down cell to be the correct colour but would like the whole worksheet (Columns B-J, Rows 2-67) to be different colours. Any help will be greatly appreciated...
  7. T

    Conditional Formatting Help

    Hi, I want to change 4-5 cells black if one of the cells contains the work remitted and if that cell is blank change it red. Can anyone help I have tried various ways and can only make the cell with remitted change colour.. Thanks :-0 Toni
  8. G

    Conditional formatting question

    Hello, I have applied conditional formatting to a range ofcells, for example A1 to D1 and the cells are colour coded based on the value. I am now struggling as the cells in A2 to D2 need to be formattedin the same colour, is there a way to Link the colour format ? SO effectively A1 and A2 would...
  9. H

    Questions on conditional formatting

    Hi, Possible to use conditional formatting to 'sum count' font colour? 1 2 The ans should be 2 'count'
  10. O

    conditional format

    Hi my conditional format is not working and i can't figure out why. i think i have looked at this too much lol. my conditional format formula is: =OR($B18>””,$B18>0) the cell range it is applied to is: =$B$16,$D$16,$F$16,$H$16,$J$16 B18 only ever has a date entered into it if that helps, i was...
  11. A

    Cells changing colour

    Hi I am after a formula that works please If I have A and B. When a date is entered into A1 I want B1 to turn red. When a date is then entered into B1 I want both to turn green. Thanks
  12. J

    change row colour when cell is selected for ease

    Hello I have a sheet but in struggling to see if I'm on the correct row when im filling it in Can you change the row colour when a cell is selected? ie: if I select any thing between G21:AE21 I can get A21:E21 to change colour But if nothing is selected then don't change anything Hope ive...
  13. M

    Colour format based on cell value question

    Hi I've been trying for a couple of hours to conditional colour format cells based on cell value but can't get it right. I have the formulas but I only seem to be able to enter 1 formula but I need to enter 3? My rules are: If B7=>99 but less than 99.9 then shade amber If B7<99 then shade red...
  14. K

    Highlight 3 way patterns in the 3 different colours.

    Using Excel 2000 Hi, I need VBA, which can do the following task... 1-Column C:D rows highlight in the colour "Light Pink", in the case if finds any same or reversal patterns in the Columns E:F, G:H, I:J, K:L, M:N or O:P same row. 2-Highlight 3 patterns, which can be the same and can be...
  15. M

    Declare cell / border format to be reused

    I'm writing some code where each result needs the colour changing and the border setting. The colour is fine as it's only 1 extra line of code however the border is a few. With rng.Borders .LineStyle = xlContinuous .Color = vbRed .Weight = xlThin End With Is there a...
  16. B

    Change row colour for complete tasks

    I want to change the colour of the row to green when my 'project status' is inputted at 100%. Is there a way I can do this?
  17. redspanna

    Filter rows based on cell colour

    Hello all I have a database with over 300 rows of data. Data is populated through columns A:X Is there a way to filter the rows so that only the rows highlighted a certain colour are filtered? thanks in advance
  18. P

    how to count and sum cells by color in excel

    Hi I have the formula below where I am trying to count how many cells have a colour and counting, where my range is to a and the cell colour is yellow which is p1, but the code doesn't work I get a #NAME ? please can u help? =ASAPCOUNTBYCELLCOLOR(A:A,P1)
  19. C

    conditional format

    hi all nice and easy one for you.. I need a cell with a date entered to fill with a colour when that date is reached and remain that colour until a new date is entered into that cell. all help appreciated
  20. N

    VBA - Footer font colour with long date format

    Hello Mr Excel gurus, As the title says, I'm trying to make a simple macro to apply to a button, so I can update the footer details of a Worksheet. I can accomplish all of these steps individually, however when I manipulate the "font colour" property, I can't seem to get things to work with...

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