1. T

    Find the combination that gives the minimum sum of squares

    I have a number of vectors A,B,C,...etc as a pair of numbers such as below: x y 1 A 2 4 2 B 5 6 3 C 3 9 I want to list or at least find the combination that produces the minimum x^2 + y^2, by taking combinations by 2 or 3 vectors. I've tried solver unsuccessfully...
  2. G

    how to IF this kind of condition

    <tbody> IN AM OUT AM IN PM OUT PM Return 1 1 1 1 TRUE 1 1 0 0 TRUE 0 0 1 1 TRUE 1 0 0 1 TRUE 1 0 0 0 FALSE 0 1 0 0 FALSE 0 0 1 0 FALSE 0 0 0 1 FALSE 1 0 1 1 FALSE 1 1 0 1 FALSE 1 1 1 0 FALSE </tbody> how to make the formula with that kind of combination then will...
  3. M

    Formula to find possible combinations to a target amount

    Hello! I'm trying to find what possible combination of numbers is causing a variance. I saw someone do a formula once to find this but I don't have that formula. We have a statement with close to 500 lines and I wanted to be able to find which combination of those number would make $$$ amount...
  4. T

    Create and fill worksheet of unique combination of 2 cells

    Hi, I'm having an issue with making a macro that creates a new worksheet for every unique combination of 2 columns (Category and procedure). All the worksheet will then have a "form" with all the columns related to that combination. Is there anybody that can help me? Thank you.
  5. V

    Combination And Permutation with no repeat

    Thanks in advance in column "A", i have the numbers, suppose it is 0 to 99 (1) Now i want the list of generated numbers through combination with no repeats in the set of 5, please provide any vba code (2) I want the list of generated numbers through permutation with no repeats in the set of...
  6. S

    Decimal combinations to a target sum

    I have a target sum to achieve with some constrains such as - individual numbers have a constant divisor, variable must be of 2 decimals only and sum target for 2 out of 5 data. The grand total of the row totals must be 62,185. I tried to use solver, but got stuck. <tbody> Divisor Hours Row...
  7. J

    Getting the next week from a date

    If I have a date in Cell A1 and I want to get the start date of the next week, how is that possible? So: A1 shows 7/26/2019. I want B1 to display 7/29/2019 (week begins on Monday). I know it is some combination of WEEK and DAY but not sure how to do it.
  8. J

    Combination If Error formula result

    I need a combination formula for If error and if result of formula =0. Formula I have now for if error is the following: =IFERROR((I2-J2)/J2,1) however if cell I2=0 and J2 =0, I would like the result to be 0. Thanks for your assistance. I know this has to be something simple.
  9. E

    Cell value combination question

    Hello! I'm working on a code and have come upon something that I hope has an easy way to do. In it, there are 3 cells in the workbook. Each cell can only have 1 of 3 possible string values in it. For this example say A, B or C. Depending on the combination of letter, they receive a different...
  10. N

    Combination of if and index

    Here is the formula I used which contains combination of IF and INDEX =IF(STREAM!E5:E54>0,INDEX(STREAM!F5:F54,P1,1),INDEX(STREAM!E5:E54,P1,1)) In this, I have faced the problem that only one condition returns output, other returns 0. If STREAM!E5:E54 is true then it returns the value of...
  11. V

    Permutation or Combination

    Thanks in advance I want to know that from the given (Query-1) numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 (Query-2) numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 how many combination we can generate without repetition and if possible pls provide the generated combination.
  12. S

    Create worksheet for All Possible combination in the same row

    Hi, how would i go about creating worksheets for every possible combination of data. but the data is in the same row, only separated by by one blank row... there are significantly more then shown below.. x1 x2 x3 y1 y2 the tabs (new worksheet) should be created is x1-y1 x2-y1 x3-y1 x1-y2...
  13. C

    Number Groups_Variation

    Hi All, Based on another thread I had posted on Jun 1st, 2019, 08:04 AM I would like to create a macro for a variation of the original design I had created. A successful macro created and provided by member DanteAmor satisfied the original design requirements as per below: ____ORIGINAL...
  14. M

    Advanced Combination Generation

    I wouldlike to expand a combination generator I currently use. It is for use withfantasy football (or soccer). You must select a team of a set formation,specifically 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. The onlysolution I currently have is to list 20-25 players and...
  15. P

    Data Validation based on other fields

    I have a request worksheet that needs to validate whether the row contains both street address (B2:D2) and PO Box (E2). If so, it needs to stop the person as they are populating the rest of the fields. I have tested is out with a formula in another cell is always seems to work. However, when I...
  16. C

    Selecting rows that best fill a specified criteria

    I have a worksheet that lists necessary components to meet an objective and then several source inventories. I would like a way to pick the combination that best fits the needs and the combination with the fewest sources that meets the needs. <tbody> <colgroup><col><col...
  17. R

    All possible combination of one column list

    Hi Experts, I need a help from you on the below. I need to calculate all possible combination of the below: "5L","5R","4L","4R","3L",3R","B2","B3","B4". I would need a possible combination of 2 of each up to 9 of each and no duplicates. I'm fairly new to excel so please forgive me if this is...
  18. F

    find math expression with given elements and results

    Hi everyone, How can this be solved in VBA given S is a result and some number a b c d e f g So how can i find the combination of math expression ( plus/ minus ) so that a + b + c - d -e -f + g = S or a - b +c - d - e +f - g = S Thanks,
  19. R

    Can i extract information from a column

    I have a sheet with a few tables next to each other. Besides other tables the two below appear next to each other. OEOEE HLHLL EOOEO LHHLH OOOEO LHHHH OOEOO...
  20. A

    combination of XIRR. Indirect and match

    Hello Everyone, I have been working on a spreadsheet created by someone else, however I cannot figure below formula. Can anyone help explain it? Thank you. =XIRR(INDIRECT("R"&MATCH(B4,A:A,0)&":R"&MATCH(K4,A:A,0)),INDIRECT("A"&MATCH(B4,A:A,0)&":A"&MATCH(K4,A:A,0)))

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