column width

  1. S

    Carriage Return in Custom Date won't reduce column width.

    Hi Everyone - I'm trying to minimize my columns for printing (using "Fit All Columns on One Page"). One of my columns is a date that I have formatted as DDD, MM/DD - for example Mon, 7/10. I've added CTRL+J after "DDD," hoping to wrap the text and reduce the column width, but it won't go any...
  2. drpdrpdrp

    Stop column resizing madness

    I do not like Excel's default behavior of: expanding a column width if a large number is typed/returned for the first time not resizing if a large number is typed/returned, if it has been already resized not resizing if a large character string is entered ("spill" contents) Seems like a...
  3. J

    What should be the VBA code for Auto fit Excel Columns and Print tiles and making Border ?

    I have 27 sheets in my Excel file, One sheet is RAW DATA and other sheet is COUNT, I want a macro code for other 25 sheets. 1. I want the column width size - column A =17 Column B = 30 Column C = 15 Column D = 12 Column E Auto Fit Column F = 25 Column G = 7 Column H = 10 2. If the page is more...
  4. dannyok90

    Autofit Columns VBA

    Hi all, Just wondering if there is a way to autofit columns but keep its current size if the new contents don't extend beyond its current width? Thanks, Dan
  5. J

    [Word VBA] how to compute a table occupies rows number

    Hi, All In WORD, when a table's column width is not large enough, usually some cells will occupies more than one row to display content in it. For example: A 3 * 4 table, when content in each cell is not long enough, the table occupy only 3 rows in WORD, but when content in for exam...
  6. R

    Conditionally Format a cell when typing longer text than allowed column width.

    Hello, I want my users to fill excel where I have fixed column width and I dont want then to type longer text. So I want to color text in red for example if they exceed the column width. How can I do this? Thank you.
  7. M

    Excluding a sheet from VBA loop - Column widths

    Hi All - I have a code below that works as intended, but I need help changing it slightly. It currently works to cycle through all worksheets and adjust the column widths from the active sheet. The change I need is: I want 2 worksheets to be exempt from this editing. The 2 sheets are...
  8. K

    width of spreadsheet no consistent

    On one sheet I have 10 columns A to J, with each being 5.00 in width. On the next sheet, I have 20 columns (A to T), with each being 2.50 in width. 10 x 5.00 = 20 x 2.50 and yet when I switch between the two sheets they occupy different widths on my screen (same zoom level). Even when I try to...
  9. D

    How to minimize wasted space in cells - optimize row height/column width?

    I often create tables in Excel where some cells contain a lot of text while others just contain a single digit or some other short value. With wrap text in cells enabled and then a combination of increasing row height and autofit the width of the columns there is a lot of wasted space in my...

    How to 'cover up' Data in a Cell in Excel2007

    I have a sheet in which I want to deliberately "cover up" data in a particular cell. I don't want to hide the cell. I want it to be readily/quickly available (for me), but hidden from everyone else. I don't want anything elaborate. I'll know what's there, but others will have no reason to...
  11. S

    How to set a column width or row height using an excel function

    I can retrieve a cell width or height using the CELL function. I would like to use this function to keep multiple sheet in sync with any reformatting done on the first sheet. Is there any Excel Function that does something like SetColumnWidth(Column,Width) or SetRowHeight(Row,Height) ? Thanks...
  12. 9tanstaafl9

    Mystery Autofit - widths automatically adjusting

    I'm pretty sure that I have seen a workbook before, where the column widths adjusted themselves automatically whenever the value in a column got large enough that it required an adjustment to avoid seeing #######. And when I say automatically, I don't mean that the column was adjusted during...
  13. E

    Why are Pixels Different with Same Column Width?

    Hello, While working in Excel 2010 on the same computer, I have two workbooks open side-by-side. In File A, my Column Width is set on 14.00 and the Pixel count equals 89; however in File B, my Column Width is also set on 14.00 but the Pixel count instead equals 103. Why is there a difference...
  14. 9tanstaafl9

    Copy Visible Columns VALUES and FORMAT - is this possible?

    I have to copy data from sheet 2 to sheet 1. Sheet 2 has a bunch of hidden columns (I don't know which they will be ahead of time). This works to paste formulas, but I need values: Sheet2.Range("B8:AM28").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Copy Destination:=Sheet1.Range("A12") I must past...
  15. E

    Average column width, instead of maximum.

    Hello, forum. I have a list of descriptions, they live in a column. Some of them are very short, others are really long, but most of them are somewhere in between. If I double click the column header's right edge, it automatically adjust the width to display the longest description according to...
  16. H

    Change column width

    Hi, I want to change column width on the following columns in my worksheet: O, S, W, AA, AE, AI from 2 to 1. What I have is this: Range("O:O,S:S,W:W,AA:AA,AE:AE,AI:AI").Select Selection.ColumnWidth = 1 The problem is that it is selecting all columns from B to AI. I have some merged...
  17. H

    Column Width, text can "bleed" into cells to right yet when number exceeds width it only shows #

    I've tried playing with all the formatting, and none of it seems to affect this. My source file has all columns that are 15 pixels wide, meaning only a single character can fit. If I put in TEXT, it will show the text properly that spans several columns (if there is nothing in those cells to...
  18. L

    Setting column widths by values in Row 2

    I am looking for a way to set column widths by the values in Row 2 <tbody> A B C D 1 2 8.43 50 20 15 </tbody> Thanks for any help you can provide!
  19. R

    Variable bar chart column width depending on value

    Wondering if anyone can help, not being familiar this is probably an easy one for someone with Excel ninja skills: Along the x axis = time; y axis = ticket cluster ID Each ticket cluster ID has a life span (date range) which is shown in x-axis and within each ticket cluster ID is a number of...
  20. E

    Display row height and column width in inches a cell

    Hello, I want to display row height in inches in a cell (the same value displayed when using page layout mode), and i want to do the same with column width. I am using Windows 7 and office 2010. I found this code: <CODE>Function Width(MyRange As Range) As DoubleApplication.Volatile Width =...

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