compare columns

  1. J

    Advanced Filter Comparing Two Columns

    Is it possible to use "Advanced Filter" to compare two columns in the data range and keep if the values are the same? Trying to use Advanced Filter and avoid creating another column of data with which to do my comparison. For example, I want to compare columns M and S and keep the rows where...
  2. M

    Compare Two Sheets (A and B): Some data NOT copying to Sheet B

    I've have come close to solving my original dilemma: Compare Two Sheets (A and B) and copy & hilight differences to bottom of B NOTE: I did try to use XLS2BB add-in and it locks up my EXCEL program. In breaking down my original problem, I have come to this road block: some data is not...
  3. I

    VBA code to paste adjacent cell only when cell pasted to is empty

    Hello. I have this code that compares two columns between two sheets. It matches the values in column J in “Ships” with column M in “Main”. It copies the value 10 cells to the right from sheet “Ships” and pastes it in the 3rd cell to the right on “Main” sheet. However, I need it to only paste it...
  4. D

    Compare Columns to find Duplicates

    Hello all, I have a list with names of individuals and repeat addresses. I would like to find a way Duplicates. Thanks in advance. <tbody> 1 A B C 2 John Smith 2 Main St Apt 5B Duplicate 3 John Smith 2 Main St Apt 5B Duplicate 4 Jason Bourne 5 Rock Road Apt 2B Not Duplicate 5 Jason...
  5. C

    VBA tool to create template to spot and highlight differences between two spreadsheets

    Hello, I have a VBA problem that i need help with. Scenario: We constantly receive spreadsheets from third parties which we use to record various metrics. The problem is that these spreadsheets are supposed to have the same headings and format to fit our set template but do not. It takes time...
  6. D

    compare columns

    Hi, i need to compare two columns for differences and highlight them; the columns may contain duplicate data. As example, for the below two columns, DWB931 on column A and DWD966 from column B should be highlighted. Note that there is one DWD966 in column A but two in column B. i need to do this...
  7. M

    Compare two sets of columns and eliminate exact mactches

    Hi All I am a newbie here :warning: so please bare with me. I am trying to recon two sets of data both of which has two columns of info. I need excel/access to find the exact matches of the two sets of columns and to remove them leaving me with unique info for both the data sets as seen below...
  8. P

    Compare columns in 2 sheets

    How can I figure out what is in column A of sheet 2 that doesn't exist in column A of sheet 1.
  9. H

    Comparing Columns inserting message based off of difference

    Hello again! This community has been so helpful with my previous problems I've returned with another. This could be something simple; however, I can't seem to figure it out. I stole this code (off this site?) and I'm trying to re-work it to compare two columns based off of the position of...
  10. E

    Compare Columns and divide

    Hello people, I need help with a code does following: loops through Column J and K if the values(text) are equal on the same row select the Value in Column B and (same row) divided by the value in Column AB (same row) and present the new value -1 in the Column T and if there is no value in...
  11. J

    Comparison of Data between Worksheets Same Workbook

    I'm not an excel power user by any means, so i'm having trouble getting a column in one worksheet to compare against the same column in another worksheet. I have two different worksheets in the same workbook each sheet contains a different data with the exception of one column. The columns...
  12. P

    How show differences and count between 2 columns of text???

    Have Excel 2003. Need some help from you kind more experienced folks. I have done some research but just have not found exactly what I am looking for. I have a list of email addresses in column a List of email addresses in column b. ** I would like a formula that will take all the values in...
  13. J

    Conditional Formatting on two columns to ignore *

    Hi I'd like to compare two columns of data and highlight where a value doesn't occurr in both columns. The problem I have is that one of the columns uses * around the text to ensure it catches all variations of the value. I have the following formula which would work if the data was exactly...
  14. S

    Comparing two columns in two different open worksheets

    Sometime back, I had posted a request on the above subject but there was a mistake in the same, as a result of which I did not receive any reply. I am posting the corrected thread again and request the member to help me out with my problem. I have two files, of which File1.xls is a master file...
  15. S

    Comparing two columns in two different open worksheets

    I have two worksheets, of which Namelist.xls is a master file and the other one is named Namelistanddata.xls. Namelist.xls has 3 columns. Column B is titled "names" and there are 300 names. Namelistanddata.xls has columns A:P, with column D titled "names" having 5000 "names" and these 5000...
  16. S

    update contents of column by comparing two other columns

    Hi, I need help with trying to perform the following opearation in excel: I need to update the prices of items in my inventory when my supplier gives me sends me a new pricelist. I need to build a macro I believe that will compare Item Codes in My Pricelist with Item Codes in New Pricelist and...
  17. J

    trying to create vba that extracts names and compares them

    Hey all, I'm having a little difficulty with a vba macro I am creating in excel. Basically, item in column A may also appear in column B. I want the one with the greatest length in column C (In other words, Jennifer T Tamashiro is the same person as Tamashiro, Jennifer but since the first has...
  18. D

    Compare % difference 2 columns in a PT

    Hi I have an Excel 2010 Pivot table . I want to compare the % difference between customer sales in 2009 and 2008. I have 3 columns at present Customer name ,Sales 2009 and Sales 2008. I would like a fourth column to show the % difference .Can someone assist me by outlining the process to do...
  19. I

    Is there a macro/add-in to allow partial text filtering using one column to filter another?

    How do you write a macro, script or conditional formatting (or is there an add-in I can buy) that will use a partial text match from cells in one column (column J), to filter the list of phrases in another column (Column A). I found a formula that lets me filter column A by just one cell in...
  20. R

    Delteing data in Col A if "ABC" found in Col B

    I need to look for "ABC" in col B and if found, delete cell data for that row in Col A. Can you assist in how to do this. I have over 20K rows to review and would like a systemic way to accomplaish this. thanks in advance RT

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