1. G

    Total Possible Combinations of Combinations

    I am trying to calculate the total number of possible combinations of a set of variables. The calculation is complicated by the fact that not every variable behaves the same way. Here are the details. I have 5 different trait types. Each trait type has a different number of possible traits...
  2. C

    Create term base from large data set

    Hello, I am stuck trying to solve what may be a very simple problem. I understand logically what needs to be done I just don't have the knowledge for the best way to handle this much data and not make excel crash. I am currently limited with no access to utilize Pandas to solve this even...
  3. T

    Excel permutations word generator

    I have the following list in an excel sheet Column A Red Green Blue White Black Question : I’m looking for a script of some kind that will create a permutation of all these words that’s possible without repeating. However, with minor thing the items of red and green must be...
  4. M

    Grouped Unique Combinations Generator

    Hi there, I`m looking to get a unique combinations generator macro adjusted, not sure if it is possible. The original macro request was already beyond me so there`s no chance in hell I`ll manage this. The Macro created in the linked thread (i attached the excel file w/ macro) delivers all...
  5. A

    Combining UDF with IF function

    I need to combine a UDF (below) with a set of IF functions. Function MaxN(n&, r As Range) Dim i&, j&, m#, t#, v v = r.Cells.Value2 For i = 1 To UBound(v) If UBound(v) - i + 1 >= n Then t = 0 For j = i To i + n - 1 t = t + v(j, 1)...
  6. U

    All combination from several columns

    Hi All - New to the site and already after some help! I'm looking to compile a list of all combinations across 23 columns in excel which I know will be quite a large list. I've tried to tweak various coding that has been shared on the site but end up with errors (probably because I don't know...
  7. N

    combinations generator

    Hey, I am trying to find the different combinations that can be formed by choosing 11 out of 22 objects ( i.e. C(22,11) ). I have posted below the code I tried using. the problem is that this code give me all possible combinations whereas I only need different ways in which 11 objects can be...
  8. A

    Most optimal combination

    Hi, I have a set of unique items that I have to assign to specified locations. The number of locations is determined by the sum of the items' values, rounded up to the closest integer. See for an example below: Item Value A 0,11 B 0,22 C 0,44 D 0,44 E 0,67 F 0,33 G 0,25 H 0,5...
  9. E

    Stacked Chart - One series not stacking

    Hello, I have a combination stack columns with line chart. The stacked columns being hours worked and the line being hours available to work. The data sets being stacked are hours worked per discipline. The problem is one data sat is not stacking on top of the other data sets. It's gone rogue...
  10. M

    how to : possible combination with limited repititions rules

    Hello Everyone i want to make all possible combination lets say of 5 digits for 5 numbers ( 1,2,3,4,5 ) 11111,11112,11113 but i want to exclude certain outputs by limiting repetition of each char to 2 in a row like 11234 is acceptable but 11123 is not , as ( 1 ) is repeated 3 times can this...
  11. P

    Creating Comibinaation

    Hello, I am trying to creating possible combination for five columns and I am using below formula which is for 3 columns only, I am trying add 2 more columns but its not letting me or formula is not right...
  12. P

    need cells combination of cells that will follow 2 conditions rules

    0 i have 10 cars that need to fit in a car transporter truck. I have a limit on the length of the truck, which can take 5 cars in upper level and the rest 5 in ground level. i need a formula that will take the 10 car lengths and give me all possible 5 car combinations that dont exceed the truck...
  13. D

    Vlookup to return Multiple values

    Hello Excel Users, I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs where the first tab has unique numbers and the other tabs has the the unique numbers with multiple values associated to it. I need to have the first tab return the multiple values from the second tab. Column B in the first tab is what i...
  14. T

    Find the combination that gives the minimum sum of squares

    I have a number of vectors A,B,C,...etc as a pair of numbers such as below: x y 1 A 2 4 2 B 5 6 3 C 3 9 I want to list or at least find the combination that produces the minimum x^2 + y^2, by taking combinations by 2 or 3 vectors. I've tried solver unsuccessfully...
  15. G

    how to IF this kind of condition

    <tbody> IN AM OUT AM IN PM OUT PM Return 1 1 1 1 TRUE 1 1 0 0 TRUE 0 0 1 1 TRUE 1 0 0 1 TRUE 1 0 0 0 FALSE 0 1 0 0 FALSE 0 0 1 0 FALSE 0 0 0 1 FALSE 1 0 1 1 FALSE 1 1 0 1 FALSE 1 1 1 0 FALSE </tbody> how to make the formula with that kind of combination then will...
  16. M

    Formula to find possible combinations to a target amount

    Hello! I'm trying to find what possible combination of numbers is causing a variance. I saw someone do a formula once to find this but I don't have that formula. We have a statement with close to 500 lines and I wanted to be able to find which combination of those number would make $$$ amount...
  17. T

    Create and fill worksheet of unique combination of 2 cells

    Hi, I'm having an issue with making a macro that creates a new worksheet for every unique combination of 2 columns (Category and procedure). All the worksheet will then have a "form" with all the columns related to that combination. Is there anybody that can help me? Thank you.
  18. V

    Combination And Permutation with no repeat

    Thanks in advance in column "A", i have the numbers, suppose it is 0 to 99 (1) Now i want the list of generated numbers through combination with no repeats in the set of 5, please provide any vba code (2) I want the list of generated numbers through permutation with no repeats in the set of...
  19. S

    Decimal combinations to a target sum

    I have a target sum to achieve with some constrains such as - individual numbers have a constant divisor, variable must be of 2 decimals only and sum target for 2 out of 5 data. The grand total of the row totals must be 62,185. I tried to use solver, but got stuck. <tbody> Divisor Hours Row...
  20. J

    Getting the next week from a date

    If I have a date in Cell A1 and I want to get the start date of the next week, how is that possible? So: A1 shows 7/26/2019. I want B1 to display 7/29/2019 (week begins on Monday). I know it is some combination of WEEK and DAY but not sure how to do it.
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