comment box

  1. M

    Old notes/comment box macro not working after MS 365 upgrade

    For years I've used the same code to insert pictures into cell comment boxes so that the image will pop-up when curser is over that particular cell. We were updated to Microsoft 365 and now it's inserting blank images. Sub PictureIntoComment() 'Inserts picture into cell comment. '(1) Paste...
  2. S

    User Defined Function randomly throws out #Value error.

    I am trying to write a UDF to add a note to the cell it is in. Here's the code I have: Function comcopy(cll2 As Range, cll As Range) As Integer Dim c As Integer Dim r As Integer c = cll.Column r = cll.Row + 1 comcopy = 0 Sheet7.Cells(r...
  3. A

    VBA code takes long to excute

    Hi all, I am very new to VBA. I would like my code add a comment box to the active cell based on the text in the active cell. As the user inputs code it should add a comment. However when users move down the sheet and populate the rows it seems that the code takes longer to execute. Any help...
  4. Black Panther

    VBA to autosize comment box in MS Excel 2011 for Mac NOT WORKING in MS Excel 2016 for Mac

    I'm now using MS Excel 2016 on a MacBook Pro running macOS 10.12.6 (High Sierra) and the following code which worked well in MS Excel 2011 generates the error below in MS Excel 2016 and I'm unable to resolve the issue! Dim Commnt As Comment For Each Commnt In Application.ActiveSheet.Comments '...
  5. I

    VBA: Auto Format Comments

    Hello all, A large part of my workday involves reviewing worksheets containing comments. Some comments are formatted perfectly whereas others need resizing. In turn I find myself doing the same activity over and over again to format them; which led me to discover this auto formatting macro...
  6. A

    comment box will not stay in place

    I am creating a dashboard from survey data. I have created a comment box that will generate comments into a nice box with a scroll bar. However, the box changes sizes, moves location, and the font is barely legible after saving or reopening the dashboard. I don't have any of issues with any of...
  7. J

    Autosize Comments Height, but specify set width.

    Hi all, I have the need to specify comments to Auto-size in respect of height, but have a specified/static width of 9.26cm. The reason for this is that the comments are being used as a guide to requirements that must be met to enrol on a course. The comment box cannot exceed the width of...
  8. W

    Camera Tool Image in Comment Box

    Hi All, I am new to here but impressed with the level of knowledge shown and would appreciate some help I possible. I am trying to attach an image to a comment so that it will show when you hover over the cell. I know this can be done with saved image files from defined paths, and here's the...
  9. T

    Automate comment based on cell content

    Hi There I'm trying to display a comment box automatically when a particular text is selected from the drop down list. For example, when a user selects "Add on card 1,2 or 3" from the list, a comment box to appear with the following.. "Check if you need low or high profile card". See link...
  10. G

    Insert more words and sentence in comment box

    How many lines or words i can insert in a comment box? I am unable to insert more than 11 lines. Need help please. Looking forward to your early help. Many thanks.
  11. R

    Comment or Cell description Locked and Unchangeable after Unprotecting

    Hi all, (Using Excel 2010) This seems like it is way to simple to not figure out but I'm struggling so please forgive me. I am editing a worksheet set up by a previous user, I have unlocked it and can change anything I want except when I click on a cell, a description comes up next to it, I...
  12. E

    Macro code to show images in excel comments

    Hi everyone, I have some coding that displays images within a comment box when the macro is ran, the image urls are in column H. The coding is as follows and works perfectly fine, however it needs a modification which I cannot figure out. I need the coding to check the whole of column H and...
  13. P

    how to combine data validation list with pop-up image appear(image into comment box) function?

    hi guys, how to combining/joining data validation list with pop-up image appear(image into comment box) function?is it possible?
  14. A

    Change Excel Comment box Shape and make it Default

    Hi, I changed the shape of "Comment" box with edit shape. However when i right click the updated shape and click on Set Autoshape Default it does nothing. When I insert a new comment it is back to old shape. Please tell me if this has to be done using any VBA?
  15. C

    Click a cell to open a mini table / group of cells.

    Hi, I work on many spreadsheets for building construction in where I have to price various items of work. I will have an item for example that will require me to insert a rate. For example Emulsion paint to plasterboard walls : 15 M3 x "Rate" = total. I wish to be able to double click the...
  16. I

    Is there a way to hover over a cell and make it tell you what the title of the column or row is?

    I'm currently working with long lists that have similar content, and it is sort of a pain to scroll back up to the top to see what each list is. I was wondering if there was a way to use maybe alt text to hover over a cell in a column and see what the data is suppose to be. I don't really know...
  17. P

    Writing comments in the VBA editor and seeing them in a comment flag; Is there anything like a javadoc in VBA?

    VBA's comment key is the apostrophe " ' then write comment here and it displays in green in the VBA editor". Is there anyway to write comments in your code (the VBA editor) and view those comments in a comment flag on the excel spreadsheet? For those who know other programming languages like...
  18. L

    Macro Help - Insert an image into a Cells Comment Box

    Hi Guys, I was looking at the below link, And basically I need the above doing, but as a macro. Could someone help me produce it? 1)user highlight the target cell 2)user clicks a button to start the macro 3)the macro then brings up a...
  19. F

    Adding a picture in the comment section

    Hello everyone, I read a posting that showed how to add a photo into the comment section. It was used when you add an item and you wanted to see what it looked like all you had to do is click on the comment and the picture of it would show up. For the life of me I can not find those...
  20. K

    copy cell into comment on another sheet

    Hello to all, I want to know if I can copy text in one cell on Sheet "test" and paste into a new comment on Sheet "report". I've seen some codes that go the other way around, extract the comment and move to another sheet. Kind of want to go the other way. Any ideas? Stay smooth, KeythStone

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