1. B

    Assign totals to combo box values?

    Hi, I have a question regarding combo boxes and totals. If for example, I had a combo box filled with menu items e.g. pizza, pasta, is it possible to assign each option with a numerical value? If a food item is clicked upon that number would then be added into a total cost cell. Any help would...
  2. B

    Combo box

    Hi I created a combo box in the form to select the record and export to excel (I created a button). Please advise how to make the combo box with one blank at the top of the list so that I select the blank, then all record can be exported to excel. Regards
  3. O

    Using VBA in outlook form

    Hi all, I'm looking some help with referencing a combo box in a outlook form. I have a total of 4 pages/tabs, the first is where the user will select from a combo box and depending on which option is selected this will navigate the user to the correct page. I've never used vba in a outlook form...
  4. S

    Access Macro to Show All in Query in Form

    Currently, my form has a combo box, and it is only showing that in which is selected in the combo box. How can I have it show all items item an item is selected in the combo box? Macro? If so, how would I write that please?
  5. willow1985

    VBA code to select an item from an Active X combo box

    Hello, I am looking for the VBA code that would select from a combo box the item that says "ALL". It is cell reference A21 on a seperate sheet called "List" I hope someone can help me. Thank you Carla
  6. K

    access to hidden sheets

    I have A combo box named comboWs that has a list of all 63 worksheets in the workbook, but all are hidden except the active one. Combo's output is on worksheet named general.switchboard in cell "O54" (this worksheet is visible=true). I want to go to the worksheet selected in the combo. I've...
  7. G

    Run-time error 438. Object doesn't support this property or method.

    Hello. I was unable to find any leads on this by searching. I have a workbook with a sheet containing several combo boxes. The combo boxes are populated by code in the This Workbook module when the file opens. Some people can open the workbook without problems. Some other people get a...
  8. S

    Walkthrough on How to Create a Combo Box with a subform query

    Does anyone have a walkthrough on how to create a combo box with a subform query that is placed into a form please? Trying to get the combo box to search two different fields in the form but it isn't working for me and I guess I need to start from scratch on this one?
  9. gheyman

    Query criteria based on Form Value

    I have a query that I want to have a dynamic criteria based on what someone selects in a Combo Box on a form (the Combo is in the Header Section) Like [Forms]![frm_Add_Supplier]![ComboVendorASL] But when I try to run the Query, I get a pop-up that asks me to "Enter Parameter Value". Not sure...
  10. gheyman

    Combo Box with only unique values

    I have a combo box on a form. It is based off a query SELECT [qry_vluVendorAddress].[VendorName], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[VendorID], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[CityName], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[MailState], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[CountryCode] FROM qry_vluVendorAddress ORDER BY [VendorName]...
  11. G

    VBA Help - Auto Hide Row

    Hello, I have looked around and could not find any VBA that would work for what I am trying to do, which seemed like it should be simpler than it is turning out to be. I want to automatically hide and unhide some rows based on the following: I have a summary sheet (in "Sheet 1") that summarizes...
  12. S

    Access Annoyance: ComboBox Ordeal

    Okay, I create a combo box in my form, to work with a query below. It is supposed to search for two columns in the query. It works at first. Then, I change the combo box to sort ascending and then it goes bonkers.. When I click on a name/area (my two fields) it will find the name but a...
  13. J

    Userform dependent combo boxes

    Have the following code to try that attempts to allow you to use the drop down in a userform which is dependent on the other. It is setup with an advanced filter in the spreadsheet. The problem I am encountering is that nothing shows in the dropdown box (combo box1), any ideas? Thanks. Private...
  14. Z

    VBA code to search Column and enter text box value in the line below

    I have a userform that the user will pick from the combo box list and then enter in a value in a textbox 1. Once the user clicks the OK command button I would like it to search the combo box value in column A on Sheet1 and place the value from textbox 1 in the next available row below in column...
  15. M

    Combo Chart displaying some XY scatter markers but not others

    Good morning Forum, I have a Stacked Bar / Line / XY Scatter combo chart that I am manipulating to use as a scheduling tool. It has been working flawlessly so far - that is, until I have tried to insert the last two XY scatter points and show their corresponding markers. I've attached an...
  16. M

    Print all items in a combo box

    Hi, I have a combo box in cell B2 with a list of names. Is there a Vba code to loop through the list, update the sheet from the combo box and print the worksheet. I have over 100 names in the list and would like to run though the list updating the sheets and printing all. Thanks
  17. S

    Setup Combo Box (with 3 fields) - Assistance with why it won't sort my Form Items Correctly

    I have a Combo Box with (3) Fields: SELECT [GP Schedule].[EVM/VM], [GP Schedule].BEID, [GP Schedule].BusinessEntityName FROM [GP Schedule] WHERE ((([GP Schedule].[EVM/VM]) Is Not Null)) ORDER BY [GP Schedule].[EVM/VM]; I have it setup and bound to Column 2 - which is the BEID. When I select...
  18. S

    COMBO BOX list changes depending on another combo box

    Hi All Before i get to involved with mu approach. Is this even possible. In a userform i have a combo box linked to a named range in a sheet. 8 options. I then want another combo box that displays a variable named range dependent on the previous combobox for instance combo box 1 has the 8...
  19. S

    HELP - Custom search text on Combo box under protected sheet.

    Dear Excel Experts I need urgent advise on how to do a custom search input text in combo box under protected sheet. The property of combobox is unlock as well as all the cells link to that box are unlock. Below are vb code for this combo box. Private Sub ComboBox1_GotFocus()...
  20. M

    Filters and combo boxes

    Small spreadsheet with 3 columns - first name, surname and status. Status can be any of several options including “withdrawn”. Filter to hide rows with “withdrawn” status works fine. Rows disappear as intended and filter is still in place if workbook is closed and re-opened. Problem - i am...

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